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Epson Printer Error Code 000031| Simple Hacks To Troubleshoot This Printer Issue

According to a majority of Epson printer users, the error code 00031 usually shows due to technical issues with the scanner section in their printing machines. This is quite an annoying problem and can occur due to several other reasons as well. In short, your printer can display this error notification because of both hardware as well as software issues.

On some Epson printers, you will get this error if there is any blockages or damage in the scanning mechanism. Also, some users have reported that the printer can display this error message when there is any stuck paper crumbs or debris inside the device.  Sometimes, internal equipment failure can also result in Epson printer error code 000031, which is resolvable with technical fixes. Hence, unless you troubleshoot this issue, the printer won’t let you proceed with any printing tasks. So, if you want to fix this printer problem, keep reading this article.

In the following sections, you will come across some of the effective methods to remove error code 000031 from Epson printers. Also, for those who don’t understand why they are experiencing this printer problem, they can go through this article to know the underlying causes.

Why Do You Come Across Epson Printer Error Code 000031?

For users who aren’t sure about the underlying reasons behind Epson printer error code 000031, this is the section for you. As discussed above, you can encounter this error in your Epson printer when there is some kind of technical issue with the scanner.

Also, the internal mechanism can get jammed due to various reasons including hardware malfunctioning. In many cases, users can get this error notification when the toner cartridges are not installed properly in their Epson printing machines.

Few users have even noticed that if they are connecting too many devices with the printer, it can show program conflicts. Hence, it can further disrupt the normal functioning of your printing machine and cause 000031 error notification.

Don’t ignore the issue of paper jam inside your Epson printer, as it can also contribute to this printing problem.

During the installation of Epson printer firmware, if there are any missing or corrupted files, then it can trigger error 000031 in the machine.

How to Troubleshoot Epson Printer Error Code 000031 by Means of Technical Fixes?

So, from the above section, you are aware of the issues that can cause this error in Epson printers. Fortunately, you can check out some effective solutions and get rid of this error message on your printing machine. Hence, to fix Epson printer error code 000031, let’s take a look at a few troubleshooting techniques.

Solution 1: Install the Printer’s Cartridges ProperlyInstall cartridges properly

When the error code 000031 keep showing up on your Epson printer, you can check whether the cartridges are properly installed or not. This is one of the first methods that you should apply before any other technical fix. So, if your printer is having this issue due to toner problems, switch it off and remove the cartridges from the device.  

Next, wait for around 1 to 2 minutes and follow the correct installation technique to install the cartridges. Make sure that your Epson printing machine can easily identify the newly installed cartridges. After that, restart your device and check if it’s still showing Epson printer error code 000031.

Solution 2: Try to Reset the Epson Printerreset Epson printer

In case reinstalling the cartridge doesn’t resolve this issue, you can reset your Epson printer to fix 000031 error. However, before you start applying the step by step instructions to reset the Epson printer, check whether the connected PC is having secure internet connectivity.

First, turn off your printer and wait for some time (say a minute or two) for the device to switch on. You need to observe when it starts flashing two red LEDs, which clearly indicates error status.

Next, make use of a high-quality original USB cable for Epson printer and connect it to the PC. You need to choose the option of factory reset for your printing device to troubleshoot error 000031.

After this, click on the Windows button, go to Control Panel, and then select ‘Printer and device’. Navigate through the window to locate your Epson printer’s icon and then right-click on it. You need to choose the option of ‘Reset’ for initiating the resetting task for your Epson printing machine. Hence, after allowing the device to reset to its default settings, try to print something to see if error code 000031 is resolved.

Solution 3: Fix Paper Jam on Epson Printerepson paper jam

You need to examine both the paper tray and the inside portion of your printing machine for any paper jam. Often, this can be a major reason behind the notification of 000031 error in Epson printers. However, before opening the cover or cartridges to check for papers pieces, switch off your printer. In case you find any foreign particle, dirt or dust inside, you need to gently clean it out from your device.

Solution 4: Switch off Printer and Turn it onswitch on and off the Epson printer

At times, operating your Epson printer for a long time without any break can also result in error code 000031. Hence, you can stop it for a while and let the printer’s driver re-initiate the program with proper startup. So, for applying this method, turn off your Epson printer. Then press ‘Stop/Reset’, ‘Color Copy’, and ‘B/ W Copy’ buttons simultaneously. After this, turn on your printing device but, don’t release these three buttons unless you see ‘init.EEPROM’. As your printer’s screen displays the ‘press power switch’ message, type ‘Copy Color’ and switch it off. Then wait for 1-2 minutes and turn on your Epson printer. Repeat this method a couple of times and check whether it can fix Epson printer error code 000031.

If the above fixes don’t resolve Epson printer error code 000031, you can install the latest printer drivers. However, if the error is due to a hardware problem, you can consult a technician to troubleshoot printer and scanner problems. In case, you are aware of some advanced technical fixes to remove 00031 error notification from Epson printers, you can share it in the comments section.