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Best Solving Steps To Fix Dell Laptop Wont Connect To WiFi Error

Dell is a renowned brand which manufactures high-end desktops and laptops. Irrespective of the laptop model you are using, it provides you with a better experience unless you stuck with an error like Dell laptop wont connect to WiFi. To resolve this issue, you can try the below methods.

Methods Of Solving Dell Laptop Wont Connect To WiFi Issue

At the time of connecting to the internet using WiFi if you stuck with this uncertain issue then you can try this below fixing methods. These methods are not only simple to apply but at the same time very effective for resolving this Dell laptop wont connect to WiFi Windows 10 issue. Follow the below methods one by one until you reach the correct solution to this issue.

Method 1: Manually Try To Connect To The WiFi Network

Not getting connected to the WiFi network can land you in trouble at the time when you want to access the internet. So to connect to the internet, you can restart your system and then retry to connect with the WiFi network. Sometimes, this process gives a positive result in solving this Dell laptop wont connect to WiFi issue. If it does not work, then try the below instructions.

Method 2: Utilize The Adapter Settings To Enable WiFi Internet Connection

If your system is already connected to a different network, this will be the main reason for this issue. If this is the case, then the solution for this is very simple. In order to learn the solution steps, continue this below lines.

First of all, press the Windows button to active the Windows Search bar. Now on this empty bar type control and press the Enter button, this will open the Control Panel window. After that change the View By option to Category by dropping the menu arrow. Then from this available options click on the “Sharing Network and Internet” option. Now from the right panel click on the topmost option, ie, Network and Sharing Center.

Next, go to the left panel of this Network and Sharing Center and hit on the Change Adapter Settings. While doing this, you will see all the network devices icon available in the system. From here right click on the present connecting device and hit on Disable to stop the device. After that right tap on the WiFi adapter and click on Enable.

Method 3: Turn On And Off The Flight Mode

If both these above processes do not help to resolve this Dell laptop wont connect to internet issue, then it may be due to the disturbance of identifying the location. To resolve this, at first turn on the flight mode and then slides off, which will be able to fix this problem.

Method 4: Reinstall Network Drivers

The outdated or corrupted drivers can also be a key factor for this Dell laptop wont connect to WiFi issue. In such a situation you need to update the network drivers to fix this problem. Study this below procedure in order to learn how to perform this WiFi driver repairing task.

First of all, you need to open the Device Manager window. For doing this at first go to the Windows search bar by pressing the Windows key. Then on this search bar type Device Manager and hit on the Enter button to open the Device Manager screen. Now from here double click on the Network adapters to expand. From here, right click on the Dell wireless adapters and select Uninstall. On doing this, a confirmation window will open, select on OK to confirm this uninstallation process.

Once the uninstallation process is over then restart your PC, this will reinstall the Dell wireless adapter. Now check if the problem gets fixed. Otherwise, you need to update your Dell wireless network driver. Here in this below method, you will get to learn the procedure of how to update the Dell wireless driver, which may resolve this ongoing problem.

Method 5: Update Network Drivers

If the upper procedure fails to resolve then to update the Dell wireless network driver, open the Device Manager window. After getting the Network adapters option from the menu list, double click on it to expand. Then going to the Dell wireless adapters, right click on it and select on “Update Driver Software…”. While doing this, two options as “Search automatically for updated driver software” and “Browse my computer for driver software” will pop-up. From both, these options select on the first option to download the updated network driver from the online store. After downloading the driver install it by following the on-screen instructions. This will solve your Dell laptop wont connect to WiFi issue.

However, you need to be careful about the WiFi range of network in order to get it connected to the system. This range depends upon the model of your present router in operation.
These are the methods by applying which you can be able to resolve this Dell laptop wont connect to WiFi issue on your own.