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iTunes Error 5105: Effective Ways To Solve iTunes Error

iTunes is an application software developed by the Apple team. It helps you to get high-quality videos and songs in your system by purchasing it from the iTunes store. However, if you are not able to buy any iTunes product and encounter the iTunes error 5105, then nothing to worry. Because in this article you will get the guidelines for solving this iTunes error code. By applying those below instruction, you may be able to resolve it.

Solutions To Fix iTunes Error 5105

In this segment, you will get the possible methods to solve this 5105 frustrating error code.

Solution 1: Change The Permission Settings

Unfair permission settings may be a cause for which some iTunes related service cannot work correctly. So in this case, you should try to close the iTunes application software and open it as an administrator. This method can be an effective one to solve this issue, so you should definitely give it a try.

To run the iTunes as an administrator, at first, you need to right-click on the iTunes application icon. Then a pop-up window will generate, choose Run as administrator from the available options. Now click on Yes from this appearing dialogue box.


Solution 2: Restrict Bonjour Service


Bonjour is one of the default services of iTunes, and its use is to find shared music on the local network. In some of the cases, this service can interfere with this iTunes application and results in iTunes error 5105. So you may check by disabling the Bonjour service from your iTunes application to solve this iTunes error code. But remember to keep the iTunes running at the time of stopping the Bonjour service.

And to do this, at first, you need to open the Windows Task Manager. You can open it by right-clicking on the taskbar and choosing the Task Manager option from this pop-up window. After that, tap on the Services tab. Find the Bonjour Service and right-click on it. Now click on the Stop Service option to quit the Bonjour Service.


Solution 3: Delete Junk Files

If junk files get accumulated in your system, then it may slow down your system and also can hamper other programs including the iTunes. So you always need to remove the junk files from your system to keep your Operating System healthy. By cleaning the junk files from your device, you may be able to eliminate this iTunes error 5105.

These are the basic and effective solutions by which you may be able to resolve this iTunes error code 5105. Also, since iTunes is a very complex technology, you can come across other kinds of errors. Like the issue of iTunes Error 1671 which has its own fixing methods. So, for all of it, you can visit the website.