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Effective Ways To Fix “The Connection Was Reset” Issue In One Go

Sometimes, you may face an error showing up as ERR_CONNECTION_RESET while you make an attempt to open a website in your Google Chrome browser. However, if you receive this error, you can fix it easily with a cent percent accuracy. You will get to know several methods to fix this article.

It is basically a Google Chrome problem that exhibits manifold messages on the basis of your daily activity. There are different types of messages that you may encounter because of the ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error. The messages are “Your connection was interrupted, Failed to Resolve Host”, “Aw! Snap”, ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED and many more. But, all these errors signify one single thing. Google Chrome is compelled to reset the connection when you are making an attempt to load a particular page. This happens due to various reasons and henceforth, go through this article to know the effective fixes pertaining to the connection was reset issue.

Prominent Reasons for “The Connection Was Reset” Issue

When you receive this error, the browser requires a TCP/IP connection. This takes place when you place a request to connect the network. It can be because of multiple reasons. Let’s rush into the underlying reasons before we go ahead with the effective fixes.

An Obsolete or Corrupted Driver Network

If the network driver is faulty, it makes the TCP/IP packet corrupt while assembling. When you receive a corrupt jacket, the checksum routine provides a new packet from the server. It makes it incorrect after assembling the network driver.

The server transmits the TCP/IP packet until the checksum routine keeps on trying to send the request. This finally reaches the peak and thereby refrains from the request from reaching the server. This mainly takes place when the browser shoots up the error message marked as the connection was reset. It tells the user to resolve the connection related issue.

Faulty Network Router

You may receive this issue because of a bad network router. It hampers the internet connection and makes the TCP/IP jackets corrupted while routing. Your browser can make several attempts to set up the internet connection. However, an error will pop up when it moves to the upper limit in order to retry with the connection.

Your Internet Connection is Deactivated

This may be a bit childish. There are some users who disable the internet connection unknowingly. They see this error when the browser is unable to associate with the network. Moreover, you may find an additional message which shows this site can’t be reached the connection was reset issue.

Your Firewall Blocked a Particular Website

When you are making an attempt to visit a particular website in which the local IP is blocked, you may find this annoying error. It might throw at you some messages like the connection was reset. Moreover, you may also receive this error when your firewall has limited access to particular websites which you like to visit. Some users report issues like ERR_CONNECTION_RESET YouTube. However, the reason is quite simple. It might happen that ISP either blocked YouTube or some particular types of Video on YouTube. When you are watching for blocked content, your browser might throw this error.

VPN App Causing This Error

You will find that at times the VPN app is the main cause behind this error. This is because of the fact that internet traffic is routed via VPN apps using a server located somewhere else. As a result, it clubs the real ICP and therefore permits you to hide from showing unnecessary inquisitiveness on the internet. However, VPN requires full access over TCP/ICP settings. If there is some configuration issue in the VPN, you will receive ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error.

How to Resolve ERR_CONNECTION_ RESET Error with Absolute Accuracy?

The connection was reset is so much irritating that the Chrome users shift their gear to other browsers in order to get rid of this error. They failed to fix this annoying issue.

But don’t give up. This article encompasses the most effective methods with the help of which you can easily fix the above-mentioned error. We have given the best methods so that you can easily resolve this whatever be the cause of concern. Go through the below methods serially and examine what suits you the best.

Fix 1: Modify the Proxy Settings

If you are viewing this particular error in the web browser, you need to modify the proxies. It is a very simple solution that will help you to get rid of this disgusting issue in one go. Before you resolve this issue and modify the proxy settings, it is significant to note that Google Chrome uses default proxy settings of Windows. When you start making changes in the proxy settings, then it is automatically applicable to the Chrome browser. Another significant thing that you must take into consideration that it is not compatible for Firefox. The reason behind this is very easy. Mozilla built a proper sock handler in a Firefox browser. It doesn’t employ proxy settings of the Windows. Go through the undermentioned steps to know how this process is compatible for Google Chrome browser:

  1. Move to the Control Panel of your computer.
  2. Visit the section Internet Options.
  3. After that, press on the Connections tab and move to LAN settings.
  4. Then, you need to ensure that on the final page no options are ticked.
  5. Finally, click on OK.

This will easily fix the connection was reset issue for most of the users. If you view this error after following the above steps, go ahead with the next fix.

Fix 2: Resetting Winsock

Most of the Window users found this to be compatible with them. It is very simple since you have to write a particular command in the CMD window. You can easily reset the Winsock and thereby you can easily get away with this. Just, you need to follow the below guideline.

  1. First, you need to hold the Windows as well as the “R” key at the same time, in order to open the Run dialog box.
  2. After that, you need to spot the Run tab present under the category of Start>All Programs. Then, press open.
  3. Write “cmd.exe” in the Run dialogue window when it is visible on the screen.
  4. Then, click Enter and wait for some time till the command prompt launches.
  5. Windows 10 users can write CMD in the search option in order to open the Command Prompt.
  6. When the Command Prompt opens, you need to enter the following commands and then click on Enter.

          netsh winsock reset catalog

  1. Finally, restart your P.C and visit the website which throws the error page the site can’t be reached the connection was reset issue.

Hopefully, this will easily fix this issue in no time. If this is not the case, delve into the below methods.

Fix 3: Deactivating Antivirus/Firewall App

There might be a case that the antivirus or firewall is blocking the internet for manifold reasons. This may lead to ERR_CONNECTION_RESET issue in the Google Chrome browser. If the antivirus or firewall blocked a particular website, it’s better to be like that. Obviously, you will not like to visit a webpage that is corrupted fr the security apps. However, if this is a false alarm, you just have to deactivate your antivirus and again open the webpage. Also, it might happen that you accidentally blocked a particular website in the Windows firewall settings. Therefore, you need to examine the entire list of websites by moving to the settings option in the firewall app. However, please make sure that you enable the antivirus as soon as you finish testing the webpage with the help of this method. We advise you to run the PC without protection. This may expose you to certain hackers or spammers.

Fix 4: Fixing Windows Registry

The connect was reset issue some times pops up owing to corrupted Windows Registry. In some cases, you can easily fix this connection error by applying suitable repairing mechanism for Windows Registry. If you don’t have any clue how to perform it then you have to download certain apps to fix this issue.

Fix 5: Additional Steps to Solve ERR_CONNECTION_RESET Error

If the above methods fail to resolve this issue, then it is high time that you obtain the router through a power cycle. Else you need to connect with ISP. Let’s have a look at the final steps that you must follow to fix this issue before calling the ISP:

  1. First, you need to restart your router after keeping it in the Sleep Mode for 5 minutes.
  2. Then, restart the router and try to re-configure it.
  3. Last but not least, you need to contact your ISP and raise your problem.

Final Thought

The connection was reset is a typical form of Google Chrome related error that the majority of the users face on a regular basis. The fix for this issue is very simple that requires a perfect restart of your PC, browser as well as router. However, this is not always helpful. As a result, we have provided five easy steps to resolve this problem in no time. If you follow the above methods strictly, you can prevent this irritating issue. Apart from this, if you have any new idea, you can provide your suggestion in the comment section.