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Facing Microsoft Word Not Responding? Solve It With The Most Trusted Methods!

Microsoft Word not responding is one of the frustrating errors suffered by its users. And there are numerous reasons which are responsible for this. The most common cause is due to a virus attack and the presence of the unsupportable third-party add-ons or plug-ins. No matter whatever is causing the error, but solving it with the proper methods is very important to make it reusable. So, Are you are interested to learn the effective ways of solving the error? Then, you can study this article till the end.

What Causes Microsoft Word not Responding Error?

There are a variety of reasons which are identified by the users who face Word not responding Windows 10 glitch. Here we have enlisted some of them.

  • A virus attack: The virus or malware attack can also cause this error to appear. Over time, virus or malware interferes with your device and resulting, such kind of Microsoft word not responding issue. If this is the case then along with the Microsoft Word many of the other software may also run in danger. So, eradicating the virus from your system is very important. And for this, you need to use a strong antivirus to keep your system protected from such errors.
  • Unsupported Add-ins: If the third-party add-ins get loaded onto the software, which is not even supported with it then this can result in such errors. And the only way to resolve this matter is to disable the unsupportable add-ins. And to learn the method you need to follow further to this article.

Sometimes software and hardware issues are equally responsible for the error. No matter whatever be the cause, hopefully, after a thorough study of this article you can fix the error. So, check it out.

Methods to Solve Microsoft Word not Responding Glitch

Here, you will get to learn a bunch of methods by applying which you can solve the MS Word not responding error. So it is better not to worry much about the error and in place try some sorts of methods as follows.

Method 1: Disable Add-ins from MS Word

Add-ins are good to get additional utilities on MS word. However, if any unsupportable add-ins get enabled on MS word then it functions abnormally and causes such result. If this is the case, nothing to be fear, only with a few steps you can solve it. So let’s learn the steps of how to disable add-ins on Microsoft Word to fix not responding problem.

Disable Add-ins

  • First of all, open the Microsoft Word application.
  • And then look at the tabs option which is located at the top portion on the MS Word window. Among which click on FILE, which is at the extreme left-hand corner.
  • Then, check at the left-hand side panel. Here, you will get an option as “Options”, click on it.
  • Next, again from the left-hand side menu under the Word Options window click on “Add-ins”. After doing this, you will get the list of present add-ins on your MS Word. Now, from this list, you need to disable all the third-party add-ins. And for which you need to continue with the steps as stated below.
  • At first, select the top third-party add-ins from the list. And then scroll down the window until you see the “Go…” button. It is present beside the Manage section. After that, click on the Go… button, but before that also verify that the box beside to Manage is set as “COM Add-ins”.
  • Next, activate the disable checkboxes which are present beside the add-ins. And then select OK to confirm.

Confirm the Closing of MS Word from Task Manager

Now, close all the opening windows, including MS Word. You may need to take the help of the Task Manager window to do it surely. And for this, at first, open the Task Manager by using the Windows search bar. After that, from the Task Manager, you need to proceed to the Processes tab and then search for the MS word application over here. Once you get the MS Word in process, right-click on it and then select on End task, to stop its work.

And then it is better to refresh your device. For this, you need to right-click on an empty space on the Desktop screen. Then, select on the Refresh option to do it. Next, reopen the MS Word to check if the issue gets fixed. And if then fine or else proceed with the below-explained method.

Method 2: Disable Antivirus Software

Many of the times it is found that the antivirus software is the main culprit causing Microsoft Word not responding issue. As the user have to provide permission to the antivirus software to access all over the system contents to provide real-time protection. But if certainly it gets conflicted to MS Word then this kind of error takes place. In such a situation, you need to disable your antivirus software to get the problem resolved. And the steps you need begin with areas below.

Firstly, find your antivirus icon on the taskbar menu. In case if you did not get it on the front window. Then, you may need to open the taskbar tray. The upward arrow symbol which is present at the extreme right-hand corner is termed as the taskbar tray. Once you get the antivirus icon, right-click on it and then from the available options take the mouse pointer on the antivirus shields control option. After that, as the antivirus shields control related options get open, select your choice for which period you want to keep the antivirus disabled. After which restart your computer and check if the MS Word gets open without further issue.

Method 3: Repairing Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office has many services, Word is one of them. If you are getting trouble with it, then after running the inbuilt mechanism in Office you can repair the installation. But for it, you may require administrative privileges.

  • Firstly, open the Control Panel window. And for this, at first, use both the Windows and the letter R key at the same time to open the Run bar window. Then on the Run bar type control and hit the Enter button. That’s all to do to open Control Panel.
  • Next, verify if the “View by” is set to Category. And if not, then you need to fix it and for this click on the beside down-ward symbol arrow at first and then select the “Category” option.
  • After that, from the Control Panel window, click on Programs and then on Programs and Features. This will get you open the window where you will see all the installed programs list. Now from this programs list search for Microsoft Office Suite. Once you get Microsoft Office Suite, right-click on it and then select on “Change” to continue.
  • Then, from this next open window, enable the Repair check-box. And then click on the “Continue” button, to run the process.
  • As the repairing is done, restart your computer. After that, reopen the MS Word to check if the error gets fixed.

Method 4: Open MS Word in Safe Mode

This is one of the best ways to fix the Microsoft Word not responding Windows 10 error. Running Word in Safe mode means you cancel all other services for it. So, check out if by running the Word in Safe mode if it works. And the steps which you need to follow to do this job are as follows.

At first, press both the Windows and the letter S key at the same time. Then, on the activated bar type “Microsoft Word”. After that, press down the Ctrl key, and keep holding it click on the application. Next, you will get a confirmation window open on the screen, click on Yes. This will open up the Word window in Safe mode. Now, hopefully, you can complete your job with the Word file without getting the error message window.

All these above are the explanations of the methods with the help of which you can fix Microsoft Word not responding error.