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How To Fix Epson Scanner Error 9923? Get Acquainted With The Easiest Hacks

When it comes to choosing the best scanner in the market, most of the people choose Epson scanner. But sometimes, users often face Epson scanner error 9923 while using Epson scanner. If you are busy with an important work, the scanner might suddenly display this error message. Hence, it is quite annoying most of the times.

Moreover, the error code is quite common in the Epson scanners, and when encountered with, you will not be able to scan your documents or files. If you are struggling with the error code 9923, then you need to resolve the issue within the minimum possible time. Here, in this article, we have come up with an effective solution to Epson scanner 9923 error. After applying the below-mentioned methods you able to resolve the issue by yourself.

Main reasons which trigger the Epson Scanner Error 9923

The main problem for the error code 9923 is a communication problem. This error code is generated when you are trying to scan the files or documents by the Epson printer. Here we listed some causes which are responsible for the error code 9923. Have a look below:

  • Power related problem can cause the error code 9923
  • Make sure the scanner is connected to USB. If this is not the case, connect the device to USB. you can also encounter the error code due to the USB cable faulty.
  • It is possible that if your scanner is connected with any local area network, you can face the error code 9923.
  • If the printer and scanner driver is not installed properly on your system, this may generate the error code 9923.

Resolving Error 9923: Steps and Procedures

In order to fix the Epson scanner error 9923, you need to try below-mentioned steps. Just make sure that you perform all the steps that are written in the section below. Do not jump any steps. Here are the fixes you need to perform in order to resolve the error code 9923:

Fix # 1: Check the connectioncheck connection

To fix the error code 9923, first you need to check the USB adapters and power cables are connected properly. This error also depends on connection failure. So, you need to check the switchboard and cables.

Fix # 2: Restart the scannerrestart scanner

If you are facing the error code 9923 on your Epson scanner, an effective solution will restart the scanner. First, you need to switch off the scanner and remove all the cords that are connected with the scanner. After that, wait for a moment, and then put back all the wires to the scanner. Then switch on the scanner.

If you are unable to fix the error code 9923, then try with the next segment.

Fix # 3: Reset printerreset printer

Review the following steps and follow them in sequence to correct errors that occur when communicating with Epson scanners error code 9923.

Moreover, detached all the power cords and choose System Preference option from your system. After that, select Printer and Scanners option. Then, click on the Reset Printing System. Navigate to the Application option and select the Epson printer. After that, restart the system to fix the issue.

Fix # 4: Update the driverupdate scanner driver

One of the effective solutions is that the update the driver. You need to check that any update available for the scanner driver. To check, go to the Control Panel option. After that, click on the Programs and Features option and then search for the Programs option. A list of application will appear on your screen. Then find the Scanner driver and update the driver accordingly.

On the whole, these are the solutions to fix error code 9923 on your Epson scanner. Hope, after going through the fixes and applying them step by step, you can resolve the error without any trouble.