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Toshiba Satellite Laptop Problems: A Comprehensive Guide

Without any doubt, Toshiba Satellite laptops are one of the best laptops that is available in the market. However, likewise all the electronics gadgets Toshiba Satellite laptops are not free from glitches. Seldom it starts to malfunction, leaving the users in an annoying situation. Unfortunately, if you also encountering any problems with Toshiba Satellite laptops, then this article will help you to get rid of that in a wink. Hence, go through the entire guide and know the tricks to avoid Toshiba satellite laptop problems. Let’s start the discussion without any delay.

Common Toshiba Satellite laptop Problems and their Solutions

After using your Toshiba laptop for a long time, some issues may start to arise and won’t let you work properly with your laptop. Keeping that in mind we are going to explain some common issues and their solutions in this section. So, have a deep look and never be careless while performing the steps.

Problem 1: Overheating

Overheating is the most common issue that can lead to abrupt errors. By any chance, if you find that your Toshiba laptop shuts down randomly without any reason, then assume that it may be due to the overheating issue. Dust particles may reduce the heat sink and effect on the cooling fan, then the excessive heat can’t get off and becomes trapped, resulting in overheating.

What to do?

When you are getting this error you have to purchase a compressed air can and blow it in the bottom of the laptop. Else, you can also blow the dust off. If this way is workable for you, then Toshiba satellite laptop problems will get resolved. However, if the cooling fan has a problem, then you have to change the cooling fan, with a new one and install it on your laptop. Now, check if the overheating issue still persists or not.

Problem 2: Power Jack Issue

The issue with the power jack is another most common problem for all the Toshiba users. Power jacks lose the contact between the motherboard and the positive pin. You can find this issue when you are going to charge your laptop and it is unable to charge.

What to do?

In case, if you are confronting the same, then you might be unable to charge your laptop or maybe it is charging at a very slow rate. The only way to diagnose the issue is by disassembling the parts of the laptop as well as remove the motherboard. Now, check all the parts and identify the faulty one. If you find the power jack itself has the problem, then solder the jack. But, remember that if you don’t have any knowledge of repairing, then stop trying by yourself as any further mistake can damage your system severely.

Problem 3: Charging the Battery

By any case, if your laptop won’t turn on when you are going to start it, then the problem may be related to the battery. It may be due to the long term usage of the battery, problematic charger or due to some other reason.

What to do?

The first thing you need to do is to use a new battery and insert it in the laptop. Now, check if the problem gets solved or not. If it’s still persisting, then use a new charger and review. If it still showing the error, then you have to update the latest BIOS that is compatible for your Toshiba satellite laptop. Download the BIOS from Toshiba website and install the latest version for a better result.

Problem 4: Laptop Won’t Turn On

Your Toshiba Satellite laptop won’t switch on due to various reasons. If your system contains unnecessary contaminated files or gets attacked by virus or malware, then it restricts the turning On process.

What to do?

The resolve the glitch you have to unplug the laptop from the AC adapter (if you are connected then). Now, remove the battery from the laptop and tap on the Power button for almost twenty seconds. After that, insert the battery again and connect with the power supply. Now, press the Power button to switch on the device and check if the error gets fixed or not.

Expectedly the mentioned fixes will surely help you to resolve Toshiba satellite laptop problems without any hassle. But in case, if you find any sort of difficulties, then post your valuable comment in the blank box and let us know your feedback.