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Easy Steps to Fix itunes Error 13014

If you are reading this article then we can presume that you are getting the iTunes error 1314 on your device. iTunes is a tool that organizes your various media content such as music or video. This application present in all the Apple devices.

So whenever a user wants to get access to the media files they need to use iTunes. It is a potent tool as it helps manage your several multimedia files or data. But sometimes the tools get affected by certain issues which in turn hampers your work as well.

There are various possible reasons why you are getting iTunes error 13014 on your Apple devices.The user can encounter this problem if they download a corrupt file. Else issues can also occur due to an incomplete installation of iTunes files as well.

Sometimes you accidentally remove the iTunes related files then also the iTunes error can appear. Else there can be a malware or virus attack as well that can lead to error 13104.

How To Resolve iTunes Error 13014

The iTunes error commonly appears when users try to sync Apple devices on Mac or PC. When the Error occurs, you will be notified in the form message and it will refuse to open iTunes. Hence to resolve the issue you need to know a few hacks. So go through the list and try to eradicate the iTunes issue by yourself.

Check All The Cables and Power connection

This kind of problems can also occur due to a poor connection. Thus before applying complex techniques, at first verify the cables and cords of your system. Also, check the connection from the main switch as issues can arise due to power fluctuations as well.

Merge all The Media Files In The iTunes Library

You can get iTunes error if the media files are stored in various folders or locations. So to get rid of this issue and bring all the files at a particular place and store it in one location. This can speed up the syncing process.

Deactivate Genius

If you are still encountering the same problem, you can disable Genius. Genius is an additional feature of iTunes that manages your list automatically. It can also locate and purchase recent stuff from the Apple store. But sometimes the Genius becomes faulty and this can be responsible for iTunes error 13014. So it is better to turn off Genius temporarily.

To disable Genius go to Store. Close the iTunes match. When you do so Genius window will appear. Choose disable option in Genius and that’s all. After that restart your Mac or PC and start syncing files with iTunes.

Otherwise, open iTunes library. Clear two files of iTunes Library Genius. itdb. Reboot your device and proceed with your task.

Turn off The Third Party Security Software

You can witness the iTunes error 13014 if the third party or security software interferes with the syncing process. Thus if you want to complete the process, it is necessary to disable the security and third-party software.

You can also block the interference of the security software by modifying the settings of the application.

Things To Do If Error Persists

If you are still getting the iTunes error with a specific media or songs that you’re attempting to sync then identify it. To navigate the song file check the error window. Also sync each song once at a time to fix the issue.

You may face a problem while syncing songs that you purchased from iTunes. Delete those media files and download it again.

Final Words

After reading this article, we hope now you can fix the iTunes error 13014. In this way, you can easily fix the itunes problems.