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Eliminate “Ffxiv Unable To Download Patch Files” Error Message Instantly

While installing or updating the Final Fantasy 14, a lot of users get stuck with “ffxiv unable to download patch files” error message that pop-up on their display screen. When this error occurs, users are unable to install the patch files for the game. Waiting for a while, restarting the device, and removing that particular game doesn’t seem to fix this problem as well. However, there are a lot of factors that could be causing this problem. The most significant cause is the port or routing issue that seems logical considering how this issue can be resolved by using a VPN. The firewall is another reason for which you might face this error message on your device. If the firewall doesn’t allow the server to send any files towards your PC, then you won’t be able to download the patch.

If you are one of them who is encountering the same issue, then in this post, you will learn all the possible methods that can help you to eliminate this error from your device permanently.

How to Remove “Unable To Download Patch Files Ffxiv” Error Message?

Sometimes, restart the device can clear out the “ffxiv unable to download patch files PC” error message. Hence, you can restart your device and see whether the issue has been resolved or not. If the issue still remains, then follow the methods highlighted in the below section that will surely help you out from this critical situation.

Method 1: Check the Antivirus Software


If you have third-party security software, then it can block the download process. In that case, we recommend you to disable the antivirus software temporarily. Almost each and every security software has a Disable option. So, you can easily disable the antivirus icon by taping on the Disable option that is present on the right bottom corner. But, in case, if you do not find the Disable option, then you should uninstall that certain program. To do so, you have to perform the steps below:

Step 1: In the first step, you need to go to the Start Menu. Then, click on the Settings. On the Settings Menu, tap on System. Next, choose the ‘Apps & Features’ option that is present on the left pane.

Step 2: Here, you need to select the application that you want to uninstall. Now, hit the Uninstall button. You might get a prompt with a permission help box, click on the OK button to confirm the process.

Once you uninstall the security program, restart your device and check if the issue gets removed. But, if you still encounter the same error message, try the next method.

Method 2: Change DNS Server

Change DNS Server

It is one of the most reliable and genuine solutions that has fixed the issue for plenty of users. Therefore, changing the DNS servers to Google’s DNS servers or level DNS servers will resolve the issue. You can do this action by performing the steps below:

Primarily, you have to press and hold the Windows Home key + R key. This will open the Run dialog box. In the Run dialog box, write “ncpa.cpl” and choose the OK button or hit the Enter key. Now, find and tap on the network connection, and choose the Properties. The connection uses the following items: section, double click on the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4). Next, you have to tap on the “Use The Following DNS Server Address”. Now, in the Preferred DNS Server, enter and in the Alternate DNS Server, type After that, locate and mark the ‘Validate Settings Upon Exit’.

Thereafter, hit the OK button and then, click on the Windows key once. Now, in the Start search, type “cmd”. After that, tap on the Command Prompt and hit the Run As Administrator. Here, you need to perform the following command and hit the Enter key after each command.

  • Firstly, type “ipconfig /flushdns”
  • Then, write “ ipconfig /release”
  • Finally, enter “ipconfig /renew”

After executing the above commands, close the Command Prompt and see whether the issue gets eliminated or not. If the error message still persists, then follow the below instructions:


At first, press and hold the ‘Windows logo key + R key’ simultaneously. Then, in the search box, enter “ncpa.cpl” and hit the Enter key. Then, locate and select the network connection. After that, hit the Properties button. Now, hit the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) that is under the ‘This connection’, the following items: section. Next, choose the ‘Use the following DNS server addresses’ and then, in the Preferred DNS server, write After that, in the Alternate DNS server, enter Now, mark the ‘validate settings upon exit’ option and hit the OK button. Here, you might be asked to confirm the process, so, press the OK button once again.

Thereafter, click on the Windows Key once and then, write “cmd” in the search box. Now, double-tap on the Command Prompt and press the Run As Administrator option that is present on the result list. Here, you need to apply the below highlighted commands and press the Enter button after each command.

  • In the Command Prompt, enter “ipconfig /flushdns”.
  • Then, type “ipconfig /release”.
  • Lastly, write “ipconfig /renew”.

Close the Command Prompt. Now, the issue should be resolved.

Method 3: Reset Firewall Settings

Reset Firewall Settings

The error message “ffxiv unable to download patch files” can also be caused by the Firewall settings. Since your firewall can allow or stops the data reaching to your PC, and it may stop the downloading process. In that case, it is suggested to ‘disable the firewall’ settings temporarily. If this problem doesn’t occur with the enabled firewall, then until the download is complete, keep it off. And once the downloading gets complete, turn it back on.

Note– To keep the computer safe and secure, Firewall plays a vital role. So, once you are done with the download, don’t forget to turn it on again.

At first, you can press and hold the Windows Home key + R key simultaneously, on the keyboard. This process will open the Run dialog box. In the Run dialog box, type “firewall.cpl” and choose the OK button or press the Enter key. Now, you need to hit the Turn Windows Firewall Turn On Or Off button. After that, choose the Turn Off Windows Firewall option. Next, check both of the options Private Network Settings and Public Network Settings. Now, hit the OK button and check “ffxiv unable to download patch files” error message gets eliminated or not.

Therefore, if you require to enable the Windows Firewall settings. Then, press the Windows logo key + R key altogether. Then, in the search box, enter “firewall.cpl’ and hit the Enter button. Now, hit the Turn Windows Firewall On Or Off to enable the Firewall.

Method 4: Delete Folder from Documents

Furthermore, in order to resolve the “ffxiv unable to download patch files” error, it is recommended to delete the folder from documents. And after deleting the folder, re-try to download the patch files without any issue.

Step 1: In the prime step, you have to press and hold the Windows Home key + E key. This process will open the File Explorer. Now, you require to choose the Document that is present on left-pane. Now, right-click on the My Games and tap on the Final Fantasy XIV – A Realm Reborn.

Step 2: After that, you have to double-click on the Download button and hit the Patch. Once you are done, you have to find out the ‘4e9a232b’ folder. Then, hit the Delete option and confirm the on-screen prompts to finish this action. Hopefully, now the issue should be fixed.

Bottom Line

This post aims to fix the “ffxiv unable to download patch files” error efficiently. Hopefully, it served you with enough guidance on resolving the issue. However, if there is any sort of query, as well as, any feedback from your end, please share your thoughts with us.