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How To Troubleshoot Dell error code 2000–0147 In Minutes? Glance Through!

Dell is one of the most popular brands with regard to computers and laptops. In fact, it is one of the most reliable brands among customers. However, whatever may be the brand, no technological device is entirely glitch-free. And in this article, we shall discuss one of the common errors that the Dell users frequently confront. We are talking about the Dell error code 2000–0147. This is one of the most commonly faced error codes, which normally triggers when a DVD or CD drive fails due to some specific factors.

But whatever be the cause, such error codes are definitely quite annoying. Nonetheless, if you are a regular Dell user, then it is quite difficult for you to avert such an error. However, if you are facing this error quite frequently, there is no reason for you to panic any further. For, in this article, we are going to offer you the most effective solutions for your problem.

Potential Causes behind the Dell Error Code 2000–0147

As promised, we shall offer you feasible solutions to your problems. However, before we move on with the solutions, let us shed some light on the major causes responsible behind the error.

As for the causes, Dell error code 2000–0147 normally generates in case a CD or DVD drive fails to work. However, this is of course, not the only cause behind the error.  

So, among other causes, the issues related to the hardware, sudden crashing or freezing of running applications, problems with your Windows are some of the probable factors leading to the error. In addition to the above causes, the error might be caused in case your optical drive is found defective or non-functional. Under such conditions, you may have to replace your existing optical drive.  

Nonetheless, whatever may be the cause, such a technical glitch is definitely detrimental for your Dell laptop and certainly quite frustrating for the users as well. Therefore, it goes without denying, that such an error must be redressed at the earliest. And, in the next section of our article, we shall offer you the most effective workarounds that you may apply against the glitch.

Feasible Workarounds to Fix Dell error code 2000–0147 Most Easily

Are you facing Dell error code 2000-0147 on a random basis? No worries! Now that we have the perfect solutions for you, you rest assured. Read through the solutions we cite below. Following them shall serve your purpose in mo time. Take a look:

Fix 1: Try to fix any issue with your Optical Drive

Since one of the potential causes of Dell error code 2000-0147 is the malfunctioning of the Optical Drive, the easiest and by far, the fundamental fix for you is to try and redress any problem with your Optical Drive. In order to refix the Optical Drive, you will have to launch Diagnostics. In most cases, the issue is normally resolved when you refix your Optical Drive .however, in case things do not turn out as expected, then you must replace the Optical Drive of your Dell laptop instead. Replacing it might solve your problem once and for all.

Fix 2: Try replacing the Motherboard

Replace The MotherBoardThis is the second alternative solution for you. In case, mere replacement of the Optical Drive of your Dell laptop fails to sort things out for you, then you may try replacing the Motherboard. After the reinstallation of the Optical Drive, in case you find that the error still persists, then, in that case, you must try to replace the Motherboard of your Dell laptop.  

Fix 3: Reboot your Dell laptop

Reboot Dell LaptopOne of the easiest fixes of the error code 2000-0147 on your Dell laptop is to reboot your laptop and check whether the issue is sorted or not. Often, a simple rebooting of your systems amends many of the technical glitches at once.

Therefore, if you encounter the error in question at random and none of the solutions cited above work, don’t lose hope. Instead, simply restart your laptop properly so that the software within the system runs appropriately. Because oftentimes the error might simply occur due to forced shut down of your laptop. Actually, some applications continue to run, when you don’t shut down your laptop correctly.

And in case of a forced shutdown, these running applications create problems and intervenes with the functioning of the CD or DVD drive. This technical malfunctioning can be quite easily redressed by means of rebooting your system.

If the solutions we listed so far, fails to prove effective for your problem, then you can try out some additional solutions instead.

Fix 4: Examine your firmware

Examine your firmwareHowever, if things do not get sorted even after rebooting your laptop, then the cause of the issue must be something else. The problem might be caused due to any problem with the firmware. Often, one runs into the problem of Dell error code 2000–0147 if the system firmware of the laptop is not updated for a very long time. And therefore, quite naturally, the fix to such an issue is quite simple.

All you need to do is update the firmware of your Dell laptop to the latest version. Once you do this, the problem will be sorted. After you have updated your firmware, examine it properly and check whether you are facing the problem further. The error code  2000–0147 should no occur more. However, in case the glitch still persists, then try out the last and final solution we have in store for you.

Fix 5: Replace your driver

Replace your driveIf none of the solutions cited above proves effective for you, then you can try your last by replacing your current driver. For this, all you need to do is visit the official website of Dell and replace your existing driver with a new one. You can simply uninstall your previous drive and install a new driver instead. This must solve your glitch permanently.

Summing Up

So, by now, you must have got hold of enough solutions for your glitch. And the cherry on the top for you is that all these solutions will prove immensely effective in your attempt to fix the Dell error code 2000–0147. Besides, the workarounds we offered are quite simple and user-going. Thus, even if you are not that tech-savvy, executing these steps will not be any problem for you.

Therefore, if you are confronting this particular issue randomly, then don’t let this technical glitch persist for long. Instead, try out the solutions we offered and rid yourself of the problem once and for all.