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Remove The Safari Alert Suspicious Activity Pop Up Message With Some Easy Hacks

Macintosh system and the Safari web browser are one of the favorite targets of fake security pop-up message applications and websites. Therefore, if you revise the Safari alert suspicious activity pop up message on your web browser, then be cautious. It is a vague security message which is delivered by adware files and malware application present in your system. This pop-up message is a marketing campaign which used to promote and sell fake and unreliable online service to the Safari web browser users.

Now, if you are one of those users who is receiving this fake security pop-up message on their Safari browser and want to remove it, then follow this article.

Causes of the Safari Alert Suspicious Activity Detected Popup Message

This fake and misleading security pop-up message can appear on Safari web browser due to adware or potentially unwanted application that gains presence on your system. The adware may have tamper and altered certain setting of your Safari web browser and cause browser redirects which open a fake website like Mac-system-alerts.com.

Technically this type of bogus website takes advantage of vulnerabilities of your web browser in order to sell unrequired services. They can exploit outdated Java scripts, add-ons, or extensions of your Safar web browser. That’s why in order to avoid these type of website and pop-up messages, always keep your Safari web browser and application updated and maintained. Now, let’s how to remove Safari alert suspicious activity error message.

Methods to Remove Safari Alert Suspicious Activity Popup Message

There are few ways by which you can remove this fake security alert from your Safari and they are provided in this section. Have a look at them and try to follow them as instructed.

Use an Adware Removal Tool

To remove this fake security pop-up from your Safari web-browser, the first thing you need to use an adware removal tool. The tool will find and delete the Adware file from your system and with that, the Safari alert suspicious activity will also get eliminated. Now, to perform this method follow the given instructions.

  • First, download and install your desired adware removal tool from its official website. There are many free and premium tools that you can use for this purpose.
  • After the installation, run the tool and search for adware file. This will take some time, so you need to maintain some patience.
  • Once the tool located all the threats, click on the Remove/ Delete button in order to eliminate the adware files present in your system.

Now, if this method is not sufficient in getting rid of Adware files, then process the next step.

Run an Anti-malware Tool

The next thing that can help you in the Adware file detection and removal process in an anti-malware tool. In order to use the tool, follow the provided steps.

  • Choose any anti-malware tool and download its file from the official website of that tool. Then, install that tool on your system.
  • Now, run the anti-malware tool and scan for all the adware files or malware files present in your system.
  • After the scanning process, the tool will provide a list of all the detected threats.
  • On that situation, you have to click on the Remove Selected Items option or Delete button in order to remove all the identified threats.

Once the removal process gets completed, you can start using your web-browser without any interference of the Safari alert suspicious activity detected pop up message.

Manual Removal Method

However, if you want to remove the Safari alert suspicious activity pop-up message manually, then follow the instruction given in this section.

  • First, close the Safari web browser.
  • Then, disconnect the Internet connection of your system in order to avoid further fake pop-up messages.
  • Now, hold the Shift key and click on the Safari browser icon to relaunch it.
  • Once it is running, click on the Preferences menu option.
  • A window will appear on your screen. There, you need to tap on the Security tab.
  • In that tab, you need to find and uncheck the box beside Enable JavaScript option.
  • After that, tap on the Privacy tab and click on the Remove All Website Data option. There is a possibility that the removed files may re-appear after that deleting process. That’s why you need to keep removing those files until the web site’s data is cleared.
  • Now, go to the Download Folder and move every content of it into the Trash bin.
  • Then, empty the Trash bin.

Now, you can run and use the Safari web browser freely.


We hope our solutions and suggestions are helpful to you regarding the Safari alert suspicious activity pop-up message. For more tech-related information, keep following our upcoming articles.