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Fix IDT High Definition Audio Codec Windows 10 – Easy Tips To Troubleshoot

Every Windows users report about the problem high definition audio codec. Although Windows is an astounding Operating System with various exciting features. Users can take full advantage of the Windows recent version and do different kinds of task. But unfortunately, when the Windows 10 came to the market, it has issues which make users confused and frustrated.

However, Microsoft left no stones unturned to make this application viable for the users. But it cannot address the new issues that are bugging every user. However, Microsoft tries to fix all the previous problems in a recent update, but they are unsuccessful in negating the new errors. Audio Codec Driver problem is one of them. So if you are witnessing any error on the HD Audio codec driver then don’t worry. With the help of proper techniques, users can fix IDT High Definition Audio Codec Windows 10.

Users generally encounter this type of bugs after upgrading their PC to Windows 10. Issues like this are quite hard to detect as it suddenly pops out of nowhere. When users get this kind of error, then you cannot hear sound from the system. And this kind of problem also occurs if the driver is not up to date. Apart from these two main issues, there are other countless reasons that can trigger Audio CODEC problem.


Easy Tips For Troubleshooting IDT High Definition Audio Codec Driver

When you notice this kind of audio driver problem, then it results in loss of sound from the system. Users cannot hear music watch any media content without sound. Thus if you are going through the same situation then take a look at the list of solutions to fix the problem.


Enable Audio Services

If you cannot hear sound from your computer, then take the assistance of the Windows Services. Thus type in ‘services.msc’ to access Service Manager. Now select each service and try to open their Properties. After that choose the Windows Audio,  Windows Audio Endpoint Builder to enable the audio functions. When enabling the audio is done then head to the General tab and select Startup Type. Under the Startup Type option select Automatic or Delayed. After the task is complete restart the system. If the issue is still there then jump to the next step.


Verify Driver Problem

Before heading to the solutions portion, users need to check is the driver causing the issue. Such errors can occur due to other factors as well. So it is better to confirm the actual issue that is triggering the problem. Hence to check whether its a driver problem or not follow the instructions.


First, choose the Start menu, explore the list and tap Device Manager. After that select the Sound, game and Video option and expand. Then Under this tab user will find IDT HD Audio Codec. After locating the problematic driver see if there is an exclamation mark on its image. Suppose if there is a yellow color exclamation mark on the driver then there is a problem in the tool.

Troubleshoot The Audio Driver Problem By Modifying The Sound Settings

First, try this simple step to eradicate the IDT High Definition Audio Codec Driver issue. If there is no sound coming from your computer then just adjust the sound settings. If you want to change the sound settings, then click on the Speaker icon on the taskbar. After that users need to select the Playback devices. Then illuminate the IDT Audio option on the devices menu and tap Properties. After that head to the Advanced tab and untick the Allow apps to take control and allow audio enhancement option. Then click on OK to save the changes.

Reinstall Audio Driver

After the examining that there is an issue with the driver, you need to reinstall the Audio driver. If you want to install the HD Audio codec, go to the Startup and select Device Manager. Then, navigate to windows and click the Sound video and game option. After that choose the IDT Audio Codec and choose the Update Driver. In the next stage of this method tap List Of device drivers on my computer option.


Now the user will notice the other two option. Choose High definition Audio Device and click Next to complete the operation. If any warning prompt appears then select Yes to continue the process. When the driver installation is done restart the PC to apply the changes.


Install Device Driver In Compatibility Mode

As you are aware of older drivers may not be compatible with Windows 10. So users are bound to get such problems. If you are encountering the same issue then it can be the compatibility issues. Thus to resolve the issue you can install audio driver in Compatibility mode.

To initiate the task first track the driver setup that you have installed earlier. After locating the Audio codec driver, open Properties. Next, navigate to the compatibility tab and tick the box. Then choose the previous version OS from the menu and tap OK. After selecting the version, select the setup file and start the installation. Once the installation is over restart the PC.

Try Another HD Audio Device Driver

If the earlier method was not successful in troubleshooting the issue, then use this hack. Hence choose Device Manager from the Start tab. You can also open the Device Manager by tapping the Windows key. Then, go straight to the ‘Sound, video and game’ option and choose HD Audio CODEC. Now from the Action Tab users need to select the Driver Update Software. Then, tap to Browse my PC option.

After that choose Let me pick a device from the list on my computer. And select the Audio Device driver (HD) and tap Next. Tap yes to continue if you notice any message. Then wait for the wizard to complete the task and reboot your system.

Upgrade IDT HD Audio Codec Driver

Updating the drivers can also help to remove the Audio driver issues from Windows 10. If you see this issue is reluctant to leave your system then follow this hack. Hence tap Windows shortcut key and X key to enter the Device Manager. Next, navigate to the sound game and video category and choose IDT Audio CODEC option. Then tap the Update Driver Software option and Explore my computer for the driver app. After that select the High Definition Audio Device and hit Next. If you receive any prompt click, yes to terminate the task.



After performing all the necessary steps as given above, we assure issue will get solved. If you are still witnessing some problem with the audio driver, then go through the steps and troubleshoot the problem.