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Firefox Send Suspended by Mozilla after Malware Abuse Report

Mozilla Corporation has terminated its file sharing service which is named Firefox Send. This happened because the storage service has been reportedly abused by unauthorized intruders with the help of malware. The browser developer stopped the service a few days back because of the extreme loss of the user’s data. 

Firefox Send was facing many difficulties for the past few months due to malware, spyware, banking trojans, and ransomware operations going on in the cloud storage. Majority of the Firefox Send users have pressed the “Report Abuse” button. 

What is Firebox Send?

Mozilla Corporation has launched its own cloud storage platform in the month of March 2019. The platform shares secured file sharing as well as hosting services. All the files that its users upload are stored in the form of delicate encryption. In addition to that, the users can also configure the amount of time manually regarding the file saved on the cloud server. 

What actually happened?

After the launch of this cloud storage device, the developers have given the top-notch privacy and security to the user’s uploaded files. In spite of that, attackers and malware developers have made this cloud a part of the malware community. 

In the storage facility, the developers upload highly encrypted files and payloads in the server. As a result, they can find their target easily and effectively. From financial crimes, banking trojan viruses, ransomware, and spyware, attackers used to target people who were involved in human rights. 

Based on certain in-depth research and analysis, there are a few malware developers who are FIN7, REVil (Sodinokibi), Zloader, and Ursnif (Dreambot) who are doing these unethical tasks. Furthermore, they were also hosting payloads from the server as well. 

Why did this happen?

Several experienced cybersecurity researchers have stated that there are three main factors that have drawn the attackers to Firefox send. 

First, the email spam filters of the cloud storage are configured in such a way that it cannot block the malicious files and emails. 

Second, the cybercriminals don’t have to spend any of their time and money for the entire infrastructure. It was very much easy for them to use the Firefox Send cloud storage server. 

Third, the cybercriminals have sent malicious emails and data in an encrypted format. This will hide the nature of the data and will get uploaded easily. 

In addition to that, Firefox Send also has a password-protected feature. This feature has helped them a lot to make an easier escape from the detection filter. Unfortunately, the “Report abuse” feature of the cloud service didn’t work properly. Else the developers of Mozilla would have been able to take down the malicious files and emails easily. 

Will Mozilla relaunch Firefox Send?

A few statistical analysis says that Mozilla is re-defining the storage services with top-priority developers. They are also upgrading the reporting mechanism with the augmentation of the existing feedback form. 

In addition to that, if they relaunch the storage facility for the common people, then users will have to first make a verified account in Mozilla. After that, they will be able to use the storage service. Experts also suggest that there is no guaranteed information regarding the return of Firefox Send’s return.