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Fix Dell Laptop Beeping Issue: A Comprehensive Guide

Dell laptop beeping is a very common issue. In case, Dell laptop’s hardware component is not working well, then it will generate beep codes. There are two types of the in-built speaker on a Dell laptop. One of the speakers is integrated with the motherboard and the other one is connected to CMOS connector. If you hear that Dell laptop beeping 5 times, it indicates that there is a fault within the CMOS battery. You can easily fix this issue by following the easy to apply instructions.

But, before we move to the solution part, you should know the reasons why Dell laptop beeping occurs continuously.

Causes for Dell Laptop Beeping

There are many causes which are responsible for this Dell laptop beeping and not turning on issue. Following are some common reasons for this Dell laptop beeping continuously, take a look:

  • In case, there is any loose connection between the laptop’s motherboard and its screen.
  • A faulty graphics processor can also cause this issue.
  • Power failure is also a reason for Dell laptop beeping on startup.

Simple Solution to Fix Dell laptop Beeping

To get rid of this problem you don’t need to have any technical knowledge. All you need to do is just follow the simple steps and the issue will be resolved. These are given below:

Change the CMOS Battery

You need to change your laptop CMOS battery, in order to fix the battery failure issue. To proceed the first you need to do is remove the battery.

Step 1: Remove the Battery

In case, your Dell laptop has a coin cell battery, then with a simple process, you can remove that. You have to use your fingers to pull it up. Some Dell laptop’s motherboards may have a clip to hold the battery down. You have to take that out carefully. However, in most of the Dell laptops, CMOS batteries are not removable. In that case, you need to use the jumper, in order to install the new battery.

Step 2: Insert New Battery

You have to replace the old battery with a new battery. In case, the battery is not removable, you have to insert the new battery into the secondary battery socket, on the motherboard.

Step 3: Enter CMOS Values

After inserting the CMOS battery, turn on your laptop and then, reset the CMOS values to its defaults. Once you enter all the values correctly, you have to save the settings and then, exit. After this, the Dell laptop Beeping 5 times issue will be resolved.

Conduct Diagnostic Test

Step 1: Power Button + D on boot

You have to press the power button to boot up your system. Once the laptop starts to boot up, you have to press the D key, from the keyboard and hold that for some time. When you see color flashing on your laptop screen, you need to remove your finger from the D key. This is actually a screen diagnostic test for your laptop. Color flash gets spread on the laptop screen without any break, then this issue is associated with the graphics processor issue. But, if the diagnostic test shows any specific issue with the screen, then check the connection between the screen and the motherboard. Also, this process manages to fix the problem. The system will boot up as usual and the problem will be resolved.

Step 2: Power Button + Fn Key on Boot

First, you need to turn on your laptop. Once the laptop starts to boot up, you have to press the Fn key from the keyboard and hold that for some time. Once you will get to see the Dell logo on your laptop screen, release the Fn key. On your laptop screen, you can see a text saying ‘Diagnostic boot selected in the corner’. After this, the LCD BIST test will start. In case your laptops graphics processor is faulty, the LCD BIST test will resolve this issue. Once this process completes, your laptop will boot up automatically and the problem will get resolved.

Now, that you understand why this Dell laptop black screen beeping occurs, go through the above-mentioned steps to get rid of this issue. Hopefully, this article will help you to fix the issue.