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Fix 077-900 Dell Printer Error: Easy Ways

077-900 Dell printer error is one of the most familiar error that many Dell printer users encounter. This error generally happens due to paper jam on the printer’s roller. If the roller is not inserted properly or due to an overfilling of the paper tray, you will frequently face this error.

However, it seems to be an annoying situation, when you have a lot of papers to print and suddenly an error appears which says ‘077-900 Dell printer error’. So, if you are dealing with this issue and don’t know what to do and how to, then this article is your savior. In this content, we will explore all the possible hacks to fix this error code as soon as possible.

Effective Solutions to Resolve 077-900 Dell Printer Error

We have prepared a list of steps to fix 077-901 paper jam errors. Go through the steps one by one to resolve this error as soon as possible.

  1. Turn of your Dell printer and remove all the cables including the power cable and then, remove the jammed paper from your printer.
  2. Remove the paper tray from your printer and then, investigate the paper tray cavity or the MPF cavity.
  3. Check for any partially fed paper and if there is any such paper found, then remove it by holding it on both, left and right edges.
  4. Pull out the paper slowly towards the front of the printer and power on the printer to check for the errors.
  5. If the paper jam still persists, then try to turn off the printer again and disconnect all the power cables from the wall socket.
  6. Open the rear cover of your Dell printer by pushing the rear cover, release handle and then, release the pressure on the fuser roller.
  7. Now, lower the blue fuser pressure to their original position and close the rear cover and then, plug-in the printer back to the wall socket.
  8. Turn on your printer again and load a paper sheet on the paper tray to perform a paper test.

We have discussed all the steps to overcome the Dell printer paper jam error These effective steps will surely help you to fix 077-900 Dell printer error. Hope this article was fruitful enough to help you deal with this issue. In case, the error persists and you are unable to fix this error code on your Dell printer, then better you take additional expert guidance. Lastly, we recommend you to drop a comment below and place your feedback.