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4 Steps to Fix “UI Failed To Load” Error in AVG- Windows 10 & XP

Every protection feature for different antiviruses differ. On the other hand, without the help of a good user interface, a security program cannot run or be unusable. AVG is such a type of antivirus that has an excellent user-interface, as well as the power to neutralize all the viruses. Nowadays, most people use Windows 10 as Windows XP has mostly become obsolete. But, if you are still into Windows XP, then we can help.

As per statistics reports by tech experts, the AVG antivirus is mostly used. But, people are facing many complications with the UI of AVG in the form of “UI failed to load”. After plugging in any type of external storage device, they cannot load the UI. Thus, the scanning process of the external storage device also remains incomplete. 

What is actually a UI?

The user interface is basically the outer platform where the software interacts with its user. It is generally a graphical user interface embedded with pictures, buttons, menus, and many more. When some of the systems files malfunctions, the UI gets affected. Sometimes it doesn’t open and shows error messages. If the situations go beyond your expectations, then it also has the capability to make your computer crash resulting in the loss of data. 

The Symptoms and Reasons behind it

The symptoms associated with the issue are easy to detect. The application will not open and the error message “UI failed to load” will show up. Behind the error message, two more messages will also show up. Exit and Restart service are the additional buttons present just below the main error message. 

Before getting the error message, when you open the computer, a notification will appear in the system taskbar about your system’s protection. The most common reasons are- an excessive number of cache files present in your computer can restrict the opening path of the application. On the other hand, it might happen that you haven’t granted the administrator access to the particular application. Furthermore, there might be some malfunctions in the AVG system files. 

Rollback AVG in its Working Condition

Yes, you can easily resolve the “UI Failed to load” issue with some effective solutions. But all the solutions will be different from each other based on the OS that you use. So, let’s check them out. 

1.For Windows XP users 

Windows XP is the outdated version of OS from Microsoft. So, you shouldn’t be surprised if other complications arise, for not getting any updates of the OS. Various people still use it for their own convenience purposes, as well as its popularity. If such an incident happens, then manually start the Services to access the terminal server. After that, set the terminal to its Automatic mode and exit the window. 

2.For Windows 10 users 

As Windows 10 is the latest version of OS from Microsoft, the resolving procedure in this system software is quite easy. Your first and foremost task will be to grant the admin rights to the AVG application. After that, open the Services window and switch to the Remote Desktop services. Halt the service, reset the startup type to automatic mode, and then restart it once again. Close the window and reboot the system to save changes. 

3.Common resolving methods

There are also some basic resolving procedures that you might try at least once. The most common one is the removal, and then installing the software once again. Uninstall the software with the help of Control Panel/System Settings. Restarting the computer is necessary. Install it from the fresh .exe file that you have already downloaded previously. 

Most of the tech experts say that repairing the AVG application can reduce the complexity of showing the UI error. Following the same uninstallation process for the application, you just have to click on “Repair”. The system will take some time to repair, and thus the“UI Failed to load”  problem might get solved. 

4.Use the official repair tool

With regards to the creative application developers of AVG, they have incorporated another innovative application. The AVG repair tool has the power to mend all the corrupted lines of code. The code of conduct process is very fast, and within a short span of time, your security application will roll back to its protective feature. 

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Expert’s advice

Sometimes, listening to the experts also help you in taking care of the system. They always suggest people use the licensed version of AVG antivirus. On the other hand, performing a full system scan is also mandatory at the end of the day. This will result in eliminating all the “UI Failed to load” threats and neutralize them. 

On the other hand, they also suggest you download all the latest virus definitions at least one time in three days. This will keep the system running smoothly and prevent all the latest threats. When you are performing a monetary transaction, make sure that AVG is also giving protection to the dedicated window to avoid money theft and hacking your bank account.