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Brother Printer Paper Jam? Fix With Easy Steps

Brother Printer accounts to be one of the leading printer brands at present. The Brother printers are widely used, all over the world in both the personal as well as professional arenas. However, that does not imply that Brother printers are absolutely free from errors or glitch. Like all another technological device, Brother printers also suffer from certain common issues. And Brother printer paper jam accounts to be one of the major issues that are faced by the users recurrently. Brother Printer users frequently report about this problem, where even after setting the papers appropriately, there is a paper jamming issue. Basically, this may occur if there is an issue within the transport unit.

However, there can be many other underlying reasons behind this problem. Considering these concerns,  we have discussed the major causes as well as effective solutions for the problem of the Brother printer paper jam. Follow our article thoroughly

Potential Causes Behind Brother Printer Paper Jams

Now as per our word, we shall certainly offer you the solutions to the problem of Brother printer paper jam. However, before we do that, let’s have a look into some of the major causes behind this.

The fundamental reason for this is the incorrect placement of papers in the printer. Your Brother printer paper might get jammed in case you have not inserted your pages into the input tray accurately.

There are other causes of it as well. When talking of the other causes, damaged or defective rollers and inferior quality of the pages are some of the other factors leading to Brother paper jam.

Nonetheless, whatever may be the cause, the issue of  Brother printer paper jam is quite disconcerting and troublesome any time. So, proceed to the next section to get things fixed.

Feasible Workarounds to Prevent Brother Printer Paper Jam

Are you looking for the most effective solutions to the problem of Brother printer paper jam? Well, then in this section, we are going to offer you proven tricks to overcome the glitch.

In this section, we are going to offer you top-notch and most effective solutions that will help you sort your problem in no time.

Step 1

The first and foremost step is to turn off your computer as well as your printer device. Once you have turned off both the machines, open your printing tool and delete all the jammed pages from the tool. In addition to this, you must also clear all the unclean pieces of papers as well as all the dirt from the tool.

And thus, once you clear all the dirt and paper chits, the issue might automatically get sorted and your Brother Printer might start printing normally.

Step 2

After you have deleted all the jammed pages from within the printing machine, you have to be very particular about connecting all the printing device with your system appropriately. Thus, examine the connections, so that, you do not miss out on any connection.

Step 3

You might face the problem of Brother printer paper jam due to too many filed faxes. Often, you fail to switch on the printing device in the course of its receiving or sending faxes. So, quite understandably, the memory of your printer device gets stored up. So, if you wish to avert the problem of Brother printer paper jam, then please ensure that while you run your printing device, the machine has completed the process of receiving or sending the faxes. Thereafter, plug out the power cord of your printer device.  

Step 4:

If the problem of Brother printer paper jam still persists, then you must see if there is any paper left on the front tray. At times, the presence of too many waste papers on the front tray can lead to error occurence. If such is the case, you need to remove such excess of waste papers. Also, when you clear the tray, make sure that you avoid much of physical contact. Also, make sure that no jammed paper is present under your cartridge holder.  

Step 5:

Once you do this, you will have to hold and pull out the jammed pages slowly out of the tray. As you pull the jammed papers from tray please make sure that you don’t tear the pages.  

Step 6:

After removing all the jammed pages from the tray, you should shut the cover of the outlet and try to reload the pages. However, in the course of the entire process, most of your prints might get canceled.

If so, then you will have to reprint all the pages anew. Further, you must remove the remaining papers from the printing device.

On following the above steps, the Brother printer paper jam problem will be sorted. However, just in case you fail to resolve the glitch performing the above-mentioned steps, then we recommend you to take additional guidance.