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Netflix Error Code M7703-1003: Step-By-Step Guidance To Fix It

One of the most common error notifications you can receive while streaming on Netflix is the error code M7703-1003. Many Netflix users are reporting this issue and even the developers have documented this problem on their server. So, if you are experiencing Netflix error code M7703-1003, know that there can be an outdated browser causing it. These elements need to be updated and hence blocked on your browser due to security settings.

For some Google Chrome users, this Netflix issue can occur if their profiles are corrupted due to any damaged modules. Also, there is the issue of Widevine extension that can cause trouble while using Netflix. Also, there are other issues like this, for example, the  Netflix Error Code UI-122, & Netflix error code NW-2-5 with its own set of solutions. Which might be a result of the same. As this component on Chrome allows the users to run HTML5 video and audio that are protected by Digital Rights Management (DRM). So, if you are facing this error message M7703-1003 on Netflix, check this article. It discusses solutions to fix this Netflix error on Windows/Mac/Ubuntu OS.

Solution Guidelines To Fix Netflix Error Code M7703-1003

If you are annoyed with this Netflix error code M7703-1003 and it’s preventing you to play your favorite audio or video files, check this troubleshooting manual.

Methods To Resolve Netflix Error On Windows Chrome

Before you try these following methods to remove this Netflix error from Chrome browser, log into your Windows as an administrator. Now, go through the fixes.

Fix 1: Update/Disable Widevine Content Decryption Module

Update/Disable Widevine Content Decryption ModuleYour first step is to locate the extension Widevine Content Decryption Module and try to update it. Since its component ‘WidevineCdm’ can be the major issue behind this Netflix error message M7703-1003.

So, first check if the plug-in for this module is enabled and updated. In order to verify this, go to Chrome’s address bar, write ‘chrome://components’ and press ‘Enter’.

From the list of Chrome extensions, scroll down and find the component of ‘Widevine Content Decryption Module’. Then, hit the tab of ‘Check for update’ below this extension and wait until you see component is up to date.

Next, restart the Chrome and launch Netflix. Otherwise, write chrome://plugins in the address bar and hit ‘Enter’ key. Search for the plug-in of ‘Widevine Content Decryption Module’ and choose ‘Enable’ option. Once the Widevine plug-in is enabled successfully, see if you are getting this Netflix error.

Note: If you can’t see the option of ‘Enable’, tick the ‘Always allowed to run’ checkbox.

For users who are still seeing ‘Error code: M7703-1003 Netflix’ notification, disable or remove the folder of Widevine.

To do this, press ‘Windows’ and ‘R’ keys and open Run dialog box. Then write ‘%userprofile%/AppData/local’ and go to the folder of ‘Google’. Open the ‘User Data’ from ‘Chrome’ folder and locate ‘Widevine Content Decryption Module’.

Simply drag this Widevine folder to the Recycle Bin. Make sure to empty it by right-clicking and hitting ‘Empty Recycle Bin’. Next, open the Google Chrome browser and go to its address bar.

Type chrome://components and hit ‘Enter’. Find Widevine plug-in and click on ‘Check for update’. After the update is finished, launch Netflix to see if it shows the M7703-1003 error code.

Fix 2: Delete Chrome Configurations Causing Netflix Issue

Delete Chrome ConfigurationsIf you are getting this Netflix issue even after updating/removing Widevine, try this solution. So, another best way to remove M7703-1003 is by resetting Chrome’s configurations. Hence, create a backup copy of the existing configurations to restore it later.

So, check the browser history and cache on Chrome and click ‘Clear Data’. Next, reboot your Windows to save these changes and launch Netflix. If the video doesn’t play, check fix 3.

Fix 3: Use Another Chrome Profile On Windows

If none of the above fixes resolve Netflix error code M7703-1003, go to Chrome taskbar and hit the Profile icon. Find the tab of ‘Turn off’ beside ‘Sync’ option and click on it. Also, go to ‘Manager other people’ and click on ‘Add person’ from the new pop-up window.

On creating your new user profile, log into your system as admin and launch Chrome. After this, try running a video on Netflix and see if the error M7703-1003 appears.

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Steps To Remove Netflix Error M7703-1003 On Ubuntu Chrome

For users who are getting this Netflix error on Ubuntu based devices, fix Chrome issue by following these steps.

First, create a backup copy of your current Chrome profile and then reset it. So, write the command ‘cd ~/ .config/ google-chrome/’ and hit ‘Enter’. In the
next line, type ‘mv Default Default-bkp’. Close the Chrome browser and restart the Google browser.

As you open the fresh new profile on Chrome, add the icon of ‘Netflix’ in it. You can do this by clicking on the Netflix chrome plugin. Otherwise, open the chrome://apps and locate the icon of Netflix.

Right-click on it and choose ‘Open as Window’. Make sure to click on ‘Create Shortcut’ and you can have a shortcut of Netflix on your Ubuntu.

Follow These Instructions On Mac To Fix Error Code M7703-1003 Of Netflix

If you are receiving Netflix error code M7703-1003 notification on Mac, try these simple fixes.

Fix 1: Erase Browsing Data From Chrome Browser

Erase Browsing Data From Chrome BrowserFirst, open the Chrome menu button, which you can locate on the toolbar of the browser. Choose ‘Settings’ and then click on ‘Advanced’. Hit the option of ‘Clear Browsing Data’ after locating to the tab of ‘Privacy’.

Then, again to the ‘Advanced’ tab and find the drop-down menu for ‘Time Range’.  Make sure to choose ‘All time’ from the list of options. Also, check the Media licenses info and click on ‘Clear Data’ button. Try to open the Netflix server and check if the error code M7703-1003 is there.

Fix 2: Create Your New Chrome Profile On Mac

This method is not an alternative but an additional step along with fix 1 for some Mac users. So, close Google Chrome on your PC entirely and follow these steps.

Go to the Mac menu bar and hit the ‘Go’ button. Also, choose ‘Go to folder’ and write ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/ in the text field. Hit ‘Go’ and find the ‘Default’ folder. Change its name to ‘Backup default’.

Finally,  launch Chrome along with Netflix to see if the M7703-1003 error message is resolved.

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