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Ultimate Guide to Fix HP Printer Error Code 0x83C0000A

HP Printer Error Code 0x83C0000A is one of the most common errors you can face while using a printer. Though HP manufactures one of the best technical gadgets in this global market, still like any other products, it is not free from errors. However, if you have encountered this frustrating error code, try to follow this article till the end to fix it properly.

Symptoms To Encounter HP Printer Error Code 0x83C0000A

There are certain symptoms that indicate this error with your HP printer. For instance-

  • Printer stops working properly.
  • You encounter no printing signal.
  • Also, you will get a blue screen on your PC.

Well, you can encounter this error due to several reasons.

Causes To Get HP Printer Error Code 0x83C0000A

Due to several reasons, you can encounter this error. For instance-

  • Outdated Printer Driver- If you are using an outdated version of Printer Driver, then you can face this kind of errors with your printer.
  • Otherwise, you can face this error due to an internal glitch of the printer settings.

After getting the causes, now, let’s focus on the troubleshooting process.

Easy Hacks To Troubleshoot HP Printer Error Code 0x83C0000A

You can also troubleshoot this error code using several methods. Try to follow all of them carefully and see which one works for you.

Method 1: Restart Your Printer

You can fix this error simply by restarting your device. To perform this action, try to follow the instructions carefully.

  1. Turn off your printer
  2. Remove it from the wall socket.
  3. Now, remove all wires and cables connected with it.
  4. Wait for some time.
  5. Now, connect all wires and cables again.
  6. Restart your printer.

After this process, check the status of the error code. If it persists, then try to focus on the next method given below.

Method 2: Update Printer Driver

If you are using an outdated version of Printer driver then also you can face this kind of error codes with your printer. To perform so, let’s focus on the steps mentioned below.

  1. Go to the start button.
  2. Click on the search option.
  3. Type update device drivers.
  4. Choose your Printer Driver from the list.
  5. If an update is available then click on Update Now. And Printer Driver will start updating.

If your device can’t detect the latest version of the device driver, then go to the developer’s website and follow the instructions to update Printer Drivers. After downloading, try to install it.

Once you complete the installation process, try to restart your printer and computer and the bug will be fixed. If not then try another method given below.

Method 3: Change HP Printer Settings

If you come across with this error due to some inappropriate settings of HP printer, then try to change the settings to troubleshoot this error. On that note, try to follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Go to the Devices and Printers. After this process, you will get into the gadgets and printer window.
  • Now, click on the printer symbol.
  • After that, you get some instructions to choose a printer. Choose the correct one. After that, click on OK.
  • You can se printer properties will open. In this windows try to change printer properties.  Save changes and close the window.
  • Now, restart your device to see changes.

This time you will be able to troubleshoot this error on your own. Simply try to follow the instructions carefully, it is recommended not to jump anyone.