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Fix Kodak Printer Error Code 3513 With Easy Guidelines

In general, Kodak printer error code 3513 occurs when there is a connection error between the print head and the ink cartridges. A faulty installation of the printer driver is responsible for this annoying problem. In addition, a corrupted print head might also lead to this problem. Whenever such an error strikes your device, the printer fails to function appropriately.

If you currently encountering this issue, it is highly necessary to take immediate steps. Thus, we are going to discuss some of the most effective hacks which will help you to eliminate the error code. Keep reading this article to understand other probable reasons behind this error.

Prime Reasons Behind Error Code 3513 Kodak Printer

There are some other causes, as well, behind error code 3513 Kodak printer. Few of them are listing in the below:

  • When some foreign particles are present in the printer head, you will get this error.
  • If the printhead does not get installed properly, then you might confront the error 3513.
  • It occurs due to some fault in the ink cartridges.

Therefore, follow the next section to fix the error code.

Useful Tricks to Resolve Kodak Printer Error Code 3513

This is indeed an annoying situation for the Kodak printer users as it does not allow them to continue the printing process. The methods mentioned in this section are simple, easy and hassle-free. Hence, go through them carefully, and apply them accordingly.

Solution 1: Update the Printer Driver

An outdated Printer Driver can be responsible for the Kodak error code 3513. To avoid this kind of situation, you need to use an updated version of the driver. To initiate the process, you should go to the official websites. Before downloading the driver, verify the compatibility and locate whether the updated version of the Printer Driver is available or not. You need to make a note of your printer model number, which is availble in the back side of the printer, to proceed without any issue.

So, go through the steps which are mentioned below.

Step 1

At first, click the Windows key + R together, to open the Run dialog box. Type ‘devmgmt.msc’ in the Run box and hit the Enter button to launch the Device Manager on your system.

Step 2

Next, select the Hardware section and after that, go to the sub-menu option to choose the Update Driver option.

Step 3

At last, check whether an updated version is available or not. If yes, then download it and install it on the system. After successfully installing the recent version, restart the system and check the status of the error 3513.

Solution 2: Remove and Clean the Print Head

As mention earliar that, the issue appears when there are some foreign particles stuck in the print head. Hence, you need to clean the print head to remove the unwanted particle from the print head. To perform the action, follow the steps.

  1. At first, press the Power button to switch on the printer. After that, you should open the access door of the printer.
  2. Then, take out all the cartridges and place them on a clean paper.
  3. Next, lift the latched handles and then, remove the print head from the Kodak printer.
  4. At last, clean the print head with the help of a clean cotton swab and then, place them back to its original position.

This solution must be able to fix the Kodak printer error.

Solution 3: Reset the Kodak Printer

Resetting the Kodak printer is one of the most effective ways to fix the issue. Before proceeding, you need to unplug all the power cords that are connected with the printer. After that, detached all the peripheral attachments such as USB and pen driver. Wait for about 1 minute and connect all the power cord into the wall outlet. Then, switched on the printer and check whether the problem gets resolved or not.

Solution 4: Replace the Print head

If the above-mentioned methods do not help you, then you need to replace the printer head of the printer. First, you need to check whether the print heads are completely damaged or not. If yes, then replace them with a new one.

Solution 5: Clean the Ink Cartridges

Sometimes, when there is dust accumulation within the ink cartridges, the Kodak printer error 3513 occurs. Hence, you need to clean the ink cartridges.

  • At first, hold the Power button to turn off the printer. Then, unplug all the power cords.
  • After that, take out the ink cartridges and place them on a clean paper. Further, clean them with a cotton swab. Do not use any type of liquid while cleaning the ink cartridges. After that, place it in its original position. With this, you can surely fix the issue.

On the whole, this article will help you out of the Kodak printer error code 3513 issue with the methods mentioned in the above section. Perform any of the above steps and see which one is best suited for you. We hope the information stated in this article are helpful enough. If you have any more questions, drop them in the comment section below.