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Effective Guidelines To Fix iTunes error 3194

iTunes error 3194 usually occurs in case any expire or unsigned firmware used during an iOs upgrade or downgrade. The error may trigger at the time of restoring certain files as well. Therefore, such errors are indeed very common. However, it goes without saying that such software issues cannot be left unattended for long. Therefore, if such software issues keeps occuring for a while, it does become a headache for users. You are most likely to look for remedial measures for speedy rectification of the glitch. In case you are looking for effective solutions to such a problem, then this article is just for you. Here we provide you with all the relevant information regarding the error while offering you effective guidelines to fix it.

What Causes iTunes Error 3194?

In order to resolve any issue, it is imperative that we know the potential factors responsible for it. Therefore, before discussing the strategies you may avail for itunes error 3194 fix. Here we have discussed the potential causes for which you are likely to run into such a complication. iTunes  Error 3194 pops up during degrading or upgrading the iOs devices.The glitch normally occurs when iTunes fail to secure connection with Apple’s update servers. Moreover, such an error is likely to occur when you go on to restore or update your old iOs processes.

iTunes error 3194-Fix It Now By Availing Simple Steps

We understand your obsession with your favorite digital media player and realize the need for immediate rectification of such a complication, in case you face it. Therefore, in this article, we propose to bring to you the feasible solutions to your problem. So just in case, you are wondering how to fix the issue, we insist you try out the measures we offer.  We guarantee you that the strategies we propose will serve to benefit you. Simply follow the procedures cited below:

Procedure 1: Check The Host Files.

Check The Host Files.

In order to check the host file, follow the instructions given below:
Step 1:
Turn off your iTunes in your MAC or Windows computer.
Step 2:

Open the host files by means of Administrate Rights: In order to do that for Windows, click on c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts and for MAC computers – follow the path: /ect/hosts.

Step 3:

You need to locate a gs.apple.com entry. This  will redirect the verification system to the Cydia servers. After this, if you find gs.apple.com at the lower end of the file, add a “#” to the front. In case you don’t have this line add gs.apple.com to the bottom of the host file.Once you are through with this step, save the host file and update your iPhone through iTunes.

Procedure 2: Troubleshoot iTunes Error 3194 with iTunes:

Troubleshoot iTunes Error 3194 with iTunes

In case the first method didn’t work, try out the second one. You may resolve the Error 3194 with iTunes. In order to do this, you need to follow the steps 1 and 2 cited above and along with this add the three sentences we cite to your Host Files:


Procedure 3: Resolve iTunes Error 3194 By Resetting Your iOs Device Remotely:

Resolve iTunes Error 3194 By Resetting Your iOs Device Remotely

If your update process is not functioning despite altering the host file, you can try to erase our iOs device remotely by using iCloud. You need to access the internet for erasing the device.  You also need to enable the app “Find My iPhone”. Once you do this, you are likely to restore your device from an iTunes or iCloud backup after erasing it. You are to follow the simple steps to carry out the procedure successfully.

Step 1:

First, you need to log into  the iCloud website or enable  “Find My iPhone” app on another device.

Step 2:

Activate the “Find My iPhone service” in iCloud. Doing this will open a map with your registered iOS devices.

Step 3:

Following this, you need to tap on your iOS device from the top menu. Then, click the “All Devices” menu and choose the iOS device you want to restore.

Step 4:

Click on the “Erase” button in the iOS device’s card. After confirmation, the iOS device will automatically begin resetting to “factory settings”.The whole process might take a couple of seconds to complete.

Step 5:

Install your iOS device and restore your backup. You are to initiate the iOS device setup procedure as if it were a new phone altogether. You will be given an option to choose a backup from iTunes or iCloud. If you wish you can opt for a fresh install.

A Note Of Advice

Still confused? Don’t worry. You are likely to find the process of troubleshooting iTunes Error 3194 merely a child’s play, if only you try out the strategies cited above. Therefore do not waste further time, avail the strategies we have listed for you and see the results.