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Apple ID Verification Failed?: A Comprehensive List Of Solutions

Apple ID Verification Failed is a common error and occurs due to the internet connection issue or due to a software glitch. You may abruptly note that while trying to access the Apple account an error message appears on the screen, which prevents you from logging into the account. If this occurs, then you can proceed with this article. This article will guide you with useful methods, which you apply, to fix this glitch within an efficient manner.

What Causes the Apple ID Verification Failed Error?

Identifying the actual cause of this problem is quite difficult. But, according to the experts, the main reason for which this error occurs is the internet connection issue, which might be unstable. Sometimes, forgetting the combination of the Apple ID and Password can also be the reason which is responsible for the Apple ID Verification Failed error. Whatever be the case, unless you solve it, every time this error message window will pop-up whenever you are trying to use your Apple device. Here, in the next section, you will learn some of the beneficial methods, with the help of which you can fix this error.

Effective Methods to Fix Apple ID Verification Failed Error

To learn the solving methods for the Apple ID Verification Failed error, continue with this section. Here, you will learn the solving methods in a very simple pathway, so that, you are able to apply it easily.

Method 1: Correct the Device Date and Time Settings

Correct the Device Date and Time SettingsAs said earlier that a problem with the internet service can be the main reason for this issue. If this is the case, then at first, check the device date and time, if it matches with your present location. And if not, then follow these steps as explained below to fix this issue.

  1. At first, go to the Settings icon of your Apple device.
  2. Under the Settings, tap General and select “Date & Time”.
  3. Next, choose the correct time zone and switch on the ‘Set Automatically’ activity.
  4. After that, restart your device and try to connect with the internet and check if the problem gets resolved.

After following these above mentioned steps, if you find that the problem still exists, then continue with the next methods to fix the glitch.

Method 2: Use a Wi-Fi Connection

Use a Wi-Fi ConnectionMany users, who were facing the same issue, reported that by connecting their device with the Wi-Fi connection the problem gets resolved. So, you can go through this process. At the same time, you need to ensure that the VPN service of your device is turned off. For this, go to Settings icon and toggle off the VPN service from the available options.

Method 3: Change the Apple ID Password

Change the Apple ID PasswordIf you haven’t changed the password of the Apple account for quite a long time, then this can be the cause for this Apple ID Verification Failed error message. If this is the reason, then you need to proceed with these steps to fix the issue. These steps will help you to change your Apple ID password and can resolve this issue.

To begin with, at first, launch a browser from your device. And, with the help of that browser, open the Apple ID website. After that, select the ‘Manage your Apple ID’ option and click on Sign In. Then, type your Apple ID and Password in the described location. Next, navigate to the left-hand side panel and click on the ‘Password and Security’ option. After doing this, you will get to the ‘Answer your security questions’ section. This is to verify that you are the original user. By answering your security questions, click on Change Password, this will open up a new window.

Under this new opening window, you will find the different fields. Fill up the details section, which is as follows:

  • Current Password
  • New Password
  • Verify Password

After filling up these fields, click on OK/ Save, to confirm the changes. Next, restart your device and try to login to your Apple ID. Hopefully, this time you will not face the Apple ID Verification Failed error.

Method 4: Sign Out and Sign In to the Apple Account

Sign Out and Sign In to the Apple AccountThis is one of the most useful methods which can fix the Apple ID Verification Failed error. And, the steps to follow are:

Firstly, open the Settings icon of your Apple device and select the iCloud option. Then, search for the Sign Out option, and click on it. Again, click on Sign Out option to confirm the process. Next, it will open a message window, select Delete, then enter the password of the Apple ID account. After that, tap Turn Off to proceed.

This is the overall process, by following which you can complete the sign-out process.

Now, to sign in again to your iCloud account, tap the Settings icon and select iCloud from the available options. Next, in this opened screen, enter the Apple ID and enter the password again, to complete the Apple account login process. By following this method, hopefully, you will not receive the Apple ID Verification Failed error message anymore.