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Toshiba Laptop Battery Not Charging | Fix This Issue With Easy And Simple Steps

Almost every Toshiba laptops use rechargeable batteries for power consumption, especially when they are not connected into an electrical outlet. This feature allows users to use their laptops from anywhere they want. However, rechargeable laptop batteries have a limited lifespan of one to three years. After that period of time, the efficiency of a battery starts decreasing or the battery may even die. Now, if you are using your Toshiba laptop for quite a long time, then it is very much possible that your laptop battery is going through that phase. But, prior to spending money on a costly laptop replacement battery, you should try some troubleshooting methods on your system. To know more about how to troubleshoot the Toshiba laptop battery not charging issue, follow this article.

Prime Reasons for Toshiba Laptop Battery Not Charging Issue:

This issue can be caused due to many problematic factors of the laptop and OS. Some of the popular ones are given below:

  1. Insufficient power supply
  2. Faulty AC adaptor of the Toshiba laptop
  3. Overheating problems in Toshiba laptops
  4. Improper power settings
  5. Outdated Battery/Power driver

Now, if you have identified all the possible problematic factors of this issue, then let’s move on to the solutions section.

Best Ways to Solve the Toshiba Laptop Battery Not Charging Issue:

There are many ways by which you can solve this issue on your Toshiba laptop. However, each solution will only work on their specific problematic sector. That’s why in order to solve this issue in the most efficient way, you need to find the problematic factor first and then apply solutions accordingly. In the upcoming sections, we have provided some of the best solutions to this issue. Just have a look at them and try to execute them as instructed.

Fix 1: Plug-in the AC Adapter Properly

Most of the time, this type of battery issue appears due to an improper connection between the AC outlet and the AC adapter of the Toshiba laptops. That’s why you should check this problematic factor before using any advance solutions on your laptop. Now, if everything is connected/ plugged in properly but your Toshiba laptop still shows the not charging issue, then you can start applying other solutions on it.

Fix 2: Check the AC Adapter of Your Toshiba Laptops

Now it is quite possible that the AC adapter of your Toshiba laptop is faulty and due to this, you are getting Toshiba laptop battery not charging issue on your system. To verify that, turn off your laptop and remove the battery for it. Now, plug in the AC adaptor in your laptop and try to turn it on. If the laptop wakes up then it means that your AC adaptor is working perfectly. However, if the Toshiba laptop didn’t wake up, then it clearly indicates that your AC adapter is the real culprit of this issue. To fix this problem, you have to change the AC adapter.

Fix 3: Cool Down Your Toshiba Laptop

Sometimes, Toshiba laptops stop the charging process due to the overheating problem. This helps the laptops to avoid critical scenarios like battery damage, component malfunctioning, hardware damage etc. Now, it might be possible that your Toshiba laptop is going through the same problem. To verify that, turn off your laptop and let it cool for quite some time. After that, plug in the AC adaptor and try to charge it again. If the charging process starts working, then it is good. But if not, then move on to the next solution.

Fix 4: Modify the Settings

Toshiba laptop users have reported that the Toshiba laptop battery not charging issue is appearing on their system due to some power setting misconfigurations. It’s quite possible that the same thing is happening with your Toshiba laptop. To rectify this problem, you need to reset all the settings to their default forms and you can do that by following the given steps:

  • Click on the Start icon and open the Search bar.
  • Then, type Power & Sleep Settings on it. In the result section, you will get the Additional Power Settings option. Click on that option
  • A window will emerge on your screen. There, you have to find and select the Change Plan Settings option.
  • Now, on the Change Plan Settings window, you have found all the improper power settings and you need to set them into their default from
  • After that, hit the OK button to save all the changes.

Now, you just need to verify the existence of this issue. If it does exist, then you can try another solution from this article

Fix 4: Update your Battery/Power Drivers

In a few situations, Toshiba laptop users have detected that the Toshiba battery not charging issue is occurring on their system because of Battery/Power Driver misconfiguration or incompatibility. That’s why there is a higher chance that this problem is causing the issue on your system. To solve it, you need to follow the below-provided instructions.

  • Press the Windows key + R key to open up the Run dialog box.
  • Then, type devmgmt.msc on it and hit the OK button or Enter key.
  • Now, on the Device Manager window, find the Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery option.
  • After that, right-click on it. A pop menu will appear on your window. On that menu, you have to select the Update Driver option.
  • Now, you just need to follow the on-screen instructions in order to complete the driver update process.

Once the update gets completed, reboot your system and then check for the issue.

We hope that the solutions and suggestions are helpful to you if you are encountering Toshiba battery not charging issue. It is advised to resolve this error as soon as you get it, otherwise, it might affect your system badly. If the error doesn’t get resolved, then interact with a professional for proper solutions to eliminate this error.