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Alexa Blue Ring Constantly Flashing, Spinning, Stuck, Not Responding? [Fixed]

Amazon Echo, a great virtual assistant for many people, has been making everyday life so easy. It is popular for its small and sleek design that includes the LED ring. You may find this ring around the Echo Dot that glows up to communicate with you. 

But many first time users face issues like understanding what each colour means. So, it might take a while for them to get a hang of how Alexa communicates with you with each colour. Or to know what each colour means.

The light ring on top of the Echo Dot device is actually quite expensive. It has been exceptionally designed to make it user-friendly, both visually and technically. 

The primary cyan blue colour gives off a very relaxing effect on the user. The Alexa blue ring circles around the device flashes and sometimes even pulsates and it looks pretty cool. 

Alexa Blue Ring on Amazon’s Echo Dot

The Blue Ring on Amazon’s Echo Dot device usually indicates a couple of things. Depending on its rhythm, that is, whether it is circling around or flashing or soft pulsating. 

The colour of the ring can switch between colours depending on the device’s connection or mode status. For example: 

  • As soon as you start your Echo Dot, the ring glows up in a flashing blue light transcending into a bit of cyan blue colour sometimes. This is how your Echo Dot indicates that your device is on and ready to use now.
  • The blue colour also comes up when you wake Alexa up. You can use either of the words for calling out Alexa’s name Either by “Alexa” or “Echo”, “Amazon”, “Computer” etc. The cool thing about it is that it points to your direction when you call out its name to wake it up. The cyan blue colour pops up in the ring towards the direction in which Alexa believes you are in. 
  • The blue light circles around the ring and switches its colour between solid blue and cyan blue. When this happens, it means that the device is responding to your command. 
  • Solid blue colour with a cyan blue ring spinning inside it means that Alexa is processing your request. During this time you are sending data to Alexa to process your request. Alexa’s response time depends on the speed of your internet connection. 
  • The blue light ring will switch to a pulsing violet colour if there are any connectivity issues. For instance, if there is a network issue or if your device is not being able to connect to the WiFi. 
  • When the light ring is spinning Alexa blue ring with purple flashes, it means that Alexa is in “Do Not Disturb” mode. It will continue to spin with the purple flashes unless you turn it off. 

How to turn off the Ring on Echo Dot? 

You can only turn off the yellow ring which is like a notification colour indicator. It usually goes away when you hear the message on the notification. However, if you still want this notification light off then you can do so by simply going to the Alexa App through your connected device.

Follow the steps below to turn the notification light off :

  1. Open the Alexa App on your smartphone or connected device. 
  2. From the App menu, go to “Settings”.
  3. Next, select  “Notifications”.
  4. Again, select “Amazon Shopping”
  5. Finally, turn off the toggle button for the delivery notifications. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the yellow spinning light mean?

Alexa Echo Dot primarily glows up to a yellow spinning light, when it is connecting to your Wi-Fi. You have to connect your device to a wireless network and also pair it up with your smartphone. 

In order to have access and total control over your Amazon Echo Dot, you need to use the Alexa App. If the yellow ring stays on for longer than normal, then you should check the app to see if they ask you to re-enter the password. 

What does the orange light ring mean?

The ring turns orange when it is in Setup mode. For example, if the Echo Dot speaker is trying to connect to the wireless network or having some connectivity issues. 

In that case, you may need to check the Internet, whether the WiFi is working properly or not. So, it can flip between orange and glowing up yellow once it has been connected to the network. 

What does it mean when the ring is red?

A solid red light around the ring indicates that you have muted your Echo Dot virtual assistant speaker. Therefore, the microphone of the device is now off and will not operate when you give Alexa a command. 

Since the microphone is now on mute, Alexa cannot register the command you give to her and act accordingly. 

Echo Dot ring glowing purple light. What does it mean?

The purple ring around the Echo Dot indicates that your device has entered into the “Do Not Disturb” mode. The “Do Not Disturb” mode will not allow incoming calls or anything else that might interrupt your device which is either playing music or doing some work.