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Google Maps Server Error: Learn The Reliable Ways To Troubleshoot It

Google Maps provides excellent navigating services. But, at times, users get stuck with certain errors while using the application. Google Maps Server Error is one such issue, which is quite annoying amongst the users.

When this error appears on your device, you can’t use the Google Map anymore without resolving the problem.

Here, in this post, we are going to discuss all the best possible hacks that are proven to work for many affected users. So, if you are experiencing this same Google Map error currently, go through this entire post and overcome the problem in no time.

Fix Google Maps Server Error With Effective Fixes

There are a couple of reliable methods that can resolve the Google Maps Server error. But, in this section, we are going to mention some of the prominent fixes. 

After troubleshooting the error, let us know which solution helps you to get rid of the Google Map error in the comments section below. Now, let’s begin with the repairing strategies.

Solution 1: Sign Out of Your Google Account

Several users have reported that they find this error due to some issues with their Google account. At times, certain Google’s settings can interfere with Google Maps and create conflict within this app. As a result, users confront the “Server Error” in Google Maps.

If you encounter the Googe Map error due to this reason, you can easily overcome it. Simply, sign out of your Google account and relaunch the application.

  • Launch the browser and navigate to Google’s website.
  • After that, go to the top right corner, where you will find your account.
  • Now, right-tap on it and select the “Sign Out” option from the resultant menu.

In this way, you can easily sign out of your Google account. After performing this fix, attempt to access Google Maps and verify if there is any server error.

Solution 2: Switch to Another Browser

After signing out of your Googe account, if the Server Error still appears, we suggest switching to another browser.

In most cases, Google Maps create issues in a specific browser. So, switching to another browser might help you out.

For this purpose, you have to download and install another browser like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. But, be sure that the browser is completely compatible with your device.

If the error arises on a different browser, some other factors are causing this problem. Therefore, proceed to the next method.

Solution 3: Remove the Cache and Cookies

In this procedure, we suggest you to remove the cache and cookies to resolve the Google Maps error.

Most of the websites use cookies to save certain data on the device. However, if the cache and cookies get corrupted or damaged due to any reason, then it can create various issues including Google Maps Server error.

To remove the cache and cookies, follow the underlying dedicated steps.

  • Invoke a browser and hit the Menu icon, which is present at the top-right corner of the window.
  • Once the Menu opens, navigate to the Settings tab.
  • Inside the Settings window, scroll down the page and try to locate the “Advanced” option.
  • When you find it, tap on it and select the “Clear Browsing Data” from the appeared menu.
  • After that, change the Time Range to “All Time and hit the “Clear Data” button from the queue menu.

After performing these steps, the cache and cookies will get removed from your device. Now, you can reboot your PC and check whether the error has been resolved or not.

Solution 4: Try to Use Incognito Mode

Incognito Mode is an exceptional state that will invoke a new browser without any extension. So, if the Google Map error appears due to the caches and extensions, then using the incognito mode can resolve the error.

To proceed, you can follow the underlying steps accordingly.

  • Tap on the Menu icon, which is located in the top-right corner of your browser.
  • After that, choose the “New incognito window” from the appeared menu.

Now, you can easily browse the Google app in the Incognito Mode. If the Google Maps Server error still appears in this mode, you have to follow some other tricks to fix the error.

Solution 5: Turn Off all the Extensions

To increase the browser’s functionality, users use different extensions in their browsers. But, such extensions can cause multiple issues with certain services and websites. 

A majority of users claims that after disabling the extension, the error has been removed from their Windows-Based device.

Hence, to disable all the extensions, go through the undermentioned steps properly.

  • Tap on the three-dots icon to initiate the Menu. Once the Menu invokes, go to the “More Tools” section.
  • Locate the Extensions from the appeared menu. After performing this step, you will find a list where all the extensions are enlisted.
  • Now, you can choose all the extensions causing the server error and hit the “Disable” option. You have to repeat this instruction until you turn off all the extensions.

We hope, after disabling the extension, you can resolve the Google Maps Server error. But, if the error remains, you have to follow the remaining methods. 

Solution 6: Reset Google Chrome

If the server error in Google Maps arises due to the incorrect or wrong settings of the application, try this fix. Often, resetting Google Chrome can be the best possible way to overcome the error.

By resetting the web browser, you can revert the settings to the default, which might resolve the Google Maps error. To do so, follow the below-discussed steps.

  • Invoke the Settings tab in Google Chrome and scroll down the page. Then, navigate you the “Advanced Options”.
  • Now, go to the Reset Settings window and hit the “Reset” option from the menu.

The steps to reset other web browsers may differ. So, apply them accordingly to troubleshoot server error in Google Maps.

Solution 7: Ensure Browser is Updated

None of the above methods will work if you are using an outdated browser. Therefore, you need to be sure that your browser is updated to the latest version. 

Primarily, go to the top-right corner and hit the Menu icon. Now, choose the “Help” option from the resultant menu. Now, choose the “About Google Chrome” from the menu. It will initiate a new window. Here, you can verify whether the browser is updated and launch Google Maps.

Ending Notes:

In this post, we have discussed a few hacks to resolve the Google Maps Server Error. We hope that this article will be beneficial for you to deal with the server problem. 

After implementing the methods if the error persists, try to uninstall the browser and then install a fresh version. If you have further queries regarding this Google Map error, leave your comments in the feedback section below.