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How To Fix Skype Error 1618 In Minutes?

In this fast-pacing, world of digitalization, virtual platforms have emerged important platforms of communication. And that’s where the enormous importance of Skype comes into play. However, regardless of the importance of the application, there goes certain pros and cons that every Skype user is likely to encounter. As it is, every technological application is bound to have some errors. And one of the common errors of Skype is the installation error, which is also known as Skype Error 1618.

In this article, we are going to shed some light on the major causes, symptoms and most importantly the major fixes to the problem. So, if you were long hunting for effective methods to resolve the Skype Installation error 1618, here you are. Read our article thoroughly to derive all your solutions.

Potential Causes Behind Skype Error Error 1618

As promised, in this article we are going to offer you a comprehensive guideline about the possible fixes that you should undertake in order to get rid of the problem. However, before we move on to the solutions let us first look into the major causes that might trigger this technical glitch.

Among the major causes, the foremost reason behind Skype installation error 1618 is the installation of several applications all at once. That is to say, if you are performing multiple installations at a given time, it might intervene with the installation procedure of Skype, thereby triggering the technical glitch under question.

Besides, you might run into the Skype error 1618, in case you have accidentally launched the installation procedure of Skype twice. Also, the error might trigger, in case, you have already performed some other installation midway through the installation procedure of Skype. Furthermore, the technical glitch also occurs in case your Windows10 installs some new updates. Additionally, Skype Installation error 1618 also appears if the installation procedure is left incomplete or the software itself is found corrupt.

Additional Causes

Apart from the major causes, some other causes responsible for the error are as follows:

  • Corruption in Windows Registry  
  • Corrupted Windows System Files due to malware or virus infection.
  • If some other program has eliminated some other Skype-related files by mistake or maliciously.

Common Symptoms of Skype Installation Error 1618

After discussing the major causes behind Skype error 1618, now it is time for us to shed light on the most common symptoms of Skype Error 1618. Early detection of the symptoms will help you to curb the problem from the root. Under this section, we are going to discuss some of the most common symptoms of the error code in question.  

  • One of the elemental symptoms of Skype error 1618 is the sudden crashing of the functional program window.
  • Your computer system frequently crashes with the error code popping up on the screen.
  • When the Skype installation error 1618 pops up, your computer system slows down and starts running sluggishly.  Also, you will find that your system is responding to the commands very slowly.
  • The most prominent symptom of the error code in question is the frequent freezing of your PC. If you find that your System is freezing periodically, then you must realize that the problem crops up due to Skype Installation error 1618.  

Proven Fixes for Skype Error 1618

Under this section, we are going to impart to you the most effective workarounds that you must apply in order to rid yourself of the issue. By means of availing these fixes, you should be able to fix the glitch in no time. So, without any further ado, let us look into the major workarounds that you must consider.   

Put an end to the ongoing Microsoft Installer Process

One of the fundamental causes of the Skype Installation Error 1618 is the execution of multiple installations at a given time. So, the easiest fix to the problem is to stop any other ongoing installation process before proceeding with the Skype installation process. In order to avoid the problem, you can try to put an end to the process of msiexec.exe manually.

To do this, you need to make use of the Windows Task Manager. In order to do so, follow the instructions given below:

In order to launch the Task Manager, you need to press Ctrl+Alt+Del together. Once launched, move to the Processes Tab. Under the tab, you will find the “ MSIEXEC.EXE process”. Once located, click on the End Process button.

In completion of the entire process, press on the Install Skype button in order to launch the installation process. This should fix your glitch. However, if the issue still persists due to some unexpected reason, then worry not. We have still better solutions for you.

Launch Skype as Administrator

In case the error code 1618 hinders the successful completion of the Skype Installation process, you can try to redress the issue by means of launching Skype as Administrator. In order to do so, follow the undermentioned instruction:

First and foremost, you need to navigate over to Skype Setup File. Once you reach out, you will simply have to right-click on the option. Then, press on the ‘Run as Administrator’ Option.

This is one of the most effective workarounds for Skype Error 1618. Therefore, applying the fix should prove effective. However, if things somehow go against, you can try out our next alternative solution.

Installation of Windows Updates

If you run inn Skype Installation Error 1618, it might be simply because your PC requires updating. In order to do the same, you need to avail the inbuilt Windows Update feature. To execute the same, follow the instructions cited below:

First and foremost, you must press on Windows Logo Key + I button simultaneously. Once you do this, the Windows Updates page is going to open up. Then, navigate over to the option  ‘Update & Security’. Under this, press on the ‘Check for Updates’ option. The moment you press on the specified icon, the updates that are available will pop up in an instant. As soon as you get hold of the available options, install them one by one. The installation process is going to certainly take you some time. Therefore, keep patience. Once the installation process is successfully completed, reboot your computer and check whether the issue is sorted or not.

Edit the Registry

If the glitch still persists, then you may try troubleshooting the error by means of editing the Registry. However, you must be careful while you execute the process. Since a slight mistake on your part might damage your computer perpetually. Therefore, go about the instructions very carefully.

The first thing that we will recommend to you is to perform a  thorough backup of your Registry. In order to do the same, you must follow the undermentioned steps

To begin with, press on the Windows Key + R simultaneously. After that, feed in the command inside the Run dialog box. Thereafter, hit the Enter Key. Once you do this, the Registry Editor will launch up. Once in the Registry Editor page, you must choose the registry keys or subkeys that you wish to back up.

Then, go to the File option and from there move over to Export. Following this, you must select an appropriate location, as well as, the name to allot to the file you intend to back up.  Finally, after the execution of the entire backup procedure, press on the Save button to confirm the backup process.

Now, after performing the Registry backup successfully, you must execute the following steps:

Press on the Windows Key + R simultaneously and then, feed in the command e ‘regedit’ within the Run Dialog Box. After you have put in the command, you will have to navigate over to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer\”. Thereafter, you need to locate the option entitled ‘PendingFileRenameOperations’ and eliminate it. After that, you will have to move over to”HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Updates”. Following this, you need to locate out the ‘UpdateExeVolatil’ entry. Once located, press twice on the option and set it to 0. That is it, the Skype Error 1618 should be sorted out.

Launch the Malware Scan on the System

Skype Installation error 1618 might trigger due to malware infection. And therefore, in order to fix the problem, you need to remove any such malware infection that may be causing the error code to creep up. And, the best possible way to remove the harmful viruses present within your System is to conduct a Malware Scan on your PC. By means of performing a scan, you will be able to detect the potentially harmful agents that may be preventing your Skype from installation. In order to prevent the system from such malicious malware infections, you can make use of the Windows Defender. To execute the Scan, you must adhere to the undermentioned steps

Visit the Settings Application. From there reach out to ‘Update & Security’. The moment you press on it, the Windows Defender will initialize. The moment the Windows Defender opens up, you must press on the Full option to initiate the Scanning process.

Amend the Issues with the Drivers

One of the potential causes of the glitch in question is defective drivers. Therefore, in order to drive out the problem, you must fix all the problems with the driver. In this context, you can make use of some driver optimization and verification tool.  You will have to install the utility and run it accurately. The tools shall help you to detect the exact problem with the driver and redress it in no time.

Parting Words

With this, it is time for us to bid you adieu. We hope our article is going to help you immensely, We have offered you the most feasible solutions that you must consider in order to resolve Skype error 1618. So, without any further delay implement the strategies mentioned above and get rid of this technical glitch once and for all.