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Clownfish Voice Changer Not Working: 4 Easy Procedures To Fix It

The Clownfish, as you know, is a popular application which changes the voice. But, similar to the other software malfunctions, the Clownfish, too, manifests some annoying errors. The most common complaint that the users report is the Clownfish Voice Changer not working. It has earned its reputation as an effective voice translator make it equal in efficiency with some of the other world-class applications like Discord and Skype.

In spite of being a celebrated application, it is prone to numerous errors and the voice translator’s failure to function is one of them. However, this leaves the users perplexed and bars the communication flow. The sudden malfunctioning of this can hinder the otherwise smooth flow of communication. However, on noticing the error, they seek an immediate solution in order to troubleshoot it.

But, we suggest you take a glimpse of the probable causes which triggers the error to happen. Knowing them can accelerate the troubleshooting process since you become aware of where to inspect. Besides the reasons, the article holds effective solutions in order to have it fixed.

The Potential Causes for the Clownfish Voice Changer Not Working Issue to Appear

The popular voice translator tends to bear several issues. The most common is the voice changer itself not working. The function of real-time translation for multiple different languages fails to work completely. In this way, the users are left confused since their communication procedure receives hindrances. However, this takes place due to plenty of reasons. Some of them are listed underneath with clearly demarcated points:

  • Incompatibility in the Version of Skype or Discord

Of the two major causes, the error mainly occurs due to the incompatibility of the version of the application. At times, the version of Discord or Skype tends to conflict and contradict each other. In such a scenario, the Clownfish that is integrated into the communication application gets affected technically. Therefore, the glitches in its performance become vivid. Eventually, the Clownfish Voice Changer not working issue manifests before the users.

  • Microphone not Synced

This is yet another cause of the problem to take place. At times, we fail to inspect the root causes. So, we tend to skip such basic solutions. Sometimes, the microphone of the device fails to sync while at other times the syncing option is mistakenly turned Off.

These were the possible reasons for which the error manifests. However, the successive section discusses the ways in which you can troubleshoot the Clownfish Voice Changer not working issue comprehensively. Therefore, make an attempt to implement the underlying procedures. We have listed only the effective ones and should solve the problem at once. Also, the methods are based on the reasons. Hence, a reading of the causes will now seem necessary.

4 Easy Methods To Solve the Clownfish Voice Changer not Working Error

The application tends to malfunction either due to an obsolete version of the communication software or because of problems in the microphone. However, the underlying solutions are effective enough to troubleshoot the complication with convenience. Therefore, stick through the solutions and implement them carefully.

Method 1: Inspect the Version of Discord

The error Clownfish Voice Changer not working Discord can be because of an obsolete version of the software. Now, this creates a clash between the Discord and the Clownfish which results in some kind of problem. And in this case, the problem is in the voice changer. However, for this, you must ensure if the version you are using is the latest one or not.

In order to do this, the version number of the Discord is present on the Help page. In the Discord, make the combination of Control, Shift, and the “I” key in unison to display the version. Check it and then tally it with the official website so as to check the availability of the latest version. However, in case you own a computer system which itself is of an older version, then we suggest you downgrade the version of the Discord.

Finally, inspect if the voice changer is able to function seamlessly or not. In case it appears again, then the problem was somewhere else. The next solution is sure to treat the Clownfish Voice Changer not working problem comprehensively.

Method 2: Install the Microphone in Clownfish

Install the Microphone in Clownfish

The second cause for the problem to occur is the failure to sync the microphone. Therefore, the current method will deal with its solution. In this procedure, we guide you to install the microphone in Clownfish. In case the microphone is properly installed or holds faulty drivers, Clownfish may function properly as expected. However, you must inspect if the microphone is functioning properly or not. Employ the voice recorder prior to conducting the solution. In case the microphone fails to function physically, the solutions mentioned here won’t be effective. Therefore, make sure to inspect the hardware or the physical health of the mic.

To do this, make sure to follow the dedicated steps down below:

  • Firstly, launch the application of Clownfish. For this, use the bottom-right taskbar. Furthermore, proceed to right-click on the icon after that select Setup.
  • Therein you observe the diverse modules available for altering the voice through. Proceed to select the one that functions properly and then click on Install. Restart the system after installing the microphone. Then, inspect if the Clownfish Voice Changer not working issue gets solved.

However, in case you already have installed it on Clownfish, proceed to remove and then install it once again.

Method 3: Update the Version of Clownfish

Several problems arise with the Clownfish services. Also, it has to continue rolling out updates in order to target incompatibilities or bugs. You may be using Discord’s latest version. But, there may be an older version of the Clownfish present in the system. In this way, there is a tendency of conflict and clash between the applications. This hinders the smooth operation of the program.

In order to get the latest version, head to the official website of Clownfish. Then, locate it and proceed to install it into the system. Now, after the installation process, proceed to restart the system and inspect if the Clownfish Voice Changer not working issue gets solved completely. With the latest version, the application runs seamlessly and the coordination between the communication application and the voice translator is smooth.

Furthermore, the successive procedure is dedicated to solving the issue.

Method 4: Install the Application in the Default Location

Install the Application in the Default Location

In this method, we suggest you install the program in the location of default. We are pointing at the initial location for installation that the installer grants while the installation of the program on the system. To do this, adhere to the underlying steps:

  • Hold down the Windows as well as the R key in unison in order to bring the Run dialog box. Then, type in “appwiz.cpl” and hit the Enter. From that list, locate the Clownfish and then right-click on it and then select the Uninstall button.
  • Now, once you have uninstalled, head to the official website and then proceed to download the latest version that is available.
  • Next, proceed to run the installer. Then, the options for install location manifest before the users. Now, do not alter the install location. Finally, just hit Next.

After the completion of the process of installation, make sure to Restart the system. Finally, check if the problem gets solved completely.

Wrapping Up

The error, Clownfish Voice Changer not working is quite annoying and makes the users confused. However, this article holds some effective solutions in order to troubleshoot the problem with convenience. We suggest you make an attempt with the issue on your own. In this way, you can resolve the problem easily that too without much investment. However, in case the issue lingers, one must immediately refer to expert assistance in order to troubleshoot the error with no hassle. You can resume the basic communication process without any trouble.