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Dell Laptop Jumping Cursor Fix Through Easy Step-By-Step Instructions

Dell laptops are preferred by many customers due to its reliable processor, operating speed and modern technology. However, a majority of users are experiencing a strange issue with the cursors. Often, they find that the pointer moves on its own or keep jumping all over the screen. This can be quite an annoying problem, especially, when you are in the middle of some important task on your Dell laptop. Fortunately, there are effective technical solutions to resolve this mouse issue. So, if you want to get more information on the Dell laptop jumping cursor fix techniques, go through this article. Here, you will get to understand the underlying reasons that force the cursor to behave erratically. Also, you can try the fixes discussed here to troubleshoot the cursor error.

Why Dell Laptop Jumping Cursor Fix is Required?

If you are experiencing the issue of a jumping cursor on your Dell laptop, it requires technical methods to resolve the problem. However, before learning how to fix jumping cursor on Dell laptop, you need to understand the causes of this error. Hence, the following points will help you to get some insight regarding the underlying reasons. So, let’s take a look at some common problems that can force your cursor to jump on its own.

Possible Reasons Behind Cursor Error

Go through the following reasons, which can be causing this cursor error.

Not-so-clean Mouse

If you are experiencing this problem while using an optical-mechanical mouse, then the inside portion may not be so clean. Often, it can block the sensor as well. This can be a major reason and make the pointing device unstable and thus, you get an abnormal cursor display.

Blocked Optical Portion

Sometimes, blockage in the mouse’s optical eye can be a solid factor for the cursor jumping error. So, if the optical sensor is not functioning properly, it can block the signal and cause this error. Hence, you need to make sure that the hole in the mouse pointer doesn’t get blocked with any fuzz or hair.

Bad or Glossy Surface

If the mouse pad or the surface on which you have placed the mouse is slippery, then you can get this error. Make sure that you are not using a slippery surface or else the pointer will keep moving in every direction.

Port Issue on Laptop

Many Dell laptop users don’t realize that the USB port in which they are connecting the mouse can be defective. Hence, you need to check for interface problems, which can produce this cursor issue on your laptop.

Liquid or Moisture

Sometimes, the reason can be as simple as untidy fingers, which you are using to operate the mouse. So, if you have touched any greasy or liquid substance and then, handling the pointer, this error can arise.

Steps to Troubleshoot Dell Laptop Cursor Jumping Problem

If you want to understand how to fix jumping cursor on Dell laptop, go through the following steps.

  1. If you are facing this error on Windows 8.1 or 10, you can fix the problem by clicking on Windows Settings. Then, go to ‘PC and Devices’ and select the option ‘Mouse and Touchpad’.
  2. Below the Touchpad settings, there are a few choices to prevent the mouse from moving accidentally. So, you can change it to ‘Long Delay’, in this case, it takes time to initiate the next click on Dell laptop.
  3. In case you are still experiencing jumping cursor on Dell Windows 10 laptop, hit the ‘Settings’ tab. Then, click on ‘Devices’ and ‘Touchpad’. Make sure to select ‘Low sensitivity’ feature for the touchpad on your Dell laptop.
  4. Also, go to ‘Control Panel’ and select ‘Pointer Options’ after clicking on ‘Mouse’. Then, remove the tick from ‘Hide pointer while typing’ checkbox and check whether this quick Dell laptop jumping cursor fix has resolved the error.
  5. In case, the touchpad is faulty, you can disable the touchpad temporarily by opening the Device Manager on Windows-based Dell laptop.

We hope that the above-mentioned steps are enough to help you get rid of the problem and help you with Dell laptop jumping cursor fix. You can also leave a comment in the feedback section below.  


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