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How To Fix “Could Not Reserve Enough Space For 2097152KB Object Heap”?

Though Java Applets are not so widely used web technology, there are a number of reasons due to which Java virtual machine is being used on a Linux server directly.

But if you try to run the Linux Java command outright on the discrete hardware or inside the virtual machine, then you might confront an error message saying that “could not reserve enough space for 2097152kb object heap”.

Basically, this error message probably looks odd because there is enough RAM to run the command. And the error message appears when the physical and virtual memory pages are used largely. 

Some relatively large size commands bypass the error message and run the Java command as usual. But you do not need to fret. There are some easy fixes to get rid of this situation. 

Simply apply the below-discussed steps and fix the issue without facing any further difficulties.

Methods to Resolve “Could Not Reserve Enough Space For 2097152KB Object Heap” Error Message:

If you are getting the error message “could not reserve enough space for 2097152kb object heap” frequently, then without wasting any time, you need to follow this guide to resolve the issue.

Fix 1: Export the Variables to Make the Changes Permanent

By making permanent changes in the export variable, you can fix this issue. For example, if you want to export  _JAVA_OPTIONS=’-Xms256M -Xmx512M from the bash Command Prompt section, it is allowed to run the command without any other option. 

But when you log out from the server, the Java command will not run properly.

It will run again when you log in. then you should add some startup scripts with the help of the Java command. Therefore, you need to add some line to the bash_login file and it seemed to work all the time, then the command will run again.

Due to this, you might trigger some unwanted configuration with the hardware and as a result, this error message appears. That is why you should add more RAM externally to get rid of this issue. 

Java will try to allocate a huge block because it interprets that it is running out of memory.

Fix 2: Print Current Java Options

If you have worked on the Java command line and reset the value of _JAVA_OPTIONS, then run the echo $_JAVA_OPTIONS and it will print out the current values immediately. This process may be useful for removing the error message.

But you should keep in mind while solving this error, it does not require any other playing around. After that, you will find that Java will display this error message.

In this case, double-check the currently running processes and if there is an available option, restart the server. However, creating more swap space is easier but if this be the reason behind the error, then it’s best to rectify it in some other way.

Wrapping Up

Have you got could not reserve enough space for 2097152kb object heap? Try these solutions one-by-one to fix it.

If you have any other resolving methods, please tell us. Also, any question or suggestion is also appreciated by leaving comments in the comment section.