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Fix Spotify Error Code 18 With Easy to Apply Solutions

Spotify is one of the best platforms for streaming your favorite music on the computer. Unfortunately, several Windows users are troubling with Spotify error code 18 while trying to install this app. When this error occurs, a message appears and reads that the installer cannot install Spotify.

Moreover, Windows will ask you to ensure that Spotify is not running on your PC so that you can try after some time. This problem arises because the files required to install Spotify are already in use in another process. Sometimes, uninstalling some application leaves behind traces of files which conflict with the installation of Spotify.

As a result, you encounter the ‘can’t install Spotify error 18.’ Hence, this article has offered some of the tested solutions that have already eliminated this error successfully.

Effective Troubleshooting Ways to Get Rid of Spotify Error Code 18

Start with the first solution and move on to the next as per your requirement.

Solution 1: End any Spotify Processes

End any Spotify Processes

Close if any Spotify processes are running in the background of your PC and check whether it solves the problem or not. Follow these steps to end processes associated with Spotify.

  1. Press the ‘Ctrl, Shift, and Esc’ keys at the same time to launch the Task Manager.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Processes’ tab to find the processes currently running in the background of your PC.
  3. Check whether any of the processes have ‘Spotify’ mentioned in their names.
  4. If there is no such process, then this solution is not applicable to you.
  5. If processes containing ‘Spotify’ in their names are available, then right-click on each of them and select ‘End Process.’
  6. Click ‘End Process’ once again on the resulting dialog box to continue.
  7. After ending all the processes, run the Spotify installer to install this app.

Solution 2: Delete the Spotify Folder in your Computer’s AppData Directory

Delete the Spotify Folder in your Computer’s AppData Directory

Many users have reported solving this issue by deleting the Spotify folder in their computer’s AppData directory. So, you also try out this solution.

  1. Press Windows logo key and ‘R’ at the same time to launch the Run application.
  2. Now, type ‘%appdata%’ in it and press ‘Enter’ to access the AppData directory.
  3. Look for the Spotify folder, right-click on it and choose the ‘Delete’ option.
  4. Click ‘Yes’ on the resulting popup to confirm the deletion of the Spotify folder.
  1. Restart your PC and try to install Spotify. Continue with the solution below if the installation fails again.

Solution 3: Delete all Files Pertaining to Spotify

  1. Press Windows logo key and ‘E’ to open the Windows Explorer.
  2. Type ‘Spotify’ into the search bar and press ‘Enter.’
  3. Windows Explorer starts searching for Spotify related files on your PC.
  4. After getting the search results, use the ‘Ctrl+A’ combination to select all files.
  5. Then, tap the ‘Delete’ button to remove these files from your PC.
  6. Click ‘Yes’ to confirm the action and restart your PC.
  7. Now, you would be able to install Spotify without an issue.

Solution 4: Exit Steam and Try to Install Spotify

Exit Steam and Try to Install Spotify

Steam is a computer gaming platform that often uses some of the files and processes left behind after uninstalling Spotify. If it is the actual cause, then you have to exit Steam and then install Spotify.

  1. Open Steam and click the ‘Exit’ button.
  2. After Steam has closed completely, wait for a minute at least.
  3. Then, run the Spotify installer and it would install Spotify if Steam was causing this issue.

Solution 5: Uninstall any Conflicting Programs

Some programs tend to interfere with the installation process of another program. iTunes and Comodo are known to cause such issues. You can use this solution to identify those conflicting programs on your PC.

  1. Click the Start menu, type ‘add or remove programs’ in the search bar and press ‘Enter.’
  2. Select ‘Add or remove programs’ from the search results and locate iTunes from the list of available programs.
  3. Right-click on iTunes and select the ‘Uninstall’ option on the resulting popup.
  4. Repeat these steps to uninstall Comodo.
  5. If the problem is occurring after installing a particular program, then uninstall that as well.
  6. After receiving a confirmation message for the successful uninstallation, restart your PC.
  7. Run the Spotify installer to check whether it can install Spotify or not.

Spotify won’t install error would repeat itself if these applications were not responsible for this issue.

Solution 6: Boot your PC in Safe Mode

Boot your PC in Safe Mode

Booting the computer in Safe Mode often resolves such installation issues. Therefore, boot your PC in Safe Mode by the following steps.

  1. Launch the Run application by press Windows logo key and ‘R’ simultaneously.
  2. Type ‘misconfig’ into the Run box and press ‘Enter’ to open System Configuration.
  3. Navigate to the ‘Boot’ tab and check the ‘Safe boot’ box under ‘Boot options’ menu.
  4. Click ‘Apply’ and then ‘OK’ on the popup window to save the changes.
  5. Restart the system and the computer boots up in Safe Mode.
  6. Then, go back to the Start menu and open the Run application as we have discussed above.
  7. Enter ‘misconfig’ into it and uncheck the ‘Safe boot’ box under the ‘Boot options’ menu.
  8. Restart the PC and it will exit from the Safe Mode and boots normally.

Solution 7: Disable All Services and Re-Enable Them

Disable All Services and Re-Enable Them

Boot your PC by disabling all services and then re-enabling those services to fix this issue.

  1. Press Windows logo key and ‘R’ at the same time to open the Run application.
  2. Enter ‘misconfig’ into the Run dialog box to access the System Configuration window.
  3. Choose ‘Disable All’ and then hit the ‘Apply’ button to let the changes take effect.
  4. Click ‘OK’ and restart your PC with all services disabled.
  5. Go back to the Run application and open the System Configuration window.
  6. Choose ‘Enable All’ option and tap the ‘Apply’ button.
  7. Then, click ‘OK’ and restart your PC.
  8. The PC boots up with all services disabled and fixes the Spotify error code 18.

We can conclude that Spotify error code 18 can stem from different sources. Applying the proper solution would help you to fix Spotify installer error code 18 without any hassles. If you want, then leave a comment below this article.