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Fix Skype Call Failed Error With Technical Solutions At Your Fingertips

Skype calls are effective in promoting a new way of communication and keeping up with others but it fails sometimes due to one or more connectivity errors. To fix these issues, you must be aware of the causes that are disrupting your Skype calls. You can experience the Skype calls keep failing problem on Skype when the wireless or cellular network is very poor in your surrounding. However, most of the time, this problem can occur due to technical issues in your PC or in the Skype installation files. To know a few more causes of abrupt ending of Skype calls and some fixes to resolve this error, follow this article.

Solutions To Resolve Skype Calls Keep Failing Issue

In order to fix Skype call failed problem, you must check the following reasons quickly that triggers this calling error.

Causes Of Dropping Calls On Skype

  • Incompatible OS or drivers in your system.
  • Too many intensive apps or software running in the device.
  • A bug in your system after applying the recent update.
  • Your maximum time limit for Skype calls has exceeded.
  • The person from the other end is facing any of these above issues.

Apply These Methods To Fix Skype Calls Failure Error

If you notice that the calls to landline numbers are successful but the same Skype-to-Skype call is failing, you can follow these simple fixes.

Fix 1: Install Recent Skype Update Compatible With OS

If your calls are dropping due to incompatibility issues with the OS in your PC, it is recommended to install the latest Skype update. For proper calling execution, the OS has to be in sync with the Skype installation files. Hence, you must update the recent version to fix the bugs that can lead to Skype-to-Skype call dropping error.

Fix 2: Upgrade Drivers To Its Latest Version

An outdated or corrupted driver can be the main reason behind calls to drop in Skype. It can become more severe if the drivers for graphics card or audio device is not up to date. To fix this problem, either remove the problematic drivers from your PC or identify the programs that need the latest upgradation. You can use a scanning tool to get information on the drivers installed in your system. Then search for the appropriate driver’s update and install them in your PC. Finally, relaunch Skype to check whether the calls are now successful without being dropped.

Fix 3: Turn Off Firewall Or Antivirus Program

In case you can’t make calls on Skype while running the Windows Firewall or a third-party antivirus, these programs can block the calling feature. So, you can disable any such software on your PC before making Skype calls. To do this, click ‘Start’ and search for ‘Control Panel’. Then locate the option of ‘Windows Firewall’ and click ‘Turn Windows Firewall on or off’. You must ensure that you are selecting ‘Turn off Windows Firewall’ on both Private as well as Public Networks.

Fix 4: Update Browsers That Are Microsoft Based

If you are accessing Skype through Microsoft based browsers and not able to make calls, the issue can be bugs due to outdated versions. Hence, update the browsers like Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer to their latest versions to fix the Skype call dropping error. It not only installs the latest tools to execute Skype but also updates the drivers for making the calls without any failure. To update Internet Explorer, open ‘Start’ menu and search for the browser icon. Then click on the gear symbol on top of the IE page. Under the ‘About Internet Explorer’ section, you will get the option to install recent IE automatically. Once the installation is complete, launch Skype and make a test call to check if the calls are dropping anymore.

Fix 5: Remove Corrupt Configuration Files In Skype

To fix this error, delete your Skype profile configuration files and also reset the internet settings in your PC. The Windows Update can recreate these files while removing the bad configurations. So to remove these files, write ‘%appdata%\Skype’ in the Run box and find the list of configuration files. Then press Ctrl+A to select all, right-click on it and choose ‘Delete’ option. After this, reset Internet settings by typing ‘inetcpl.cpl’ in Run box. Then go to ‘Advanced’, click ‘Reset’ and select ‘Delete personal settings’. Finally, restart your PC to see if the Skype calling error is resolved.