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Safari Keeps Crashing : Fix Through Essential Hacks

Safari is one of the beneficial applications that comes with Mac and it has been improvised from time to time. But, while using Mac, a pinwheel of death is unavoidable and each of the Mac users has experienced the same. However, what if it comes when you are opening an important page or when you are surfing on Safari and it gets stuck. In that situation, you can’t perform any action and the only resort is to force quit Safari. And, if you face this situation randomly, then you must address the issue. Here, in this article, we will provide the pieces of information regarding Safari keeps crashing on Mac device along with the possible causes and their solutions. Also, we will mention some of the common indications that you might face in the first place.

Why does Safari Keep Crashing?

This is not an easy thing to determine what is the exact reason behind Safari keeps crashing issue unless you drop a report to Apple Genius in order to analyze the issue, and it seems to be quite impossible. But, there can be some of the possible causes for the delay:

  • If your Mac device is running an outdated version of Safari, then you might find that the Safari browser keeps crashing Mac.
  • Besides, an older plugin or extension is also creating such kind of Safari related issues.
  • Also, if you are running an excessive amount of tabs or windows at the same time, then Safari related issue appears on Mac.
  • When your MacBook is out of storage, if you run too many programs simultaneously, then you might face this Safari related issue.
  • Apart from these, if Safari has corrupted or old downloads, caches, and cookies, then Safari keeps crashing.

These are the most common factors for which Safari browser keeps crashing on Mac. However, there can be some other reasons as well. Safari bug is another culprit for this glitch. Moreover, there can be an issue with the site that you are visiting. If it has videos, flash, plugins or some other elements that might overload the Safari, then the resultant is Safari keeps crashing.

Major Indications when Safari Keeps Crashing

Whenever you find that the Safari browser keeps crashing, then the first thing that you might encounter is to very sluggish performance of your Mac device. Apart from this, you can’t do anything on Safari when Safari keeps crashing. Moreover, some of the users have complained that when they face this situation, they find that their Mac device shuts down all of a sudden. Apart from that, some users have also reported some other situations that they find.

However, whatever be the situation, users must resolve the Safari keeps crashing issue. Hence, without further delay, let’s have a look below to the upcoming section where you will get to know various troubleshooting methods along with the complete steps.

Easy Ways to Fix Safari when it keeps Crashing on Mac

There are a couple of easy ways to resolve the Safari when it crashes on the Mac device. However, here, in this section of this article, we have mentioned those fixes that are proven to work for various affected users. So, it is recommended to note the step by step instructions below and implement them accordingly. So, let’s start:

Method 1: Restart the Mac Device

It is a very first method to resolve such Safari related issues on the Mac device. Therefore, you should restart your Mac device and see if this method helps you to get rid of the Safari relate glitches. However, after restarting the Mac device, if you still get stuck with the same situation, then you need to proceed to the next method.

Method 2: Clear History and Website Data

Over time, Safari crashes outbreaks before launching, right at the moment when you tap on the icon and sometimes, Safari keeps crashes after a few seconds. In that case, you need to clear the history, website data, cache and cookies from your Mac device. Follow these steps to perform this action:

  • Primarily, navigate to the Settings.
  • Then, click on the Safar.
  • After that, select ‘Clear History And Website Data’.
  • Here, a permission dialog box will pop up on the display screen in order to confirm the process.
  • Now, click on the OK button.

After clearing the history, now you are required to clear the website data. To do so, you need to go to the Settings. After that, in the Settings, click on the Safari button. Now, navigate to the Advanced options, and then, tap on the Website Data. Once it is done, simply scroll down to choose the ‘Remove All Website Data’.  Now, you will get a pop-up window that will prompt the confirmation of the process, just hit the OK button.

Method 3: Disable iCloud Safari Syncing

In order to resolve such Safari related issue, you have to turn Off the iCloud Safari syncing. To do that, you have to open the Settings app first. After that, click on the iCloud. Next, wait for a few seconds and then, turn in On to have a try. If this process doesn’t work, then you need to turn the Safari syncing Off. Now, check whether the issue gets removed or not.

Method 4: Enable the AutoFill

After disabling the iCloud Safari syncing, if the issue still remains, then you might need to enable the AutoFill. To do so, you have to launch the Settings app. Now, in the Settings app, locate the Safari. Once you find this, simply click on it. Now, you have to turn On the ‘Use Contact Info/Names And Passwords/Credit Cards’.

Method 5: Disable the Extensions

If you install the extension on your Mac device, then it might be the cause for which Safari keeps crashing issue occurs. In such situations, we recommend you to disable the extensions. To do so, follow the steps below:

  • Primarily, go to Safari and select its properties.
  • After that, tap on the Extensions.
  • Now, hit the ‘Set All Extensions To Off’ and check whether the Safari quit unexpectedly once again.

If not, then you have to disable the problematic extension one by one. Further, if you find the problematic one, simply uninstall it.

Method 6: Uninstall or Disable Virus Scanner

In order to keep the Safari clean, Virus Scanners usually take the effort. However, in case, something went wrong with the Virus Scanner, then it can make Safari stop working properly:

  • Here, you need to disable the Virus Scanner on your Mac device.
  • After that, check if the Safari stops crashing. Now, simply uninstall the application and move on to the other Virus Scanner.

Method 7: Delete Safari Preference Files

According to many users, after deleting the Safari preference files, they find that the Safari starts working again. In that case, you have to navigate to Go tab and press down the button until you will see find the ‘Go to Folder.’ Here, type “~/Library/Safari/” and hit Go. Now, delete all the files on the folder and see if the issue gets cleared.

Method 8: Turn Off Suggestions

After deleting the Safari preference files, if you still find the same issue, then you need to turn Off the suggestions. Therefore, you can go to the Settings app and then, click on Safari. Now, you need to select the Turn Off Safari Suggestions in order to disable the Safari suggestion.

Method 9: Disable the JavaScript

Furthermore, you can also resolve the Safari keeps crashing Mac issue by disabling the JavaScript. There can be an issue with the website that you are visiting. As we know, various sites use a certain programming language called JavaScript in order to provide all kinds of animations and features. JavaScript is such a feature but when badly written, it might crash Safari browsers. So, disabling it is the best way to resolve this matter. To do so, follow the steps below.

  • At first, navigate to the Settings app.
  • Then, select Safari.
  • Now, go to the Advanced Options.
  • Next, hit the Turn Off the JavaScript.

Isolating the issue is not the end here. And, if you ever   JavaScript in order to use modern websites, then you can turn it On but, never visit those sites that crashed.

Method 10: Restart the Safari

Restarting the Safari is a quite useful method to resolve such Safari related issues. Thus, to restart your Safari on the Msc device, you need to tap on the Hole button two times to get a new window. Here, in this display screen, locate the Safari and then, swipe up to close the program. Next, hit the Home button and navigate back to the Home screen. Now, wait for a while and check if the issue has been resolved.

Method 11: Update the Mac Device

Now, if you are unable to get the Safari browser working even after following the above methods, then your final resort will be the software update. Therefore, you require to navigate to the Apple menu and then, select the System Preferences. Now, you can hit the Software Update option in order to Check For Updates. If updates are available, then you have to click on the Update Now button in order to install the latest updates. Alternatively, you can tap on the More Info option in order to know more about each and every update and then, press that particular updates to install.


We presume the post might have been able to tell you which methods you should consider resorting to if you have to get rid of this sticky tech issue. Therefore Apply them and make a difference in the situation you are in. If you need to read about related topics, stay connected to our posts. However, if you require instant help, then you can get in touch with an expert who can provide you the ultimate solution.