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Mac Calendars Not Syncing! Sync It As Fast As You Have Only Dreamt!

While they use their iPhones, the iPhone users face many kinds of problems from time to time and at the same time, there are lots of processes to resolve these problems smoothly. In the same way, if you are facing the problem ‘Mac Calendars not syncing’, you don’t need to worry. There are lots of solutions that can help you to get rid of the situation. And in this article, we will describe some simple and easy to perform hacks that will help you in every way to resolve the issue.

But, before going to the solution part of the article, it is worth mentioning that if you are logged in the same iCloud account on both the Mac and the iPhone that you use, the Calendars are supposed to be kept synced. But still, if you are facing such a problem before trying the solutions you have to ensure some facts. And the facts are that the Date and Time Settings on iPhone and Mac are not wrong and your Mac computer and iPhone meet the system requirements to use iCloud. You can even perform some simple methods to resolve the issue like restart your iPhone or Mac and restart the Calendar app.

Simple Methods to Combat Mac Calendars Not Syncing and Fixing It:

Here we are presenting some simple methods that will help you to resolve the issue if you get to see Mac calendars not syncing, without taking help from the iPhone Stores. We are assuring you that you will be able to get rid of this synchronizing complication with the help of a few clicks. So, perform the given methods accurately below and fix the problem:

Method 1: Change the Default Account to iCloud

If your iPhone displays the Google calendar service, then you might face such a calendar synchronizing issue. In this case, to resolve the problem you just have to change the default Calendar Settings to the iCloud calendar. And to change the calendar default settings follow the next steps:

  • To change the Default Account to iCloud, first of all, what you have to do is to unlock your iPhone and then you need to go to the option Settings.
  • After that, there, from the list choose the Calendar to continue the process.
  • And then you should select Default calendar from options that will find you there.
  • Now, you have to choose the Calendar that will you find under the iCloud.

After that, when you have successfully changed the default calendar settings to the iCloud calendar, check whether the issue is still there or it has resolved.

If you find that the issue has gone then it’s okay but if you are facing the problem till now even after performing the above steps, then go to the next process.

Method 2: Disable and Enable the iCloud Contacts, Calendar, or Reminders

To obtain a permanent solution for synchronizing problem perform this simple and easy method that is equally effective. In this method what you have to do is to fix the error by trying to turn on and off the iCloud contacts, calendar, and reminders. And to do so, you just need to perform the next steps accurately. If you think that the issue is not lying in your Mac device and iPhone then it is wise to use this simple method. This process will help you to restore the iCloud platform to its default settings, after refreshing it.

  • And to execute the process what you have to do is, first of all, Navigate to the Settings section of your iPhone after unlocking it.
  • After that, in the Setting section, you have to enter your name and go ahead by choosing the option ‘iCloud’. And if you are using an iOS 10.2 or earlier then you will be able to select the iCloud option directly from the ‘Settings’ menu.
  • And now, you have to toggle the switch between off and on after sliding to the option ‘Contacts’.

After completing the task restart your device and then again try to sync the calendar and check if it has worked or not.

Method 3. Check the Calendar Settings from iCloud

If all the above processes failed to work for you the present method will help you to fix the issue. In this method what you have to do is to ensure that your iPhone is connected with the iCloud calendar properly. And to check the settings try the steps stated below one by one.

  1. To execute the method, first of all, you have to open your iPhone and then tap the ‘Calendar’ app and proceed.
  2. And then, in this step, you have to hit the lower middle part of the screen in the ‘Calendar’ to continue the process.

And then, at the right bottom of the screen, you will find the option ‘Show all’. Select the option.

Once you are done with the above steps you be able to verify whether the iPhone is displaying the iCloud calendar. Only when the device displays the calendar app from the iCloud platform you can sync your iPhone calendar. That is why, before trying to sync Mac calendars you should check whether the calendar settings.

Hope that the above methods will help you to get rid of the present situation of yours and you will be able to resolve the issue Mac Calendar not syncing with iPhone.

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