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Fix Samsung Wireless Printer Won’t Connect With Effective Solutions

Samsung is one of the top-notch brands when it comes to wireless printers. But however, there might be several glitches or technical faults with the printer which is very common. Among all the issues, one such issue is the Samsung wireless printer won’t connect, that many users have encountered. This issue generally happens due to a bad IP address. Sometimes, a bad driver or corrupted drivers also trigger this issue. A wireless network connection also results in this issue. However, it seems pretty annoying when you have a lot of pages to print and promptly you find that your printer won’t connect.

So, if you are dealing with this annoying situation and looking for a permanent solution to fix this out, then this article is your savior. In the section below, we will discuss all the probable hacks and effective solutions to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Probable causes for why Samsung wireless printer won’t connect?

There are several probable causes for why Samsung wireless printer won’t connect issue. One such major cause for this obstacle is due to a bad network connection. Sometimes, an outdated driver or a corrupted driver can also trigger this issue. If there is a bad IP address or the IP address is gone wrong, then the Samsung printer won’t connect to a wireless network. But, you can easily fix this issue by implementing some of the major ways that we will discuss in the next section.


Resolve Samsung wireless printer won’t connect issue with Class Apart Solutions

Following are some of the effective solutions to resolve the Samsung wireless printer won’t connect issue. Go through these steps below to get your problem solved as soon as possible:


Method 1: Connect your Samsung wireless printer

Connect your Samsung wireless printerYou have to make assure that your Samsung wireless printer is attached to the appropriate wireless network. Following are some of the steps below to check the wireless connectivity on your Samsung printer.

  1. Place the Samsung wireless printer within range of your wireless router and turn on the power of your printer.
  2. Now, connect your Samsung printer to that wireless router through an IP address or direct connect.
  3. Now, restart your printer and try printing again.

If the printer connects normally, then the issue is resolved. If not, try another method below.


Method 2: Change the printer’s IP address

Change the printer’s IP addressSometimes the Samsung wireless printer’s IP changes automatically that results in an error. Therefore, you need to change the IP address of the printer to get rid out of this issue. Following are some of the hacks below to do so:

  1. Navigate to the official website of Samsung and then, enter the model number of your Samsung wireless printer to download the set-IP tools.
  2. Click on the Download button below and save the .exe file in a particular drive where you wish to save.
  3. Once the download completes, move to that drive where you saved the application and then, double click on the file to Extract it.
  4. Now, click on Next and then, click on Extract all and then Run the application manually.
  5. After installing the application, run the application by double-clicking on it and then, configure the setup program.
  6. Select your Samsung printer name and navigate to the IP address section of your Samsung printer and then set a new IP address.

Click on Apply to save the changes and then, restart your Samsung printer and check whether the printer connects or not. If still, you are unable to connect the printer, try the following method.


Method 3: Update the printer’s drivers

Update the printer’s driversAn outdated driver or a corrupted driver will always affect your printer to run properly that results in an issue. Therefore, you must be updated with the drivers to halt an error. Following are some of the effective steps to do so:

  1. At first, turn on your computer and navigate to the Control panel and click on Hardware and Sound.
  2. Now, locate the Device Manager from the Windows menu to view all the hardware devices connected to your computer.
  3. Navigate to the printer option on your screen and if there any yellow mark on that application, that means the application is dead and you need to update that.
  4. Double-click on that yellow marked application and then you will be asked for how you want to search for the application?
  5. Now, select the Update driver software and this will show you the best software to install.
  6. Once you select the appropriate driver for your Samsung printer, you will be forced to the manufacturer’s website automatically.
  7. Now, click on the Download button and save the .exe file in any particular drive.
  8. After the download completes, double-click on that application and Extract the file and then click on Run.

After the installation process finishes, restart your Samsung printer and your printer will no longer be affected with this trouble.


These three effective methods will surely help you to get rid out of this trouble with your Samsung printer. You can try either one of these solutions or all the solutions to resolve this annoying issue in the soonest way. Hope this article was beneficial enough to guide you on how to resolve if Samsung wireless printer won’t connect. In case, the issue still persists and the Samsung printer won’t connect to a wireless network, then there might be some hardware issues or other technical faults. In that case, better you can take an expert’s guidance or can service your Samsung printer.