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Learn To Fix Canon Printer Error Code B200

Cannon is a renowned brand in the field of producing Printers. It gives a high-quality printing experience to its users. However, as nothing in this world comes error free, so as the Canon printers. It also has some defects including Canon printer error code B200. In this article, we will be addressing the best ways to fix the error code from your Canon printer.

Usually, the Canon printer comes with either 2 or 4+ number of cartridges. This B200 error code is generally occurring due to the cartridge related issues. If the cartridge gets damaged or the ink gets dry, then you can expect this error code. So the best way to resolve this is to replace the ink cartridges from the Conon printer. Now let us learn the processes of solving B200 error code from the Canon printer.

Note: Always use a high-quality ink, so that, you can avoid ink dry issue, which is one of the results of this Canon printer B200 error. The high-quality ink not only resist your printer from this error code but it also gives you a high-quality printing experience.

How To Fix Canon Printer Error Code B200

To fix this error code, you can follow the steps as given in this article below.

Restart Your System

If you are very lucky then only by dismantling and reinstalling the parts back to the printer can resolve this Canon printer error code B200. If it does not work well in your case, then go to the processes as we are going to explain in the below lines.

Resolve 4+ Cartridge Canon Printers

To begin this procedure, first, you need to open the top cover of your Canon printer. By doing this, the cradle of your printer cartridge comes up automatically. After that, take out all the present cartridges from the cradle.

Then in the next step dismantle the printhead from the Canon printer. And to do this, you have to lift the lever which is present near to the cartridge cradle. Try to follow this procedure very gently. After removing try to wash the printhead with a cleansing liquid to make it free from dust.

And next reassemble the printhead back to its position and then lock the lever back.

Now check all the ink cartridges that everything is fine otherwise you need to replace the damaged ink cartridge with a new one. And then reinstall the cartridges in its desired position of the printer. Next, you need to close the top cover of your printer.

By ending this above-said procedure then unplug your Canon device from the current source. After that keep it in the unplugged condition at least for 5 minutes. So that the printer gets enough time to release the heat.

After it gets cool, then plug the printer back to the current source and then check if the Canon printer error code B200 gets resolved.

Resolve 2. Cartridge Canon Printers

At first, turn the printer on and then check the cartridges of the printer, if you find any part of it damaged condition then replace the same with a workable cartridge or by a new one. Not it only works, you also need to clear all the nearby parts of the printer with a brush or with a soft cloth to make it dust free. And then turn off the printer for at least 5 minutes to cool down. After it gets cool then again connect it back with the power source and then check whether it works.

These are the procedures you can follow to resolve the issue. The steps are tested as well as very effective to fix this Cannon printer mg5320 error code B200.