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Fix Roku Error Code 016 With Effective Solutions

You are likely to encounter Roku error code 016 if, when you try to launch a streaming channel, the TV lost the internet connection making it difficult to work with the device smoothly. Also, if the device fails to connect to the network, you receive the message stating “UNABLE TO CONNECT TO WIRELESS NETWORK.“ Are you struggling with the same error? If yes, do not worry. In this article, we have mentioned a few of the easy yet effective tips to fix the glitch instantly without any hassle.

How To Fix Roku Error Code 016?

Upon encountering error code 016, you need to go through the following methods and fix the issue immediately.

Method 1: Check The Internet Connection

The primary step to resolve the error code 016 is by checking the internet connection. If the connection is loose or lost, you can encounter the error. To check the network status, visit the Settings of your Roku device. Go through the following steps for doing that:

1. Open Settings and then click on the Network option.
2. Now, click on the ‘Check connection’ option. You need to perform a two-part test.
3. At first, the connection of your home network will test the quality of the signal.
4. In the second part, the speed of that connection and the network connection will be checked.
5. However, if the wireless signal strength of your internet is low, you will be prompted with on-screen instructions to resolve the issue. If the Roku device you are using is not connected to the network, you will fail to see the ‘Check connection’ option. You need to set up the network connection before checking the same.

Method 2: Check The Credentials

If the internet connection is fine, but you still encounter the error code 016, check if you are connected to the correct wireless network. If you are selecting the wrong wireless network, the connection will obviously fail. Hence, first, check the connection. If you have other network connections, try to connect to them. Also, check if you are providing the correct password.  Entering incorrect passwords will prevent you from using the device. Re-enter the password and check if the Roku error code 016 resolves.

Method 3: Check Your Router

If the router you are using is malfunctioning, you will fail to connect the Roku device to the internet. Hence, check your router if it connects to the internet. You can also restart your router and check if the error code 016 resolves. However, if you still struggle with the same error, connect with your ISP.

Method 4: Improve The Wireless Signal Strength

If you provide the correct password and the other devices are working fine, but still, you encounter the error, it might be due to the signal strength. The signal strength might be poor. Hence, check the wireless signal strength.

Method 5: Reboot All Your Devices

Alternatively, you can also reboot all your devices to check if the Roku error code 016 resolves. To do the same, follow the steps which are given below:

1. Open Settings and then click on the System option.
2. The system restarts upon unplugging it from its power source.
3. You also need to reboot the router or alter the settings for streaming devices.

The steps mentioned above will hopefully help you to fix the error code 016. If you face any difficulties while resolving the glitch, seek help from the experts.