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First Row Sports: Watch Live Sports Online (Top 9 Sites 2020)

Sports holds a major part in our daily life, being one of the best entertainment platforms. Owing to our busy schedule, we do not get the time to sit at home, relax and watch our favourite sports on TV. Thus, this is where online platforms come into play. There are various online sports platforms that show various types of sports all day night long. 

First Row Sports is one of the phenomenal sports websites that help you to watch live games. Moreover, it also allows you to check scores anytime and anywhere. However, watching your favourite sports is not at all easy. You have to take certain measures, otherwise, you can fall prey to cyberattacks. 

Watch First Row Sports Online by ensuring Safe Measures 

In order to watch your favourite sports in First Row Sports, you have to stream the website with the help of a Virtual Private Network software. Download VPN software from a safe and secured website. There will be many plans and packages. Depending upon your budget, choose the plan that suits best for you. According to our analysis, we advise you to choose a long term plan.

By choosing a long term plan, you will be able to get a huge discount on your selected plan. After you download and installation is successfully done, you have to create an account. You will be able to see a blank box for the email address. Select the payment option and pay the necessary amount of money. 

After the successful transaction, sign up as a new user. It will be better that you provide the same mail ID that you have already provided while paying. Set a strong password with uppercase, lower case and special characters. Click on “Sign in” to create a new account. Now, select a server and open the First Row Sports application to watch sports. 

What if you are unable to watch sports in First Row Sports?

Due to some obvious reasons, you might not be interested in watching sports in First Row Sports application. Don’t worry as there are also alternative websites that host live sports in no time. They are here as follows:

1. Sport Lemon TV

Sport Lemon TV is the first and one of the most popular website to stream live sports. You can easily get access to the website with its user-friendly interface. The viewing options are very much easy to understand. You can also change the streaming quality according to your wish. There is more than one category of sports like cricket, football, hockey, boxing and others. 

2. VIP BOX Sports 

VIP BOX Sports is famous because it has one of the most exclusive features which is multinational streaming ability. It delivers all of its viewers prominent and clear footage of each and every sports event without any buffering. Not all of its features are free but the amount of cost will be very much sufficient regarding the streaming and content quality. 

3. Watch ESPN

ESPN is one of the most popular streaming channels in the TV network. It also has a live streaming website which is Watch ESPN. It is an absolutely free sports streaming website. Moreover, it also has application for Android as well as iOS. You can get it easily from Google PlayStore and Appstore if you are willing to watch sports on your mobile phone. 


Just like First Row Sports, LIVE TV is also an online platform for watching sports. It is available in a wide variety of languages like English, Spanish, Italian and Russian. Thus, you can understand why this website is already so much popular. It has a lot of audiences, it might be slow due to an extreme amount of traffic. You can share a particular live stream to your dear ones and allow them to enjoy sports in a single click. 


It is also another sports streaming website that is quite similar to First Row Sports. This online streaming website takes part in many events and competitions around the world. Moreover, it also broadcasts many channels with the help of some third-party websites. There are various platforms that STOPSTREAMS use like FromHot, USA Destination, Drakulastream and others. 


LAOLA TV is also an online sports streaming platform that belongs to Austria. Besides, Germany and Austria being German-language speaking country, streams LOLA TV in both English and German. It also gives HD streaming experience to all of its users. In addition to that, you will also get the option to record the live stream and watch it later. It has an attractive user-interface and easy to use features.


This website streams sports in 6 different languages. This feature makes VIP LEAGUE SPORTS one of the most famous and loved sports streaming website. Additionally, it has newsfeeds where you can see live comments. You can get a facility of sending updates about all the upcoming games and events. Moreover, you can also change themes and time-zone according to your location. 


A WizWig live streaming website that mainly focuses on football. Options to watch other sports are also there. The website has a tie-up with all the other famous sports channel that will help you to watch uninterrupted streaming of games. You can also see the list of matches going on on the home page and choose according to your wish. 


It is also another great streaming service in which you can watch new as well as old matches. It is specially designed for the viewers of the United States of America. One of the most popular sports that is streamed on FUBO TV is soccer. The universal demand for this website is very much limited. 


You cannot ease access to First Row Sports with some other video streaming websites. If you are eager to watch sports, then you can subscribe first. Furthermore, while you are about to stream a sports channel, any ADs might pop up. Tap on the F12 key on the keyboard to open the Elements panel of your web browser. Then, press Ctrl+F and search for “adv11”. Delete it and close the elements panel. You will not be able to see any ad henceforth.