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Fix Toshiba Laptop Satellite Problems Easily

Toshiba Satellite laptops are the consumer level laptops that Toshiba manufactures. Toshiba Satellite laptops are nothing different from ordinary laptops. Like all the other laptops the Toshiba Satellite laptop problems are nothing unusual. These issues can disrupt your work greatly. Therefore, you need to resolve Toshiba Satellite laptop problems at the earliest. Read this article to know some of the common issues of Toshiba Satellite laptops and their fixes as well.  

Why Toshiba Satellite Laptop Problems Occur?

A problem with your Toshiba Satellite laptop has some definite reasons behind them. You need to know the reasons at first. This is because you can provide the most perfect solution if you know where the problem lies. Take a look at some of the reasons behind the issue.

  • Defective memory in your Toshiba Satellite laptop can cause issues. If you want to check the issue, then you have to remove the defective RAM from the motherboard and replace it with another one.
  • There can be a problem with the battery of the Toshiba laptop. As a result, you are unable to charge the laptop correctly.
  • An issue with the drivers of the Toshiba laptop can be a reason. In such cases, you need to either update or uninstall the drivers that are corrupt.
  • If there are viruses present in the system, then it is certain that Toshiba Satellite laptop might have some problems. You need to delete the viruses to get rid of the issue.
  • Moreover, if the Operating System of your Toshiba Satellite laptop is outdated, then it can report any defects. Updating the OS can fix the issue for you.
  • You can also face networking issues with the Toshiba Satellite laptop. In such circumstances, you need to monitor where the problem lies.
  • Furthermore, corrupt temporary files in the system can also cause Toshiba Satellite laptop problems. You have to delete the temporary files to get rid of the issue.
  • A problem with the BIOS of the system can also be a reason for your Toshiba Satellite laptop to malfunction. You need to reset the BIOS.
  • There can be overheating issues with the Toshiba Satellite laptop as well. This can be caused due to the accumulation of dust particles in the heat sink.

Resolve Toshiba Satellite Laptop Problems at the Earliest

The Toshiba laptop can be one of the most important attributes of your work. It will be quite annoying if your Toshiba laptop reports an error. Take a glimpse at this article to know some easy hacks that you can perform on your own.

Fix Power Jack Issues

An issue with the power jack of the Toshiba Satellite laptop can create defects where you will be unable to use the computer. If the positive power pin is not properly connected with the motherboard, these sorts of issues arise. You can detect this by connecting a charged battery of the Toshiba Satellite laptop and see if it is working or not. In order to fix the issue, you need to take the motherboard of the laptop and solder the power jacks. Make sure you have previous soldering experience before trying this method. After that, put the motherboard correctly and switch on the laptop. Now, check if the problem is solved or not.

Troubleshoot Overheating Problems

Overheating issues with laptops are quite a common thing. If you see that your Toshiba laptop is shutting down randomly, then you can be certain that the motherboard is overheating. Overheating is generally caused due to dust particles when it gets accumulated in the heat sink and, as a result, the cooling fan inside malfunctions. In such cases, you can get rid of this in two ways. Either you can bring compressed air and blow it either into the air vents located at the side of the Toshiba Satellite laptops to remove the dust. Also, you can remove the keyboard of the laptop where you will find the cooling fan. There you just have to blow off the dust particles or use a brush to remove the dust gently. If you still face that the laptop is overheating, then you need to replace the cooling fan.   

Update the Operating System

If the OS of the Toshiba laptop has not been updated for a long time, then you need to update it to get rid of any potential issues with the laptop. Make sure you have a strong internet connection before updating the Operating System. Now, follow the step-wise procedure to update the OS on your own.

  1. Press the Windows button from the keyboard and type ‘Setting’ in the Start search box.
  2. Select the Settings option from the list of Start menu options.
  3. The Settings window appears on the screen. There go to the Updates section.
  4. In the Updates section, choose the Update OS option.
  5. Now, go to the “Check for updates” option. This will start the update for the Operating System. Wait for some time until the process is complete. Then, restart the laptop and see if any system glitches still occur or not.

Uninstall Network Adapter

Sometimes an issue with the internet can also happen with your Toshiba satellite laptop. In such cases, you need to uninstall the network adapter and then install it again. First of all, store an updated network driver setup in your laptop. Then, click on the Start button present on the left side of the taskbar. Then, type ‘Device Manager’ in the search bar of the Start menu. After that, select the Device Manager option from the list of Start menu. The Device Manager window comes up on the screen. There you will see a list of all the drivers installed in the system. Locate the Network Adapter option and right-click on it. Then, choose the Uninstall option to remove the Network adapter. This will take some time.

After that, go to the location in your computer where the updated network adapter setup is stored. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. Now, see if the internet issue still persists or not.

Delete the Temporary Files

Follow the steps to delete the temporary files:

  1. Click on the Start button present at the left side of the taskbar.
  2. In the search bar of the Start menu, you have to type the following one by one and hit the Enter button: “prefetch”, “%tmp%”, and “temp”.
  3. Now, the following temporary folders of prefetch, %tmp%, and temp will open. It will show all the temporary files present in the system.
  4. Press the Ctrl and A keys together from the keyboard to select all the temporary files.
  5. Then, you need to press the Shift and Del keys together to permanently delete the temporary files.
  6. After that press the YES button to confirm the action. This will completely remove all the temporary files present in the Toshiba Satellite laptop.

Hopefully, the above-mentioned points will help you to fix the Toshiba Satellite laptop problems.