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Fix Canon Printer Error Code 6000 With Easy Hacks

Canon printer is a preferred choice among users for its multifunctional unit and capacity to generate a high-quality output. However, as a long time user, you may encounter certain annoying issues such as Canon printer error code 6000 at the time of scanning a document. As a result, you won’t be able to get a soft copy against the input data.

Canon Printer Error: Possible Solutions

Several factors trigger Canon printer error and scanning issue. So, we are going to discuss some of the significant reasons with proper solutions which will help you to learn how to fix Canon printer error code 6000 and resolve the scanning issue immediately.

Presence Of Particles

If you find dust or particles inside the input system tray, then paper jam issue may occur. As a result, the Canon printer shows a critical error at the time of scanning.

Clean the input feed of the Canon printer with its LF driver first. It will automatically remove the solid particles such as objects, dust, etc. from inside. It is an initial process to avoid the Canon printer issue.

Tray Fitting Issue

If you are unable to fit the papers of your documents correctly, then you can face Canon error 6000 on a frequent basis. Again, if you find the paper feed path is damaged or any solid particles on the input feed path, then you won’t be able to print a single copy without placing the papers in the proper position.

If you find the damaged parts in the Canon printer, then replace it as soon as possible to avoid this irritating issue. Defectiveness of a sensor unit, paper rolled unit, etc. are responsible behind the obstacles in paper feed motor as well as in the input system tray. As a result, it fails to generate a supreme output.

Somehow, the input feed path is scratched by heavy metal objects, then try to clean both of the LF(Large Format) and EJ film sheet with a non-corrosive solution immediately. Additionally, if it doesn’t solve this Canon printer error, then try to replace the input system tray as soon as possible. Otherwise, it gives you a poor-quality output.

Connection Problem

Another reason behind this Canon printer critical error is a network connection issue. In addition, an incomplete driver installation or a faulty driver causes this issue to a large extent. Again, the socket problem is another cause for this Canon issue.

Disconnect the Canon printer from the main socket power and wait for a few minutes. After cooling down of the system, replug your Canon printer and hold the Power button for 5-10 seconds to switch it on. Now, press “Stop” button twice and repeat the process for 2-3 times. Finally, release the power button and press “Stop” for 4-5 times and remove the connection issue.

Update Device Driver

Now, update the driver by using the steps below to remove the faulty driver issue or old driver problem. Therefore, you can avoid all the Canon printer conflicts.

Open the Device Manager Window by tapping the Start button and type, “devicemngr” in the search box. After that, expand the category “Network Adapters” and choose your device. Now, right-click on that device icon and right-click on it. Select the option, “Update Driver” and “Search automatically for updated driver software.” respectively. Finally, confirm it by pressing the “OK” button. It will take a few minutes to complete the driver update process. Finally, turn on your device again and check whether the Canon printer error 6000 persists.

Document Size Issue

While you try to get multiple copies at a time or insert a significant sized paper, then it creates a harmful effect in paper scanning. Therefore, it shows Canon printer error every time you print or scan a document.

Open the printer window and choose the option, “Preferences”. After that, you need to select the option, “Printer Properties.” Now, click on “Advanced” to open the printer’s advanced properties window. Finally, set the new custom size by clicking on “Paper size” drop-down menu.

We hope the above solutions will be useful to remove Canon printer 6000 error. Moreover, it helps to fix the scanning problem as well as repair the paper jam problem immediately without hampering other hardware devices. Also, you might come across other error codes with your Canon printer, like the Canon Printer Error Code B200. Which you will also be able to solve with the proper instructions. However, this article will assist the non-tech savvy person to avoid Canon printer problem effectively.