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Learn How To Fix Default Gateway With Prompt Solutions

The Microsoft Windows is probably the best when it comes to compatible Operating Systems. Majority of computer users prefer Microsoft Windows for obvious reasons. It delivers top quality performance. Moreover, the Microsoft Windows 10 is backed with latest features which will help you while you are working. However, it is not free from glitches. With the introduction of advanced technologies, it is common to encounter bugs and glitches. Windows 10 users often complain about default gateway not available. A default gateway allows computers from a certain network to communicate with computers from other networks. You might face network-related problems such as default gateway not available while you are using Windows 10 or any other versions. Take a look at this article regarding how to fix default gateway at the earliest.

What Causes Default Gateway Not Available Issue

There can be several reasons for your computer to show the error code “Default Gateway not available”. You need to understand exactly where the problem lies. After that, you have to apply a solution which will resolve the glitch. Take a glimpse at some of the commonly faced reasons.

  • There can be a problem with the internet of your system. In such circumstances, you need to check the connection of the cables and see if it works or not.
  • A problem in the network adapter drivers can create default gateway not available Windows 10 error. You need to check if the driver is working properly or not. This is because it links your hardware with the internet networks in your system.
  • Check if the Operating System of your computer is functioning properly. An improper update of your Operating System can be a problem for these types of glitches.
  • Ensure, if you are using a third-party antivirus or not. It might hamper the networking of your system.
  • Your Windows Firewall might sometimes block your networking access. In such a condition, you need to disable the Firewall.
  • Furthermore, if your system has the auto login feature enabled, then you can have such issues.You need to disable the auto-login feature to get rid of the problem.

How To Fix Default Gateway Promptly

If your system is unable to access the default gateway, then it will disrupt your work entirely. The default gateway interrupts your internet connection and as a result, you will be unable to use the web. Have a look at some of the instant hacks which will help you solve the default gateway not available issue at the earliest.

Disable Windows Firewall

Press the Windows button and search for “Control Panel” in the Start search box. After that, you need to select the Control Panel option from the drop-down menu. The Control Panel window will appear on your screen. Then go to the option “System and Security” present on the left part of the window. Now, choose the option “Windows Firewall”. At the extreme left of the new window, you will find the option “Turn Windows Firewall on or off”. Activate that option to disable the Windows Firewall and now hit the OK button.

Update The Operating System

For updating the Windows Operating System in your computer, you need to make sure that you have a strong internet connection. This is because your updates might not be fully downloaded if there is an issue with the internet connection. Click on the Start button located at the left side of the taskbar. Then type “Update” in the search box and open the Windows Updater. In the Windows Updater window check for the option “Windows Update”. Then in the next window select the option “Check Updates”. The Operating System will then check for updates, if there is any. Then wait for some time to complete the Update procedure. At last, restart your computer and see if the issue persists or not.

Uninstall Third-Party Antivirus

You need to press the Windows button and search “Control Panel” in the search field. Then open the Control Panel and look for the option “Programs and Features”. Click on that. A list of pre-installed software will appear in your system. There locate the third-party antivirus installed in your system and righ-click on it. Then select the option “Uninstall” from the drop-down menu. Wait for your system to uninstall the software. After uninstalling restart the software. Now see if the problem prevails.

Update Network Adapter

Updating the network adapter can sometime fix the problem such as default gateway not available. Go to the Start button and click on it. Then in the search field, you need to type “Device Manager” and select it. The Device Manager window will open. There you need to locate the “Network Adapter” option from the list of drivers installed in your system. Then expand that option and right-click on it. There you need to choose the option “Update”. Make sure you have a flawless internet connection for a better response. Wait for the update to finish. Check if the error occurs or not.

Reinstall Network Adapter

Sometimes, you may find the drivers to be corrupt. Using a corrupted driver triggers these kind of technical glitches. Therefore, you need to reinstall the network adapter to fix the issue. Go to the Device Manager by typing the name in the Start search field. Now, find the “Network adapter” option from the list of drivers present. Then right-click on it and hit the option “Uninstall driver”after uninstalling the network driver completely. You need to download the driver from the Microsoft website and install it again.

The problem default gateway not available is quite common. Learn these few hacks to solve how to fix default gateway on your own. If you still face this problem, then it is better to take the help of professionals.