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“How To Fix Failed Network Error When Downloading?” In Minutes

Failed network error when downloading is one of the major errors recurrently faced by the users while downloading anything on Google Chrome. The error in question is most commonly faced when the users attempt to download larger documents and files. Mostly the error triggers in if the length or the volume of the documents or the files you consider downloading, spill beyond the general norm.

A Brief about the Fix Failed Network Error When Downloading

Google Chrome has imposed certain necessary norms concerning the length or volume of the files/documents that the users mainly downloads. In case, a user violates the general rule and attempts to download a file or document that is inordinately large, spilling beyond the prescribed length, the Chrome download is bound to end up in a failure. However, this is not all. There are in fact some other causes also behind the occurrence of the “Failed Network Error When Downloading”. Nonetheless whatever may be the cause,  running into such a technical glitch is undoubtedly quite troublesome. However, the good part is that the hitch under discussion is not without a fix. And that’s what we are going to guide you about in this article. Precisely, we are going to discuss the feasible solutions that you may take recourse to in order to combat the problem.

Potential Causes behind  “Failed Network Error When Downloading”

Now, as mentioned already, there are many causes behind confronting the “Failed Network Error When Downloading” issue. And if you are a regular browser of Google Chrome, you might as well be quite familiar to the error. Now, there are many causes leading to this error. Among them, one of the foremost cause that leads to a generic failure of Google Downloads is the third party antivirus. Therefore, in order to counter this technical glitch, you should either deactivate or else replace your antivirus. Such an error may also trigger in case you are availing a free version of the antivirus. Also, the error may occur in case the Port Checking or HTTP on the existing antivirus is turned on.  

Besides this, your Google Downloads in case a third-party service or program often restrict access to your default Download Folder. In addition to all these causes, Failed Network Error When Downloading may also generate due to some old and outdated networking drivers.

Nonetheless, whatever may be the cause, the issue can be quite easily solved, provided you know the workarounds to apply. Thus, in the section that follows we shall guide you through the solutions, you must undertake in order to resolve the glitch.

Most Effective Workarounds you must adopt to Counter Failed Network Error when Downloading

In this section, we are going to offer you top-notch solutions to implement, in case you confront the “Failed Network Error When Downloading”. Besides, the solutions we offer are not only the most effective and workable but only quite easy-going for you. Therefore, you won’t have any problems executing them. So, take a look:

Solution 1: Try Deactivating Port/ HTTP Check on the Antivirus  

One of the most notable causes behind encountering the error in question is the unnecessary scanning of even the most authentic and certified sites by your antivirus. Such unnecessary checking of the sites can often impose unnecessary restrictions upon the downloading of some files ion Google Chrome causing you to run into the Failed Network Error When Downloading. However, you can resolve this quite effortlessly. Undermentioned are the steps for you to follow. The undercited steps will help you to locate the HTTP Scanning options on some of the most widely-availed Antivirus Utilities. So, follow them carefully

Detailed Guidelines

  • First and foremost, you must double-click upon the respective Antivirus Icon in order to initialize the Antivirus User Interface. You shall locate it on your System Tray It is situated on the right-hand side of the Taskbar at the bottom of the Window. And in case, locating it gets too difficult for you, search out for it on the Start Menu bar
  • Now, you should be very careful. The HTTPS Scanning Settings is situated on various spots depending on the variety of the antivirus tools or program. Nonetheless, you shall mostly find it under the Home Tab.
  • From Home, reach out to Settings and then move over to Components
  • After you click on Components, you should either reach out to Web Sheild, Online Shield or Web or Email option depending on the type of Antivirus you are using.
  • Thereafter, you will have to press upon the Enable HTTPS option.
  • On the successful execution of the above-mentioned steps, check whether the issue is resolved and you are able to execute the Google Chrome Downloads without receiving the “Failed Network Error When Downloading” error message.

Solution 2: Try Altering the Location of your Default Downloads

If you are confronting “ Failed Network Error When Downloading”, here is another workaround you can apply. Altering the Default Downloads location can serve to help you. This is because oftentimes the error under scrutiny occurs when the download of a file is almost complete. Under such cases, it is not essentially Chrome’s fault.

Moreover, when you download a file by means of Google Chrome, the file gets stored up within the Buffer Memory and also gets copied thereafter on the Default Downloads Folder. However, you may receive the technical glitch at hand in case the Default Downloads Folder gets blocked by something. And under such circumstances, you may have to alter the location of your Default Download.  In order to perform this, follow the guidelines mentioned hereunder:

  • Launch Google Chrome and press upon the dots present on the upper right-hand side of the Browser.  As you place your cursor upon the dots, it states “Customize and control Google Chrome”.
  • The moment you press on it, the Dropdown Menu will open up.
  • After this, you should press upon Settings. You should be able to locate the option at the bottom of the Dropdown Menu.
  • Thereafter, you must scroll down to the bottom of the Page. Here you will find the Advanced button.
  • Following this, you scroll right down right to the Download Section.
  • And then, tap the Change button. You shall find this button under the option termed as Location.
  • Once you do this, select a new alternative location for you Chrome Downloads
  • Lastly, confirm the alterations you made and restart your Chrome browser.
  • On completion, check out whether the glitch is sorted or not.

Solution 3: Try Installing the Latest and Most Updated Network Drivers

Another potential cause that may lead you to run into the “failed network error when downloading” is an unstable or low network connection. Such network issues might stem from old and outdated Network Drivers. Therefore, one of the easiest fixes to the prevailing technical glitch at hand is to update your Network Drivers to the newest version:

  • First of all, you need to  uninstall the Network Drivers you are currently using  
  • Thereafter, go to the Search ber next to the Start button and type Device Manager within it.  Then, click on the Device Manager option in order to launch it.
  • Following this, you need to reach out to the Network Adapters Section and enlarge it.
  • The moment you do this, all the Network Drivers running within your Computer will pop up on an instant
  • Following this, you must press upon the Network Adopter you wish to uninstall and choose the option “Uninstall Device. Once you press on the option, all your existing network drivers will get removed. This will also uninstall your device.
  • Thereafter, tap on the OK button when you are asked to uninstall the entire device.
  • On completion of the above steps.  You need to your Network Adapter from your PC and move over to the official manufacturer page.
  • Then, go through the list of available drivers. In case you are using an external Network Adapter, keep it disconnected until you are prompted to connect the same to your PC.
  • Finally, Restart your PC and check if you are receiving the “Failed Network Error when Downloading”.

Solution 4: Check Malware Infections

The last and final solution against “failed network error when downloading” is to check for Malware infections. Oftentimes, if your PC  is infected with potentially harmful malware. It might as well restrict or block Chrome Downloads. Such Malware is also capable of redirecting connections by means of a potentially harmful proxy server. Under such cases, you can make use of reliable harmful virus detection utility. In this respect, Google Chrome is featured with an inbuilt mechanism through which it can trace out and also eliminate the potentially damaging applications form not only your Pc but also your Chrome browser. Make use of this tool and see whether you are facing failed network error when downloading any longer or not.

With this, its time for us to part with you. As we conclude, we strongly recommend you to take recourse to the solutions we mentioned above in case you run into the “failed network error when downloading”. We assure you that the workarounds we suggested are indeed the most effective for you. And applying them will rid you of this technical glitch permanently.