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Fix TouchWiz Home has Stopped Working on Samsung

All phones have one or another type of user interface that makes their displays different from each other. If you’re using one of the latest models from Samsung, it would have TouchWiz on top of the Android system. Many users used to file complaints about this interface. The manufacturers have paid heed to them and made significant improvements. Still, there remain some problems that users are complaining about. And, one of them is the message “Unfortunately, TouchWiz home has stopped” from the system. If you have faced it, you would know how annoying it can be. Needless to say, you’d also want to get rid of it. So, here is some information to help you to fix the error. 

What causes this “TouchWiz home has stopped” error?

The cause of this confusing problem might be a big mystery for you. You probably do wonder what causes lie behind it. After all, you can move towards the solution only after you know that. So to clear the mystery a little, this problem is possibly caused by low space in your device storage. Moreover, it can also be caused when you disable one of the pre-installed applications from your phone. Sometimes, it could also be caused by a conflict between some widgets or apps. Third-party apps, which your phone probably has a dozen, can also be the culprit.

How do you fix it?

When you face the “…TouchWiz home has stopped….” error, you would want a quick solution. To your relief, there are some that you can try all by yourself. You might want to give them a chance before you head out to a repair centre. 

1. Clear the Cache

When you leave the cached data uncleared for a while, it increases the chance of this error. Therefore, you must clean it regularly just to be sure that it doesn’t cause any problem. It’s very easy to do. You just have to open the settings and find select “apps”. Select “TouchWiz home” and you’ll find the “clear cache” option there. This might fix the error, though there are other methods, too, if this one doesn’t work.

2. Run the Device on Safe Mode

There might be many apps on your device, and some of them came pre-installed when you bought the phone. Apart from these, you probably have downloaded and installed more apps as per your needs. These also must not be made by the manufacturer of the device, in this case, Samsung. Such apps can often cause the TouchWiz home to stop working. So, you might want to try disabling them, if the previous methods prove to be ineffective. 

Rather than proceeding with each app individually, you might prefer to disable them all at once. For that, you have to switch the device to Safe mode. As a result, all the apps that aren’t pre-installed would be stopped until you return to normal mode. First, switch off the phone while holding the Power button. Let it go when you see the manufacturer’s logo and hold down the volume decrease button. This will reboot the phone, at the end of which it will go to safe mode.

3. Wipe Cache Partition

If the previous method didn’t work, here is another effective one that you can try. First, you have to switch off your phone. Then, you need to hold down the power and increase the volume button at the same time. You might not have done this before, but it brings up the “Android system recovery” menu on the screen. As the name suggests, it is meant to fix the issues such as the one that you’re facing. 

Basically, it consists of a list of options that you can choose from. You’ll find the option to wipe the partition cache in it. Now, in case you’re wondering, it removes any kind of file that is causing issues in your device. Further, you can use this method to fix many other types of errors in your device. After this step, check whether your device still shows the error.

4. Restore the Factory Settings

You can also try switching to the default settings of your device, as in when you bought it. Sure this would be something that you might not want to do. After all, you have the phone customized to your preferences. However, at least it can solve the “TouchWiz home has stopped” error that you’ve been facing. 

To prevent loss of any data, do remember to back it up after you proceed. In case you’re wondering how you have to go to “backup and reset” in your phone settings. You’ll find both the backup and “factory data reset” options in there. Hopefully, this method would work and be worthwhile.

5. Lower the Animation Scale

The animation scale is the speed at which you can open windows and applications. As you might know, the interface might face an error if the device is low on storage. The higher the animation scale is, the more space it’ll take up. 

Go to your phone settings, and then More, followed by On device, and finally Software info. To enable the Developer option, click on the build number you’ll find here. Next, you have to find the developer options in your settings. In there, you’ll be able to make the said changes. Do remember to restart the phone after completing all the steps.

6. Disable Motions and Gestures

Are you using a comparably low-end device? Then, its performance can be affected if you’re using motions and gestures on it. So, you might want to go to your settings and turn them off for a solution.

7. Set the Phone to Easy Mode and then back to Standard

From what it seems after going through the information on the internet, this can offer a solution. To apply this, go to your phone settings and select the personal tab. After completing this step, you have to restart the device. Go to the settings again and change back to standard mode. 


The “TouchWiz home has stopped” error continues to appear on some Samsung devices, even though the developers have improved it. The troubleshooting methods given here can help you out if you face this problem. At least one of them, if not all, will provide a solution to you hopefully.