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iTunes Error 0xc000007b: Resolve The Bug

iTunes has a significant role to play, and users have nothing but praises for the application. Quite unexpectedly this same app, at times refuse to start running. You can already imagine what goes on our mind when one of our most loved and singled out application throws an iTunes Error 0xc000007b. We can install, reinstall, repair iTunes through iTunes installer, just that it won’t start. Let us learn something more about this error and also the most effective ways to remove the glitch.

More About iTunes Error 0xc000007b

Every time your screen flashes the error message ‘The application was unable to start correctly,’ you know it won’t start or it has stopped responding. To talk about Windows, we all know it is the most user-friendly and, hence, the most popular operating system. The recent trends have shown that many have updated their devices to the latest Windows version, i.e., Windows 10. The clash starts from here. Its when you download iTunes on your Windows 10 but unable to run it. Probably you were trying to open a program or a game that is not the right one for the time being. An improper mix of versions is the primary cause. For instance, a 64-bit and 32-bit of the application and Windows generate the iTunes Error 0xc000007b.

Mandatory Method 1

Download and install the latest version of Windows as well as iTunes for your device. Windows 10 users can download iTunes from the Microsoft Store. Do not skip this step. Moreover, one must always use applications in their latest versions. Adapting to new trends and changes is good.

Method 2 -Disable The Internet From Your System

iTunes startup issues may come forth due to an unstable network connection. Therefore you fail to communicate with the iTunes Store and other Apple services. Hence, starting the app without an Internet connection will help to determine the underlying cause of the startup problems.

  1. Close the iTunes application.
  2. Disconnect your device from the Internet, or switch off the Wi-Fi. Also, unplug the ethernet cord.
  3. Now, reopen it.

If it starts without any issues while being cut off from the Internet, then you must update the system drivers.

Method 3 Reinstall iTunes

An improper installation at the initial stage stands high chances of causing the error. So it is advisable to reinstall of iTunes once more accurately. First, you have to uninstall iTunes. Here is what you have to do.

  • Go to iTunes>Apple Software Update>Apple Mobile Device Support>Bonjour>Apple Application Support 32-bit>Apple Application Support 64-bit.

Some related files may be left behind. So you need to remove them as well.

  1. Press the Windows and R key to open the run command.
  2. Type “%programfiles% ” and go to the Program Files folder.
  3. Delete the folders.

Now, reinstall iTunes and open it.

Method 4 Update Device Driver

Outdated drivers can also be another cause of the iTunes error 0xc000007b. Not only iTunes but even some other applications may start behaving strangely for the same reason. To be on the safer side update the drivers and eliminate all such minor reasons that can produce major issues.

Additional Methods


Find out the unwanted programs that have the potential to affect the system software. Such harmful software may prevent iTunes from quitting unexpectedly and thus generate the iTunes Error 0xc000007b. Make sure to keep the security software updated. Run an antivirus scan in your system to detect such malicious files or programs. If required re-adjust the settings in the security software apps. To change the settings, remember some vital points-

  • Set the date, time, and time zone correctly.
  • Log in through an administrator account.
  • Ensure proper connectivity.
  • Check Windows Firewall.

Add iTunes as an exception otherwise Windows firewall will prevent iTunes from connecting to the network. To make sure that iTunes is not getting blocked follow these steps: Press Ctrl+Esc keys. Type “firewall.cpl” in the search field. Select “ Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall.” Go to Change Settings and select iTunes for both public and private networks. Whereas, set Bonjour for private networks only. Click on ‘Add a Program Window.” In the end, close the window of Windows Firewall.

We hope you will get rid of the iTunes Error 0xc000007b without any hassle. Enjoy playing iTunes on your device without any further disturbances.