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Acer Plugged In Not Charging: Fix The Issue At The Earliest

Acer plugged in not charging is one of the most frequently faced issues. This issue occurs while you are working on your Acer laptop and your laptop is not charging inspite of keeping the charger of the laptop plugged in. This can be a problem for you when you are doing work. The laptop’s battery is ought to be exhausted very soon, resulting in a barren time of unproductivity and despondency. Hence, the defect needs to be resolved at the earliest. In this article, you will know the ways by which you can fix the errors on your own.

Acer laptop plugged in not charging: The Reasons

If you are dealing with any computer related issues, then it is probably the best to know the causes before moving into the troubleshooting part. This will fairly give you an idea of exactly what happened to the computer. As a result, you will be able to fix the defects effectively. Have a look at this article to know some of the common reasons for Acer laptop plugged in not charging:

  • There can be a hardware failure. The battery or the adapter of the Acer laptop may not work properly. Hence, you can face such issues. In such cases, you have to check the performance of the battery.
  • If the wire of the adapter is damaged, then the laptop won’t charge. Replace the wires with a new wire, if you get a damaged adapter wire.
  • Moreover, if the power socket is faulty, then you can face charging issues with the laptop. Monitor the electric connection of the point and see if any problem occurs or not.
  • There can be other system errors also because of which the problem might occur.

Troubleshoot Acer plugged in not charging Quickly

If you are facing issues while you try to charge the laptop, then you need to fix the defect quickly. Take a glimpse at some of the easy hacks by which you can resolve the issue if you see that your Acer plugged in not charging:

Check the laptop battery

If you find that the Acer laptop is having some battery issues, then check the performance of the battery at first. Click on the Start button present at the left side of the taskbar. Then, in the Start search menu, type “Device Manager” and press the Enter button. Alternatively, you can also search from the Cortana, if you have Windows10 as your operating system. The Device Manager window opens on your screen. Locate the Batteries option from the given list and expand that option. Then right-click on the “Microsoft AC Adapter” option and choose the “Uninstall” option. This will remove the battery driver from your system. Now, switch off the computer and unplug the power cable. If the laptop is having a removable battery, then remove the battery. Put the battery again and switch on the charging socket. Power on the Acer laptop and see if your laptop is charging or not. If this step doesn’t bring any help to you, follow the next step.

Electrical Connectivity

You need to check the connection as well besides monitoring the performance of the laptop’s battery. Try to charge the laptop from electric sockets which are having an indicator with it. See whether the indicator light is on or off. If you are charging from a normal socket, then check the plug points with the help of a tester. After that, while you switch on the laptop without the battery see if the lights of the keyboard or any of the laptop’s light are on or not. This will also indicate that if the electric sockets are working perfectly or not. Contact a local technician if you are unable to check the electric connection.

Update the Battery Adapter

Sometimes a corrupt or an outdated battery driver can create a problem while you try to charge it. Updating the driver might fix the issue for you. Take a look at the steps to update the battery adapter.

  1. In the Start search bar, type “Device Manager” and press the Enter key from the keyboard.
  2. Select the Device Manager from the list of menu.
  3. The Device Manager window appears on the screen. There you will find a list of all the drivers that are currently present on the computer.
  4. Find the Battery Adapter option from the list and expand the option.
  5. Then right-click on the Microsoft AC Adapter option and choose the “Update” option from the dropdown menu.
  6. This will update the battery adapter of your system. Make sure that you have a strong internet connection while updating the battery driver. After the update is complete restart your Acer laptop and check if the issue Acer plugged in not charging occurs or not.

There can be circumstances that you are not a tech-savvy person. Hence you are unable to carry out the fixes on your own. It is always safe to opt for the services of the professionals in such circumstances. This will reduce the risk of any critical damage and as a result, will make the task of the technicians easy.