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How to fix If Nvidia Installer cannot Continue?

Conflicts between Windows graphics cards and NVIDIA are not new. If you receive “NVIDIA Installer Cannot Continue” when installing an NVIDIA graphics card on Windows 10, it’s better not to be confused. This error is displayed when installing a different NVIDIA graphics card model. Here’s an error message, which allows you to install drivers for your video card. There are several possible causes for this error. This happens in different versions, in the driver version and also in the Windows version. If the Nvidia graphics driver is corrupted, then you can see this issue on the screen. Sometimes, the third-party antivirus can also responsible for this error. Many Windows users have reported that after seeing this message they may get frustrated.

If you are also facing this similar issue, then this article will definitely help you. Here you will get all the solving process for this particular issue on the system.

Different Solution that You Should Apply to Resolve Nvidia Installer Cannot Continue Issue

When you see this issue on the system you can simply restart your PC. Sometimes, restarting the system can resolve several issues that you have encountered on your computer. After restarting the system, you need to check whether the “Nvidia installer cannot continue” issue still persists or not. If it is there, then you can follow the under-mentioned solutions that can help you to resolve this issue:

Solution 1 – Update the NVIDIA Graphics Card Driver

Update the NVIDIA Graphics Card DriverYou need to update the NVIDIA graphics card driver properly to resolve the GeForce installation cannot continue issue on your computer. Go through the steps:

Step 1

At first, you must press the Windows Key and R key together to launch the Run box, type Device Manager and then hit the Enter button or click on the OK option. Alternatively, you can press Win + x buttons together to launch the Menu list. From that list, you can get an application, Device Manager, select it.

Step 2

In the Device Manager window, you need to navigate to the Display Adapter tab, expand it to open the list on the left side panel. After that, find the NVIDIA Graphics card, right click on it to launch the list. Select the Update Software Driver option from that list. Now, you can see the update process has begun. Once it completes, install it. After installing this, you should reboot the system and then check whether the issue is still there or not.

Solution 2 – Remove all the Nvidia, and try to the Setup Again

Remove all the Nvidia, and try to the Setup AgainWhen you see the Nvidia installer cannot continue issue appears you should remove it from your computer and again install it. If you do not know how you can do that then you can try the undermentioned steps:

Step 1

You have to press the Windows key and the “X” button to launch the Menu list, select the Control Panel application. Alternatively, press the Windows Home button and select the Search box. Type “Control Panel” in the Search box and then, hit the Enter key from the keyboard.

Step 2

When the Control Panel application opens, you need to double-click on the Programs and Features section. From that section, scroll down the page and right click on the all the Nvidia graphics driver to open the list. Choose the Uninstall option from that list.

Step 3

Once the uninstallation process is completed, restart the machine. After restarting this, you need to again download it from the Official website. Once this file is downloaded, install it. You need to install it to follow the online instructions carefully. After installing it, you can check whether it works correctly without any error.

Solution 3 – Disable the Security Software Application

Disable the Security Software ApplicationIt is well known that anti-virus software can even prevent the safest installation. So, if you experience this problem, your antivirus software settings might be blocked. To disable it follow the steps carefully:

Step 1

At first, you should go to the Third-Party antivirus application, by double-clicking on the third-party antivirus icon.

Step 2

When the third-party antivirus window opens, you need to navigate to the Settings section. In that section, you will find the Firewall tab, select it. From that tab, click on the Disable option to turn it off. After turning off this, if the issue still appears then you should uninstall the third-party antivirus software from the system. Follow the steps given hereunder:

  1. Firstly, press the Windows button along with the R key to launch the Run box, type Control Panel and then click on the OK button or press the Enter button.
  2. You can navigate to the Programs and Features section from the Control Panel window. From that tab, you will locate the Third-Party antivirus software and select the Uninstall button.
  3. Once it completes, reboot the PC and check if the Nvidia installation cannot continue the problem is still present or not. If it persists then you should try another solution.

Solution 4 –  Rename Nvidia’s Folder in Program Files

Rename Nvidia’s Folder in Program FilesIf the previous solutions do not work out then you can try this solution to resolve the Nvidia installer cannot continue the problem. So when you see this issue you should rename the Nvidia folder. Follow the directions which are mentioned below:

Step 1

At first, you need to double click on the This PC to open it. From that, you need to go to the Local Disk C drive. From the C drive, scroll down the page and find the Program Files section.

Step 2

In the Programs Files tab, you can locate the Nvidia folder, right click on it. Then select the Rename option to change the name anything. After changing the name, click on the Save button to save the changes.

Solution 5 – Turn on the Nvidia Graphics Card

Turn on the Nvidia Graphics CardThere are changes that might be disabled by the NVIDIA graphics card driver. To resolve this problem, open Device Manager and verify that the NVIDIA driver is disabled. If so, activate it. Here are the steps to Enable NVIDIA Graphics Card driver:

Step 1

Firstly, from the keyboard, you must press the Windows button and X key to open the Menu list and select the Device Manager application. Alternatively, you need to go to the Search box, type Device Manager and hit the Enter button.

Step 2

From the Device Manager window, you can select the Display Adapter section to expand it. After that, right click on the Nvidia graphics card and select the Enable option to turn it off. Once it is on, restart the system and then, try to install the Nvidia graphics card on your PC.

Solution 6 – Kill all the Nvidia Processes 

Kill all the Nvidia Processes An alternative solution that we have shared to remove the Nvidia installer cannot continue windows 10 issue from the system. Just stop all NVIDIA processes from Task Manager and try the installation again. If you want to know the steps then here you can know and kill all the NVIDIA process to resolve this issue. Follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1

In the beginning, you should type Task Manager in the Search box and press the Enter button. Alternatively, you can press the Ctrl + Shift + Esc buttons together to open the Task Manager application.

Step 2

When the Task Manager window opens, you need to move the cursor to the Processes section. From that section, you will find the Nvidia processes and right click on it. From the list, you can get an option End Task, click on it. After doing this, you can try to install the Nvidia graphics card on the Windows 10.

Solution 7 – Update the Windows Operating System

Update the Windows Operating SystemYou must update your Windows Operating System day by day. Sometimes, update the system can resolve many issues that you have faced on the system. To do that:

Step 1

You should hold the Windows button and press the X key to launch the list and select the Settings application. Alternatively, you can open the Settings application by pressing the Windows button and I key.

Step 2

When the Settings application opens, take the mouse to the Update and Security section. After that, you can go to the Update section on the left side panel. From the right side, you can select the Check for Updates option to check whether any updates are there or not. If the system finds any updates then you can get an option Update, click on it. Once the update is done, restart the system.

Hopefully, these solutions that we have provided to eliminate the  Nvidia installer cannot continue problem on the Windows 10. These solutions are very easy and immediately solve this issue on your computer. In case if you face any issue, then you can take help from the technician to get rid of this issue.