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Amazing Features Of Firefox Incognito

Incognito automatically removes all the browsing details of the user and provides no trace of information. For example, the cache, cookies, passcodes as well as searched browsers. The Mozilla Firefox incognito mode also allows Content Blocking and device tracking security. Its done by hiding the data of the users form the trackers beyond reoccurring sites. But this feature slows down the browsing pace of the web browser. This feature stops the browser to keep any record of the user. That is why incognito doesn’t have cookies or any active junk files.

One thing to remember is that Firefox incognito never makes a user anonymous on the broadband. It only provides a private browsing facility to them. If you are not using the private hidden mode, then the service providers won’t be able to track down your activities. Still, it cannot save the system from pre-installed applications, that pass secret messages about different processor projects by transferring data covertly from their hard drive.

Learn How To Enable Firefox Incognito

The user can travel across the Internet without transmitting any trace of their activities by using the incognito mode. As the user clicks on this mode, a new popup window appears on the display screen. If the user wants to leave the window, they have to click on the Exit menu.

There are in total two ways to begin a fresh Secret Window. To start with the process select the Menu option and then choose the Hidden private page. To start a link in the hidden mode first, right-tick on the link that you want to open and then select open the hidden mode from the Context option.

Now to enter into the Private browsing mode, click on the upper right corner of the display screen and then select the Menu key. Attain the New Incognito by choosing the drop-down box. After completing the operations check the working of Firefox incognito.

To enter into the Firefox incognito via a shortcut key press on CTRL+Shift+P key on the keyboard and then hit Enter.

What Is The Purpose Of Private Browsing

The Attended pages will never get added to the list of browsing history. Neither the search box will save any texts, nor it will save the passwords. The list of download files will also not show in the hidden mode. The history that stores browsing data and login information will be disabled while using the Firefox incognito. Moreover, no temporary internet data will exist.

Can The Users Perpetually Manage Incognito Window Firefox

The web browser Firefox commemorate history by default. To always use the private window choose the Firefox option and then select Privacy and Security option. To replace the History option choose on the Never remember opportunity. Double tap on that and start the session. In this mode, the purple bar will not appear on the display screen.

Now if the user wants to go back to the normal mode of Mozilla Firefox then they have to choose the Privacy option and again reset the Remember history option. Refresh the browser and check if Firefox is working.

Understand How To Disable Firefox Incognito

If the users are going using the private window and want to stop it, then continue the steps. Select the Purple Firefox menu and then select on the Options menu. Then click on the Privacy option. Firefox will automatically utilize it. Choose the Never Remember History option and then uncheck that menu. Restart the device once the operation is over.

We hope that this guide has helped you to understand the features of Mozilla Firefox Incognito. Also, we assume that it has helped you to enable and disable the web browser.