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Fix HP Printer Printing Blank Pages With Smart Solutions

Nothing is more frustrating than to get blank pages while printing important documents. The situation turns out to be worse when you have recently installed a new cartridge and still your HP printer refuses to perform its job. You might find yourself helpless at the time when you expect quality printouts and your printer fails to deliver the expected results. Often, you might come up with the error HP printer printing blank pages is a thing noted if your printer is using an old or an outdated cartridge. Moreover, this issue becomes more prominent if there is a faulty hardware. Hardware is good as long as the printer drivers and software work properly. Hence, it can also be a cause behind your printer delivering blank pages.

Additional Factors Responsible For HP Printer Printing Blank Pages

While using HP printer on a regular basis, you might come up with complex issues at times. One of such annoying problems include the HP printer printing blank pages. It occurs particularly when you try to take printouts and the paper comes out blank with no ink at all. The page seems nearly blank with no to less ink. There are some common reasons behind this typical glitch which we have already mentioned above. Meanwhile, there are some technical causes as well which you should surely know. Take a look:

  • If you have your ink or toner cartridges empty, which you have not yet replaced, then you can confront this issue. They may have been completely depleted since the time you have used your printer.
  • Even if the ink cartridges are ready to function, if it becomes out of order or lacks electrical contact with the printer, then also you might get blank printouts.
  • If paper sizes are not correct and lacks proper order in the input tray, this issue becomes prominent.
  • Sometimes, clogged printhead nozzles are responsible for delivering blank pages. This issue is likely faced by people who use their printer once in a while, resulting into stringent ink clogging the nozzles of the printer.

Now that you know all the culprits behind this typical problem, you must rectify them to get your HP printer back to its normal state. Have a quick glance at the solutions which we have cited for your assistance. If you apply each one of them with due attention, the issue will be fixed instantly.

Tried and Tested Solutions to Resolve HP Printer Printing Blank Pages

In this article we have come with some of the best fixes that will mitigate all your woes. Follow each one of them very minutely:

Method 1: Inspect and Use the Original HP Cartridges

It is worthy to mention here that an incorrect installation of ink cartridges can prevent your printer to function. Therefore, your printer will deliver blank printouts. If you find the issue has become more prominent after installing a new cartridge, chances are high that you have not removed the protective sheet or the cover on the cartridge before inserting into the printer. At first, take out the cartridge very carefully. Depending upon the type of the catridge you are using, the protective tape may vary in different locations.

In some printers, you will find a colored tab situated on the new cartridge. Try to pull it and the protective sheet will be removed accordingly. If you find it difficult to locate it, you have to take reference from the manual to know the exact printer model. Do not forget to cross-check with it. Once you complete it, insert the cartridges back to the printer firmly.

Method 2: Inspect the Ink Levels

At this stage, ensure that the ink cartridges do not run out of ink. To check its status, you can print out a report by using the menu buttons on your printer. It will be displayed as ‘Ink Levels’ or ‘Print Quality’ according to your respective printer model. Otherwise, you can verify with your printer’s manual in order to check the ink levels. If the ink cartridge is empty or has ran out of ink, is it obvious to get blank prints.

Method 3: Unclog the Print Heads

If you have not used your printer for a long time, there is a possibility that the ink has dried up and gets clogged at the print heads. In most of the printers, there is an option to clear the print nozzles which you will find in the printer menu or in the software that comes along with your printer. To unclog and clean the print head manually, turn on your printer at first. After that, remove all the cartridges from the printer. Here, you again have to consult the printer manual to find its exact location. Once you locate it successfully, clean it either by cotton swabs or with a free cloth. To stop this issue from further occurrence, make sure you print a page after every 3 days.

Method 4: Update the Printer Drivers

Sometimes, an outdated driver can be the main culprit and mess up with your print command. To search for the updated version, visit the manufacturer’s website and get the correct driver. To do so,

Enter the exact model of your printer and search for the Download or Support section for your particular model. From there, download the drivers that are most compatible for your OS. Finally, install them and examine the process.

The methods are simple and quite easy. So you can definitely give a try!

On the Final Note

Hopefully, these solutions will resolve your quest regarding “how to fix HP printer that prints blank pages?” We suggest you to apply these proven st eps and share your feedback with us.