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Easy And Effective Ways To Resolve The iOS Maps Not Working Issue

What should one do when your search for a route to reach a destination on your iOS device fails to operate and yield negative results? The application on the iPhone which functions to shows the maps and routes are capable of malfunctioning. And this brings you to seek solutions which provide a detailed guide to troubleshoot the iOS Maps not working issue. The integrated application in the iOS device encompasses the factors of showing the route of a space location thoroughly.

However, there are plenty of reasons which makes the program ceases to function its standard tasks. However, in this article, you tend to receive an entire guide in which we discuss the simple ways in which you can eradicate the iOS 10 Maps not working issue. Hence, continue to read the remaining article and have a quick fix of the annoying issue and resume the earlier smooth functioning of the application.

Effective Methods to Fix the iOS Maps not Working

In this section, we present a dedicated guide which aims to troubleshoot the error that the application of maps manifests. Hence, stick through and know the process in which you can resume the earlier seamless functioning of the application.

Restart the iPhone

Always begin with the inspection of the basic functions and connections. Here, we direct you to restart the iPhone. At times, this simple and easy task eradicates the problem completely. This indicates that due to certain minor problems, the maps application was conflicting with the iOS of the device. Therefore, restart the device and if it refuses to turn Off, then make sure to execute a Force Restart of the iPhone. This simple step has the potential to remove the iOS 10 Maps not working error thoroughly.

In order to simply restart, press and hold the Wake or Sleep button of the iPhone. Then, slide to Power Off the device. Wait for a few seconds after which you must turn it on again. For this, press and hold the Wake or Sleep button. You can also Force Restart the iPhone. Then, check if the application of the maps works as normal after you turned the device On and wait for a few minutes to get the system organized.

Ensure that the Wi-Fi and the Cellular Data are Activated

Mostly, the previous step resolves the iOS Maps not working issue since the conflict of the malfunction of the application is easily sorted out by simply restarting. However, if the problem persists, this step can easily resolve it. It is mandatory to start with the basic inspection like this.

Like most applications, the Maps present in the iPhone demands a connection to the internet. Now, the connection can be of the mobile data or even Wi-Fi, or else, the software doesn’t yield results and fails to function. Hence, make sure that the connection is secure. For this, head to the Settings and from there to the WLAN. After that, plug into a stable Wi-Fi network and secure the connection. And for Cellular Data, proceed to the Settings and then, choose the Cellular option in order to turn the Celular Data On.

Refresh the Location Services on iPhone

In case, the maps application fails to follow your location, refresh the Location Services in an attempt to settle it. For this, go to Settings application. From there, hit the option Privacy, after which you must disable the Location Services. Turn it On after a few minutes. Doing this you can fix the annoying iOS Maps not working error entirely. But, if otherwise, proceed to the following step.

Restart the Maps Application on iPhone

In case the Maps, on your iPhone, gets stuck out of the blue, without any response, make an attempt to restart the maps application in order to troubleshoot the error completely. Double click on the Home button in order to initiate the multitasking interface. Locate the Maps application and then, swipe up in order to close it. After waiting for a few seconds, re-launch the Maps again and check if the Apple Maps not working iOS 10 is resolved.

Reset Network Settings and Location & Privacy

At times, incorrect network settings, as well as wrong location and privacy, tends to trigger the issue of the Maps program not responding to manifest. To fix this, you can reset the network settings and location. Also, this will not trigger any data loss on your iPhone.

In order to reset the Network Settings, head to Settings and then, go to General. After that, hit on the reset option and click on the Reset Network Settings. However, for resetting the Location & Privacy, proceed to the Settings and then, go to the General option. After that, select the Reset Location & Privacy. Doing this, you can fix the iOS 10 Maps not working issue at once.

Restore the iPhone

Perceive this procedure as the last resort. In case, you have failed after attempting all the above steps, approach this method. Connect the iPhone device to the system and Run iTunes. Then, click the device and select the Summary, after which you must click on the Restore iPhone option. Finally, click on Restore in order to erase and remove all the device data along with the iPhone settings to the factory settings.


Find your way out easily and with the earlier smoothness again. This comprehensive guide aims to cater to the iOS Maps not working so that you can resume using the application without any complication. However, in case the error persists, make sure to visit an expert at the earliest. The iOS 10 possesses an advanced technology for presenting the Maps which sets the application apart from the earlier version of the Operating System. Remove the sudden error which appears and hinders the basic functions of the program with the help of the specified steps. Now, you can easily operate the Maps application and find your own way out!