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Try These Troubleshooting Methods To Get Rid of Netflix App For Android Not Working Issue

Netflix has made its reputation when it comes to the world’s most demanded and popular video streaming platform. You can use this video streaming application in the different operating system. But users often reported that their Netflix app for Android not working. This a great pain for the regular Netflix users. You will find various reasons for stopping the Netflix application. The main culprit is the poor or slow internet connection. Moreover, sometimes, when the Netflix server is down, the problem might arise. Another root cause for not opening the Netflix application in your Android device is using an outdated version of Netflix. If you frequently fix the issue, then you need to know the troubleshooting methods which can help you to solve the issue.

Here, in this article, we are providing some effective steps that are useful to resolve the issue without any difficulties. Hence, try these solutions and enjoy the offline video as well as online video.

Netflix App for Android not Working: Effective Steps To Follow

To enjoy the services of the Netflix application, you need to fix the problem Netflix app for Android not working. The steps will potentially help you to resolve the issue within a flicker of time.

Method # 1: Update the Netflix Application

As in the earlier section, we have learned that an outdated version of Netflix is responsible for the problem, then you need to update the application. Due to the outdated version of Netflix, it won’t able to provide you with the best content. Therefore, to update the application, you need to walk through some steps stated below.

  • At first, launch the Netflix application on your Android device and open the Start menu. After that, move to the Settings option and select the Update the Application option.
  • Make sure that you are working with a stable internet connection. It will automatically check whether an updated version is available or not. If yes, then download the application from the Google Play store and install it on your device.

After getting the updated version of the Netflix application, relaunch the application and check whether you are able to open the application. Otherwise, apply the next method.

Method # 2: Check Internet Speed and Connection

If you are using an unstable network, then the Netflix application will open in your Android device. On the other hand, due to a slow or poor internet connection, Netflix will show a black screen or its delay to play a video. Hence, you should check the internet speed in your device. If your device is connected with a WiFi network, try to change the WiFi network. Moreover, if you are using the mobile data, then put your mobile in Airplane mode and turn off the mode. After that, check whether the video is playing properly or not. If not, then move on to the next method to eliminate the Netflix app for Android not working issue.

Method # 3: Restart your Smartphone

You might have noticed that, sometimes, a difficult problem can be solved with some straightforward and easy method. You can also apply the same technique when the Netflix application does not work properly. Hence, restarting the smartphone might help you in this situation. To do that, press and hold the Power button to turn off your Android device. Make sure that you have successfully switched off your phone.

Wait for a few seconds and hold the Power button again to switch on the phone. After doing this, check whether it is working properly or not.

Method # 4: Uninstall and Re-install the Netflix Application

If you face the issue on a regular basis and the above solutions do not help you, then the only way left to fix the issue is to uninstall the Netflix application. At first, go to the Google Play Store and open the Netflix application. After that, click on the Uninstall option and remove this application from your Android device.

Then, restart the system and reopen the Google Play Store and search for the Netflix application. Download the application with the fresh version and it will automatically install on your device. Thereafter, open the Netflix application and enjoy the free video.

Method # 5: Clear Netflix Application Data

Clearing the Netflix application data sometimes helps you to fix the issue. To clear the Netflix application data, at first, open the Settings option and choose the General option. On the other hand, you can also select the Apps or Applications section.

After that, select the Manage Application option and scroll down to find out the Netflix application. Furthermore, move to the Storage and Clear Data section. After that, select the OK option. After clearing the data stored in the Netflix application, check it whether it is properly running or not.

Method # 6: Remove Some Devices Connected

If the Netflix app download for Android not working issue is still there, then try to change the device and log in to your account in a different device. Log out from your device, and open your Netflix account in another device. Check if it is running properly or not. If it is not running properly, then the problem is in your device, then you need to reset your phone.


On the whole, the above-mentioned steps will probably help you to get rid of the Netflix app for Android not working issue. Hence, go through the article properly and apply the steps that are mentioned in the above section as it will solve the issue. Then, you can continue watching your favorite shows and series in the Netflix application seamlessly.