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Amazon Echo Dot Won’t Reset – Why? How To Fix?

Amazon’s Echo Dot is a great virtual assistant speaker that is popular for its small and sleek design. Actually the colour changing LED light ring that runs on your commands makes the device look so appealing. 

However, despite its flawless appearance, the device may sometimes lead to abrupt problems. You might find your Echo Dot not responding to your commands. Or maybe it got stuck in one colour.  Even if you try pressing the Reset button, it might not work. 

There could be a couple of reasons for it. Thus, you must get to the core reason in order to eliminate the glitch at the earliest.

Probable Reasons Behind Amazon Echo Dot won’t Reset

So, make sure the reason is not one of these following below :

  • It can sometimes happen that your Echo Dot speaker is not responding because it is out of charge. You might have put it on charge and forgot to turn on the switch. Or check if the power outlet itself is faulty. 
  • Check whether the charger you are using is not faulty. You should be using the charger that came with your device. 
  • The port might be damaged. It can happen if you have been recklessly using your Echo Dot device for quite a while now. Charging it with the wrong charger can cause the charging port to be damaged. 

How to Reset the Settings associated with Echo Dot? 

There are primarily two ways to reset your Echo Dot assistant speaker. One way by which you can reset it by using the reset button. And the other way is through the Alexa App on the paired smartphone or device. 

Using the reset button

Now, different Echo Dot models will have this Reset button in different locations. So, you have to locate the reset button accordingly. 

The Reset button on First Generation Echo Dot 

The older versions like the Echo Dot first-generation models will have the Reset button at the base of the device. It will be inside a hole, the size of a pinhole. So, you need a pin to reach the Reset button and press it to reset your Echo Dot speaker. 

You can use a paper clip or a safety pin to do this. On pressing and holding the button for a few seconds the Echo Dot will go to setup mode. It will be indicated by the orange light that will glow up around the led ring on the device.

The Reset button on 2nd Generation Echo Dot

Do not be surprised if you do not find the Echo Dot on your 2nd generation Echo Dot. Because there is no separate button to reset your device. You have to basically hold the microphone button and volume down button at the same time to reset your Echo Dot. 

Same as the 1st generation Echo Dot, the device will light up orange indicating that it is in setup mode. 

The Reset button on 3rd Generation Echo Dot 

The reset process for Echo Dot 3rd Generation is again different from the first and second-generation Echo Dot. Locate the Action button on the top of your Echo Dot device which is the button with just one dot on it. 

Press and hold it for 25 seconds to let your speaker enter into Setup mode. When in Setup mode, the light ring around the device glows to orange and then finally turns blue once the process is done. 


Resetting from the Alexa App


You can open the Alexa App from the smartphone or any other device that you have paired with your Echo Dot. However, you need to make sure you have connected it to your WiFi or any other wireless network. 

Besides, you will also need to register into your Amazon account to add the Echo Dot device to your account. So, from your Amazon account, go to Device Options from Settings, by swiping down from the top of the screen. 

Then, select Factory Defaults from the Device Options. There you will find an option for resetting your device. There will be an option “Reset to Factory Defaults, but retain Smart Home Device Connections”. 

This will obviously factory reset your device but retain all the connection details like WiFi and Device name etc. Confirm by choosing one of the options to finally reset your device. 

Hopefully, these two reset process will help you to set the Echo Dot to its normal functional condition. Check the generation of Echo Dot you are using and then implement the steps as described below.